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An emphasis on wellness has become a priority for many employers because it is an effective way to keep costs down on health insurance plans. Wellness programs have even become a company benefit in some locations. If you want to promote a new wellness plan or show people what kind of care access their community has to offer, nothing works better than a health fair. Flyers are a great low-cost promotional tool and these are the best health fair flyer templates that are available on the internet today.

1. Docstoc

This PowerPoint template is filled with great graphics that will encourage people to take a look at the information about your health fair. There’s a place for your logo to be placed within the image collage and there’s blocked sections of text that will let you discuss the details of the event and what kind of information or services will be available. This free download through the link below will let you have a completed design in just minutes.


2. Hoover Web Design

Why not combine the flyer that you need for marketing your health fair with an invitation for people to come experience it? These blank templates are the perfect way to go door-to-door and promote your upcoming event. Each flyer you hand out can even be a personalized invitation for people to come so that you have an increased response from your marketing efforts. With just a little sweat equity now, your event could be a rousing success.


3. Powered Template

If you’re looking for a high quality template and you’re willing to pay a little for it, then this option is a great one. The text sections are blocked into easy-to-read areas that encourage reading. There are block highlights throughout the text so that you can promote special activities that your health fair is putting on. There’s a place for your an image for your event too and it works on multiple platforms so you can quickly adjust the text.


Summer means a lot of things for families. School is out, which means child care can sometimes be a difficult proposition. Kids want to be active and outside, doing things that they find to be fun. It’s a time when summer camps get into full swing and that is true for sports camps as well. Whether you’re promoting a camp and a tournament or just an extended basketball camp to promote skill development, you’re going to want flyers as a low-cost promotional tool. These are the best basketball camp flyer templates that are on the internet right now.

1. Graphic River

If you’re having a great basketball camp in your community that will promote professional level skills from well-known athletes, then this is the basketball camp flyer template for you. There’s places to put in specific graphics for attendees and lots of room for all of your contact details. It’s a layered PSD template that’s ready to print upon download and you’ve got places for all your social media links in there as well.


2. Stock Layouts

For an old-school feeling in your flyer, this template gives you a lot of value. It brings back memories of the old ABA days before the merger and has a bit of a comic book design for added value to attract attention. You just fill in the information that is requested in this basketball camp template and you’re ready to print! There are also coordinating materials available to create a full marketing campaign with consistent graphics across the board including letterhead.


3. Free Ebooks

This basketball camp flyer template will help you quickly and effectively promote your upcoming event. It downloads directly and gives you a verified link to make sure you’re getting an authentic product. You’ll be able to easily put in all of your specific details so that your community to know when and where they’ll need to be to enjoy the camp.


4. Docspoint

This flyer is perfect to promote all of the different types of basketball camps that you can hold. The text is easy to replace with all of your details and you can put in the specifics that people will be able to learn when they enroll. There’s lots of room for contact info and the graphics are nice, complimenting the information that you’re putting into the product. Just make sure to take the extra “C” out of the footer before you print them out.


5. MS Office

This event flyer makes it really easy to create a custom flyer because it opens up in Word Online for your convenience. Edit the template in your browser and print it our directly for a fast way to promote your basketball camp! The image is easy to substitute and there’s plenty of space for you to be able to put in an effective call to action. Your website, email, and other contact info have a good emphasis in the footer of the template as well.


If you’ve got a house for rent, you’ve got a number of options to advertise this fact. Many property owners tend to stick with free online options, such as Craigslist or Zillow, to work on renting their property. Others utilize a management service that will get their property rented for them without any effort on their part. If you’re looking for an alternative option that is low-cost, these house for rent flyer templates could help you out a lot. That way you can specifically target locations with information about your home so it can be rented right away.

1. MS Live

What’s nice about this template, besides the fact that it is free, is that it is designed a lot like a typical real estate listing you’d see. You have a helpful table included with this Word 2013 template that will let you fill in the details of the property that people will need. You can remove the clipart graphic and insert an image of your home. At the bottom of the template there are tear away for you to fill out so people can take your contact details home with them. Simple, clean, and easy to use. It’s hard to beat that.


2. Breakthrough Broker

This beautiful flyer will definitely capture someone’s attention when they see it. There are multiple places for images in this house for rent flyer template that will help you advertise your home’s best features. There’s a lot of space for text-based details and descriptions of the property and the price per month is placed right in an easy to access eye contact location. Even the overall green theme relaxes people while they look at the flyer to increase your odds of a call.


3. Zillow

Flyers are essential part of promoting your property listings because it’s a take away that people can really use. These house for rent flyers are perfect to have outside of your home because it will give people all of the details they need to consider you home. The designs are in a form that is typical of web listings today and there’s up to six slots for your own property images as well. Put in the fine details and this single form template will give you the opportunity to create some magic.


