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InDesign offers many options to the user to easily integrate or create a calendar for the year. Many templates are available that range in size, format, and style. Users can even choose to use a script that may offer more flexibility than a template option. For those looking to use a template designed by someone else, the below compilation of InDesign calendar templates for 2015 serve as a convenient resource.

1. Rob Cubbon

This selection of free calendars are available for Adobe Illustrator and InDesign users. Designed to preview the year in review, multiple landscape colors are available ranging from black and red to brownish tones. Additional monthly calendars are available with 12 easy to print and use pages. These files have been created to be opened by older versions of InDesign for your ease of access.


2. Calendar Wizard

This free InDesign extensions allows you to easily create calendars, edit the layout, and add cell content to customize your own design. Use for a simple single page calendar, 12 month single or multi page calendar, and more. Tutorials and source documentation is made easily available on this site for your review.


3. PS Print

Customize your own business calendar with your logo and product details. With more than 20 designs available, these calendars are print ready and vary in style and size. If you desire the calendars to be printing in bulk for marketing purposes, PS Print will allow you to upload your artwork and changes before proceeding forward to purchase printing services.


4. Responsive Instant Print Shop

Create your own calendar design by downloading one of these easy to use calendar templates. A variety of sizes and formats are available ranging from desktop calendars to wall calendars up to 12 inches wide. Upload to their website directly if you wish to outsource printing services for your calendar.


5. SPS Calendar

Available free for commercial use, this calendar template is perfect for desktops and is available for Adobe InDesign, Illustator, and more. Simply download directly from this site. Additional design and logo services can be purchased if you wish to have a custom touch added to your calendar.


Yearbooks are known for being special keepsakes to the many children that will later on preserve the special memories of their school days. When designing a yearbook, many students become featured for their special accomplishments, contributions to the community, and captured photos from school events. This selection of special yearbook templates will help to make the design and layout of your yearbook easier to manage.

1. Allardice

This site focuses on branding and design while offered dozens of selected templates for yearbooks. With styles ranging from magazines to prospectus and curriculum, the school can have a selection of useful resources at their fingertips.


2. Memory Book Company

A selection of templates are available to use for any book or cover that you wish to design. Compatible with Photoshop, InDesign, and Publisher you can download up to several hundred pages for your yearbook. Customer service representatives are made available for those that require assistance from start to finish.


3. Build a Book

Have access to multiple variations of yearbook templates at U Build a Book. Whether you desire a hard or soft cover, these templates are great options for those that plan to utilize Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign. An idea gallery can also be found to help spur on your creative imagination.


4. Hardys YearBooks

Hardys has a variety of themed yearbook styles ranging from comic book, wireframe, urban, and contemporary. Preview the selected page layouts and download the templates for free. Access their free yearbook resources guide to help guide you along the way.


5. Bright Hub

For those that home school or operate on a limited budget, download these basic templates that allow you to capture the special moments your child experienced throughout the year. This is a perfect option for the novice user that has basic editing knowledge and can utilize programs such as Microsoft Word and Publisher to create this memorable book.


6. Rockin’ Photogs

This site offers access to a standard basic yearbook theme with 45 degree rotated title. Simply download and insert the pictures into an simply designed grid layout year book. Special sections of text are built into the design so you can recap the moments shared in this ideal memory book.


With layout templates available for use in Adobe InDesign or BookWright, Blurb offers a wide variety of templates for users to design portrait and landscape photobooks, magazines, cookbooks, or portfolios. Here is a collection of some of their most unique template designs. You can also download the file and edit the current template as you desire.

1. Basic Style Portrait Book Template

A variety of layout and text combinations are made available for this basic layout. Select your desired layout style and create your ideal combination with InDesign. The standard size for this book is 8 by 10 inches and is preferred by many working on a smaller budget with more creative preference.

Blurb Basic Style

2. Landscape Book Starter Template

Ideal for photos and other graphic rich books, you can feature drawings and photos easily while modifying the layout to fit your needs. Sized in the standard landscape size of 10 inches by 8.

Landscape Blurb

3. Magazine Basic Style

Sized at the standard 8.5 by 11 inche magazine size. Print on coated glossy paper and get your professional magazine ready to sell. This template includes masthead, table of contents, editor’s letter, and many more editorial features. A basic grayscale is standard, however you can apply your own color palette.

Magazine Style Blurb

4. Cookbook

Find a way to share all of your favorite recipes with this cookbook template. Select the style you desire, sized at a common 10 inch by 8 inch size. Choose from a combination of recipe layouts for your images, ingredients, and instructions. Template provides more than 36 unique pages and covers to use.

Cookbook Style Blurb

Pocket folders can offer a variety of ways for sharing information regarding your product, promotion, product, or event. Majority of available templates are easily downloadable in .PDF format or .Jpeg and have available options for working with Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, or Photoshop. Pocket folders offer great ways to hold presentation material, annual repots, sales reports, and other marketing materials. It is optional to add your own business card slit. The below sites offer a variety of sheet size templates for pocket folders to choose from.

1. Hopkins Printing

Avaulable in a standard 9 by 12 pocket folder size, you can choose from a 4 inch or 5 inch pocket. Download in InDesign or view by .PDF. Add your desired design and print. Hopkins Printing offers their own printing services if you prefer to have your pocket folders printed professionally.


2. Lady Printing

Available in full color and full size, print both sides of these pocket folder templates. Using a 12 point cardstock, you can get three times the thickness of your average copier paper. Template variations available range from the addition of flaps, pockets, and tabs.

Lady Printing

3. 48 Hour Printing

These InDesign templates offer a white range of styles from folded business cards to template brochures and accordion fold styles. Small catalogs are available and a variety of other plain and presized templates to create your design from. Receive professional printing services directly from the site itself or print on your own.

48 Hour Printing

4. Print Presentation Folders

Templates made available on this site offer multiple options to add pocket folders for CD’s and DVD’s to including flaps, tabs, or outside spine. A variety of file types are downloadable for Adobe’s Creative Suite to .PDF file formats.

Print Presentation Folders

5. Central Printing

For the basic and novice user, this 9 by 12 inch double pocket template is available with four inch business card slits ad left to right pockets. Download for InDesign, Illustrator, or in a .PDF format. Additional three panel pocket templates are available as well.

Central Printing

Flyers are a great way to promote and advertise a special event, party, or local contest. These are also a great way to promote a business service, product, or giveaway. The following compilation of great contest flyer templates are full of high resolution professional flyers you can find for free or a very insanely low cost.

1. Free Pik

This flyer is a perfect choice for the basic user looking for a themed Halloween costume contest. Exclusively offered through Free Pik, you can use commercially with attribution. Edit and modify as needed to suit your individual event needs.


2. DezineGuide

A fun and exciting dance contest flyer that will bring out the energy in anyone. Receive a quality file that allows you to modify and edit as needed to suit your individual themed event.


3. Printable Flyer Templates

A wide selection of customizable and simple flyer templates you can easily download, edit, and print. For the novice, templates are available to use in simple programs such as Microsoft Word or Adobe. Several hundred templates are made available for you to choose from.

Printable Flyer Templates

4. Zazzle

Hundreds of contest flyer designs are available to choose from costing no more than a single dollar. No matter your theme, you are bound to find something that meets your needs. Easily download in a selected file type and personalize as needed.

Contest Flyer Zazzle