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Best Free Bootstrap WordPress Themes

There are hundreds of Bootstrap WordPress Themes. You would find at least a hundred on WordPress.org and you can check out many more on third party sites that have themes compatible with WordPress. Bootstrap has become a very popular frontend framework and as more people take to using it to develop its websites, there will be more themes and templates catering to the needs.

The real issue isn’t in finding the best free Bootstrap WordPress themes. The struggle is to identify the ones that would be the easiest to deal with. The templates would be rather simple to check out for their design, aesthetics and how they may suit your niche. Whether you would have an easy ride working with Bootstrap while developing the site or not is the main question. Here are some of the best free Bootstrap WordPress themes that are quite easy to deal with.

1. Ultrabootstrap


This is a multipurpose theme available for free. Featuring sliders, custom background, highlighted posts, custom colors, homepage layouts with welcome message, different theme options, right sidebar in blog page and an extensive customizer, the template can be really worked with to meet the specific checklists you have for your website. There’s substantial support for the theme and you can also check out a free demo before taking the plunge.

2. Bootstrap Four

Bootstrap Four

This is one of the simplest best free Bootstrap WordPress themes you would come across. Not every website needs to be elaborate. There are needs where content is the focus and you would rather have a simple blog layout with smart archiving and the ability to facilitate comments in a simple interface without complicating browsing or navigation and the overall user experience. For such uses, developers should rather opt for this versatile and responsive design. This is surely a starter theme compatible with Bootstrap but it is good enough to get started with.

3. Simple Bootstrap

Simple Bootstrap

This is again a basic WordPress theme that uses Bootstrap. It is ideal for small blogs, discussion forums or just for message threads. It is not for an elaborate site but can cater to business or individual needs where an audience must be engaged with. The biggest advantage with Simple Bootstrap is the convenient development process. Since there are very few extensive features, you will have your website set up in no time.

4. Flat Bootstrap

Flat Bootstrap

One look at the representative image of the theme and you would think it is one of those simpler designs of yesteryears. It is actually not. Flat Bootstrap is very contemporary. The entire layout and design is responsive. The flat style theme helps to work on the color palette, the full width images and various full width sections. The website you develop using this theme will conveniently fit on desktops, browsers on mobile devices and the displays of tablets. It uses the Twitter Bootstrap CSS framework which is easily among the most popular. The theme comes preloaded with a mobile navigation bar, buttons and multiple columns in a grid, icons and badges, labels and tabbed content areas, progress bars and collapsible content areas, carousels or sliders and alert boxes along with several other features.

5. Bootstrap Basic

Bootstrap Basic

This is a simple theme but ideal for starters. It is very easy to use and more importantly it doesn’t compromise on the imperative elements of a good website. While being convenient to use, it still ticks off all the necessary checkboxes. The Bootstrap v.3 Basic is the more recent theme.

6. pRestro


This is an adaptable design that looks most appropriate for restaurants but it can just as well be used by any company in the hospitality industry. The theme is contemporary with modern sensibilities in mind. It uses Bootstrap 3x and CSS3. The theme is responsive and the frontend can be optimized for tablets and smart phones in addition to obviously being suitable for desktops. The theme is retina ready, has full screen sliders and necessary widgets which look rather cool in this layout.

7. isleMag


It is a busy theme. There appears to be a lot going on with the layout and how the website would have its navigation directed and redirected from one webpage to another. But if you look closely then it is very simple. It is just that multiple contents are toyed with to offer a fuller browsing experience. As the name suggests, you would find it most appropriate to use this theme for news websites, magazines and blogs on photography, fashion or anything that involves a rather artistic or image based interface. However, you can also go hard on textual content. The theme is SEO ready, retina ready and has integrated social links. You would build the website using Bootstrap, be benefited with Google AdSense banners, custom backgrounds, tags, filtered categories, boxed layout and there is a live customizer.