4. Stock Layouts

If you’re willing to invest a little into your flyer templates, then this is the one you’ll want to use. The images of your property dominate this flyer and there are text highlight boxes that will let you discuss your home’s best features. The footer is reserved for some specifics and you can put in your contact details in an easy-to-read way. Your property will definitely shine when you use this very versatile flyer template.


5. Printable Flyer Templates

On the other hand, a free house for rent template might just be the best option. This particular template comes in .pdf and .doc formats and gives the very basics of what people need to know. You can insert your own images if you wish and be sure to utilize the tear away at the bottom of the template to get the best response.


Although much of your congregation will likely read your bulletin or see your overhead slides and plan to attend an upcoming event, you want to get word out to the surrounding neighborhood too, right? That’s where the best free church event flyer templates can help you out a lot. It’s an easy way to create an attractive first impression that may cause someone to want to investigate what is going on. Easy to modify and edit, here is the best of what the internet has to offer.

1. Share Faith

Made for churches by those who put an emphasis on ministry, this simple Word and Publisher template will help you create an easy way for people to identify with your next event. You can quickly modify this template with the specific details of what you’ve got going on and include dates and times if you prefer as well. Referencing 2 Cor. 5:17, you can prod people about their identity as you work to create a community identity that is all your own.


2. Free Church Forms

Free is always the key word at church because budgets are always limited for marketing and many funds are earmarked for specific items outside of flyer creation. This flyer is perfect for any event, from a Bible study to a new worship service or a small group, and includes places for you to insert all of the necessary contact details that people are going to need to know. There’s links for a sample curriculum and studies as well with this template option.


3. Creation Swap

If you’re looking for a modern flyer that has clean lines and good spacing with lots of room to talk about you event, then this is the free flyer template to use. It is a layered PSD template, so you’ll need an Adobe product to make it work. The fonts work across almost all platforms and the bleed margins are included in the design so that it’s all ready to print and cut right now. It’s easily one of the best there is available for free.


4. Hloom

If you’re looking to use a more traditional looking template because of the demands of your denomination or the expectations of your population base, then this is the free church event flyer template you’re going to want to use. You can easily summarize what you plan to do at your upcoming event, highlight what people can expect if they choose to attend, and there’s plenty of space for contact details so that people can ask you questions.


5. MS Office

If your church is holding an event that speaks of summer, then this free church event flyer could be perfect for you. It works in older versions of Word too, which could be very helpful to your church depending on your investment into IT. Just fill in the information where indicated and you’re ready to print out multiple copies of this flyer. It’s a full color graphic, but it looks good in black and white too.


One of the highlights of the year for any business or community is the Fall Festival. It’s a time when all the hard work of the summer season can be celebrated as families and co-workers look forward to the holidays and what they mean for each person. A Fall Festival flyer template can help you quickly and affordably promote your event so that the most people possible can have a fantastic time. These are the best of the best that the internet has to offer right now, so spend a few moments to examine the showcase below.

1. Share Faith

The Fall Festival is one of the ways that a religious organization may choose to celebrate the Halloween holiday. If that describes your need, then this free Fall Festival template that is available for Word or Publisher will give you what you need. The images of pumpkins and gourds dominate the bottom of the template, while the top portion of the template is reserved for your specific festival details. The yellow background helps to reinforce the fun that Fall can bring.


2. Stock Layouts

If you’re looking to create a big impression with your Fall Festival, then this brochure template is the perfect way to go. It’s available in vertical or landscape formats and comes in yellows and greens that are typical of the Fall season. The background is of wood decking and there’s a lot of places for your own images and event details. It’s attractive, easy-to-read, and will get kids, parents, and everyone else excited for the big day.


3. Graphic River

If you’re looking for an inspirational Fall Festival template that combines faith and the harvest, then this is the template that you’re going to want. It’s a layered PSD template that is wonderfully arranged and color coded. It’s really easy to edit as well and speaks of a carnival like atmosphere. Multiple templates come with this package so that you can have tickets and even CD covers that coordinate with your event if you wish.


4. Must Have Menus

This simple Fall Festival inspired template will have people wanting to come celebrate with you throughout the entire month of October. You can advertise specific specials you might be running with your event, details people need to know, and there’s plenty of room for a good title and your contact info if there are any questions.


When you’ve got a job opening to fill, there are a number of ways that you can accomplish this task. Many employers utilize the Help Wanted section of the newspaper, while online options include websites like Craigslist. If you’re looking for an affordable way to promote your job opening that is a little different, but will definitely work, then you’ll want to take a look at these now hiring flyer templates. You’ll be able to quickly advertise everything people will need to know so they’ll want to apply. This showcase offers the best on the internet today.

