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Events and Churches have historically operated hand in hand. Church families around the globe have focused on ways to find time to be together and often gather as a group. Whether it is an annual event, monthly dinner or anniversary celebration, having some church flyer templates on hand will come in use to you now and in the future. The following sites offer a wide selection of church themed flyers that range from seminars, bible studies, to congregational events.

Page Prodigy

These free flyer templates are available on site and 10% customizable. You can create and share with ease, print, or save. Multiple templates can be mixed and match to suit your individual needs. Multiple sizes exist for church flyers ranging from letter size, A4, to Tabloid size. Easily open the template in their designer to modify, print, or publish.


Next Day Flyers

Several free .psd formatted religious flyers are made available here for churches and spiritual places of worship to use. Offering a variety of colorful designs, download into photoshop and customize as many layers as you want to suit your needs. Next Day Flyers also offer affordable posters, banners, and brochure options along with other print products you can order.



Perfect for a church commemorating their anniversary, these flyer found on Zazzle is one of the many other templates available to purchase. At a cost of less than a dollar, you can customize by uploading graphics, logos, or other unique designs to create your own personalized flyer. Both sides can be customized for free with additional sizes made available to users.


Share Faith

These flyers are predesigned with the intent of advertising your church’s unique concern, retreat, camp, bible study or more. With templates that focus primarily on visual aids to announce the event, there is not much customization required for these designs. Many download options include MS Word and Photoshop formatted files. Additional print materials for churches and religious themes are made available on this website.


Printable Flyer Templates

Offering an easy to download MS Word or PDF format template, these church flyer themes are fully customizable to meet the users need. This template provides a left column for addressing service times and dates as well as the pastor that will be hosting the sermon.


Using spa flyers as a part of your local marketing campaign can help to draw awareness to your business throughout the community. Many sites have templates available that are easy to download, use, and print. If you have a logo and images already available, you can easily customize many of these templates to suit your individual business needs. The follows sites provide some easy to use options for you to get started now.

1. Brother

Brother offers a variety of templates for beauty salon flyer marketing. Directly on their site, you can customize the template or create your own from scratch. Adobe flash player is required to edit any available pre-designs on this site. Coordinating posters, mailers, and business cards are available to those who want a singular theme throughout their marketing initiative. Save your project and revisit at a later date if you choose or save and print when you are done directly from their creative center.

Brother Creative Center

2. My Creative Shop

My Creative Shop provides a wide variety of business cards, rack cards, envelopes, and flyer designs for businesses within the health and beauty industry. You can easily customize and coordinate your flyers on their site with use of their more than 23 million stock images or upload your own. Print from anywhere through saving in an easy to access .pdf format. Coordinate your letter heads, envelopes, and flyers all in a single spot. If you choose to print with My Creative Shop, multiple affordable options are provided to their users.

My Creative Shop

3. Must Have Menus

This website provides a great selection of day spa menu templates for those wanting to promote and showcase a selection of their current services and pricing. Professional printing is recommended with these templates. You can receive exclusive prices on their site or publish directly to your own mobile website. Coordinating sets are available ranging from gift certificate templates, business cards, trifold designs, and smaller half page sizes. Customize directly on their website and save or print.


4. Stock Layouts

Stock Layouts allow you to download and customize your flyer template design in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Microsoft Publisher and Word, or Corel Draw. Several sizes are available as well when designing your flyer allowing you to have a streamlined theme and design among your layouts. Purchase more than three templates together and you can save more than 50% on your flyers.

Stock Layouts

5. Zazzle

Zazzle provides more than 600 templates for spa themed flyers for as cheap as $0.35. Many of the designs promote your business, location, and contact, as well as a designated section to advertise your current specials and discounts offered on services. Personalize and customize directly on their site and save more than 30% off your purchase. Multiple sizes and styles are available as well as front and back printing options. Many of their printing options are done on value paper that is 80lb in weight and contains more than 50% recycled content.


After a hard week of work, many people want to reward themselves with a happy hour celebration. This is a great idea for those that want to blow off steam and celebrate with the coworkers they enjoy. When planning a happy hour, include a mix of people and keep in mind that it is intended to be a social event. Choosing a bar or restaurant that appeals to a wide arrange of coworkers is best. Promote with flyers by using one of these free happy hour templates to spread the word.

1. Must Have Menus

This site offers a wide selection of happy hour templates that are easily downloadable and customizable. Print directly through the website for a low cost or publish on your mobile page. These templates are sized to a standard paper size and allow images and content to be edited on their site.


2. Printable Flyer Template

This happy hour template is nicely decorated with a martini theme and is downloadable at no cost. Intended to include the basic location, time, and hour information, it serves the direct purpose you want. Add in a listing of drinks and pricing so people can plan their budget ahead of time and let them know what will be offered at a discount. Download into Word or Adobe Acrobat for printing.


3. Poster My Wall

This website offers poster editing software to easily edit your template by adding photos, text, changing the background and downloading onto your computer. Save drafts to go back to later or share via your social networks. You can even purchase through their site if you want to save time with printing yourself.


4. Dribble

This happy hour beer template is perfect for those looking to promote a happy hour featuring special beer offerings. This can be downloaded into a .psd file and easily customizable by layers. With a modern appeal and clean neutral colors, your upcoming promotion will be easily noticed.


5. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office Online offers their own selection of free downloadable templates for happy hour. You can edit the title, location, date, time, and include RSVP information. Made to be used by Publisher, dazzle your template up by adding a few pictures and directions.

Microsoft Office

6. Behance

This awesome styled framed template is perfect for Photoshop savvy people who look to edit their template by layers. Place the promo information in the middle with location on the bottom. The date and time is situated at the top to let people immediately know when they can participate in the festivities.


Thinking about traveling to the Caribbean or taking a cruise in the Mediterranean? Many special occasions and events can occur when traveling on the water. If you want to help spread the word, the following cruise flyers are easily accessible and modified to meet your individual needs. Here is a listing of some of the best sites to get cruise flyer templates from.

1. Zazzle

This site offers low cost options for purchasing templates ranging from $.50 to a dollar for each design. These easily customizable templates allow you to share the location, date, and time of the event. Purchase the quantity desired, shipping right to your door. Much of the paper options contain more than 50% recycled content. You also have the option to upload your own photos and graphics during the customization phase.


2. StockLayouts

These readymade designs serve as a perfect marketing compilation for your cruise event. These can be easily downloaded into a variety of programs for further customization such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Microsoft Publisher and Word. These flyer templates are no fold and sized to 8.5×11, a half page size, and quarter page size.

Stock Layouts

3. 123RF

This site provides stock vectors for its users that are easily downloadable in .jpg and .eps format. These allow a variation of print sizes such as a 6 inch size width upwards to an 11 inch width. All images and flyers located on this site are considered to be royalty free.


4. Signazon

These flyers are perfect for templates of cruise and destination events. Choose from a variety of travel and tropical destination styles. Sizes and quantities can be selected by the user with many more options available such as 2 sided designs. Free shipping is offered after certain pricing limits make it more convenient and cost efficient for the user.


5. Loyalty ToYou Always

These simple cruise templates are easy to customize, download, and design yourself. Choose from either a one column or two column design for your flyer and download. These are previewed in a .pdf format and can be converted over to many other file types to suit your individual needs.