1. Smile Templates

This creative template will let you put in specific job details about your opening in a way that definitely grabs someone’s attention. You can highlight what your expectations of a quality applicant will have, talk about the history of your company, and a whole lot more with the blocked sections of text that are included here. The template is supported with Adobe and MS Office products for ease of use and in return, you’ll have a great way to advertise your next job opening.


2. Hloom

The free flyer templates that are available here allow you to just add your text and print the flyers at home so you can quickly fill your open job position. Our recommendation is to utilize the house cleaning flyer that has a creative commons license associated with it because it offers you the best opportunity to advertise your job opening. There’s a lot of room for text and the cutout portions can be used in a variety of creative ways.


3. Graphic River

If you want to access the entrepreneurial market in your community to reach the very best, the images on this now hiring flyer template will help you do just that. You’ll be able to effectively advertise your opportunity in a modern and attractive way that will make people want to dig deeper into what you’ve got. The colors lend to easy text reading and people will love the way the template is designed to help you emphasize key points.


4. Stock Layouts

The best template of them all might just be through the link below. With a business focus and Earth tones dominating the flyer, you’ll be able to make a complete sales pitch to encourage applicants to send you their C/V. It’s easy to use, works across almost every platform, and will create a stunning first impression.


Running a nightclub means having a lot of flyers handed out to people who come in so that future events can be planned. You could purchase a lot of outstanding templates today on the internet, but that would quickly drain whatever budget you’ve got for marketing. You need free templates that will still give you a professional look to extend your budget, right? That’s what you’ll receive with these, the 5 best free nightclub flyer templates that the internet has to offer right now. Take a look at the showcase below.

1. Flyer Heroes

This free template is a layered PSD template that will make your nightclub look awesome. The text can be easily changed so that the name of your club is featured. There’s a button placed that will tell people how much your upcoming event will cost, which is a bonus if you’ve got free entry. You can include images of special guests that you’ve got coming in, drink specials, and the overarching image will attract a lot of attention for you too.


2. Download PSD

This free nightclub flyer template just speaks of having a good time. It’s incredibly easy to edit this template so that your unique text can be included. It’s ready to print directly off of the download too so you can just quickly change the text and start printing. There’s also a place for your partners in the event if you need to give them a little extra boost in business too. Everything is properly grouped so you won’t need to be a PSD expert to make it work.

Download PSD

3. Free PSD Files

If you’re looking for a more family friendly flyer to hand out, then this is the free nightclub flyer template to use. It comes in three background colors and offers a headline on a banner through a central circular graphic that naturally draws attention to what you’ve got to say. There’s a small block of text available for specific details and your club name will be highlighted at the top of the flyer itself. It’s suitable for all events.

FreePSD Files

4. Deviant Art

For a party that speaks of yester-year and of love and romance, this free sample will give you an amazing graphic to promote a quality party. It’s designed for Valentine’s Day, but you can change that fairly easily through your PSD programming. The package download has everything that you’re going to need to make this a successful flyer, so check it out through the link below.


5. PSD Boom

This free nightclub flyer template provides you with a great mock-up that is fully editable through the layered files included. It’s a smart object design that is clean and modern and is set to be printed directly once you’ve adjusted the content to meet your needs. It’s a good corporate example of what a nightclub flyer can be without any initial investment into the template.

FreePSD Files

Giving blood isn’t something that everyone can do, but it is an important part of providing life during emergency situations. With blood supplies dwindling fast around the world, donating blood has become a regular push in many communities. If you’re a part of a local blood drive and want an affordable way to promote the event, these blood drive flyer templates are a great way to get a buzz going about the event without breaking the bank. These are the 5 best that are available on the internet right now.

1. Docstoc – http://www.docstoc.com

With this document-style blood drive flyer template, you can quickly fill in all of the details that you need about your particular event. Everything is text driven here, although the American Red Cross logo is included with the document. You can upload your own images into the file if you prefer or just change the time, place, and date of the event to fit your specific needs. If you’re planning on printing out all of your flyers, this is a good template to use.

docstoc flyer

2. American Red Cross – http://www.redcrossblood.org

There are a number of blood drive flyers that are specifically branded by the Red Cross that are perfect for your upcoming event. All you’ve got to do is put in your specific details and you’ll be able to quickly print and distribute promotional information that looks like it was professionally produced. There are places for promotions or giveaways as well, but the ARC requests that you discuss these with your local representative before advertising.

red cross blood

3. Memorial Blood Centers – http://www.mbc.org/

Working with MBC gives you a lot of promotional tools that you’re going to want to use. It’s a coordinator toolkit that you’ll receive through the link below that will give you access to flyer templates, brochures, posters, and even email templates so that your event can be the best one possible.


What do pet owners do if they need to leave town for more than a day or two? If they can’t take their pets with them, then they need to find some way to take care of them and that’s where your pet sitting business has an opportunity. In order for people to know about your services, you’ve got to provide them with information that they can easily access to contact you when a need arises. That’s what the best pet sitting flyer templates are able to do. This showcase has the best available on the internet today.

1. Printable Flyer Templates – http://www.printableflyertemplates.net

It’s a fun business when you work as a pet sitter and your promotional flyers should reflect that fun. That’s what this template will help you do. With dogs and cats drawn in a classic comics-style format with the pets thinking about the specific services that you can provide, you’ll be able to include all of your necessary information with ease in this .doc template. Done in black and white, you’ll be able to print this free template without much trouble either.

Printable Flyer Templates

2. Zazzle – http://www.zazzle.com

This two sided pet sitting flyer template isn’t the cheapest option on the market today, but it will give your potential customers a massively good first impression. It’s going to print as a postcard, so you can send it through direct mail instead of pounding pavement if you prefer as well. There’s room for all the basics about your business, a dedicated place for your website so you can be researched, and don’t forget to put in a fun catchphrase.


3. MS Office – http://office.microsoft.com

Reverse the idea of having instructions left for you by using this pet sitting flyer template to leave instructions for pet owners! It’s a free template that will let you manipulate the tables and content that is included so you can have a unique way to broadcast your business. There’s a clipart image at the top that can be replaced with your business logo and plenty of space to create a humorous first impression with a little sweat equity.

Microsoft Office

4. Docstoc – http://www.docstoc.com

This free pet sitting flyer will help you to quickly promote your business in a very cost effective way. There’s animal clipart included with this template that isn’t especially cheesy and your business name and taglines will be highlighted in a white font with black highlighting for instant attention. Bullet points will highlight all of your services and there’s tear aways included in this design so people can take your contact info with them.


5. Graphic River – http://graphicriver.net

If you want a professional looking flyer for an affordable price, then this is the template that you’re going to want to use. It features a very smiley puppy and paw prints in the background as a visual enticement and there’s a lot of space for your complimentary text. Three color options are available, there’s space for your logo, and this layered PSD template is ready to print once you modify the text.


An open mic night is always a great community event. It allows people a stage to promote their own art in a comforting environment with family, friends, and community associates. In order to get people to come to your own event, these open mic flyer templates will give you a low cost way to get promotional materials out into your community. This way you’ll be able to raise awareness of the open mic night, create a buzz about the event, and not break your budget while doing. This showcase features the best of the internet right now.

1. Creative Market – https://creativemarket.com

This beautiful flyer template will instantly grab someone’s attention and make them want to read what you’ve got going on. The images show everything that can be performed at your event and you can alter the template to include any special offers that you’ve got going on to further encourage attendance. Put in your event details, even if it’s already a weekly event, and make sure you get your website put in there as well. It’s a layered PSD template, but is print ready with 300 DPI images designed in CMYK with a ¼ inch bleed.

5 Open Mic Flyer Templates

2. Graphic River – http://graphicriver.net

This open mic flyer template will definitely increase the interest people will have for your upcoming event. This layered template offers a series of graphics where the colors can be tweaked to meet your own needs and you can include any event specials underneath the initial promotions with just a couple clicks. The footer of the flyer template is reserved for your location and there’s a separated place for your website too. Multiple version sizes are available too for your convenience.


3. Poster My Wall – http://www.postermywall.com

Bring back the neon signs that beckoned many to a club in the past with this fun open mic flyer template. It’s easy to customize this template because everything is included within the browser. You can have professional printing services or you can download your own images and print them out yourself if you wish. The fonts here are a lot of fun and the differences in color and sharpness will quickly have someone’s attention.


4. Promote Your Pub – http://www.promoteyourpub.co.uk/

Open mic night has been something enjoyed by millions worldwide over the years and everyone from swooners to poetry artists have all had an opportunity here. The days of yesterday will be brought to mind with this open mic flyer template that is really easy to adjust and have professionally printed. It speaks of a night out with the best talent in your community and the flyers you hand out will be immediately appreciated.


5. Zazzle – http://www.zazzle.com

The most stunning flyer on the internet today might just be this one. It’s of an x-ray skeleton that is standing in front of an open mic and you quickly customize it within your browser. You’ll be ordering a quantity of flyers with this, so it isn’t budget friendly for everyone, but you’ll make a dramatic first impression with this document. You can also upload your own graphics and logos to use.