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When you are creating a site or blog, it is essential that you consider who your target audience is. You should choose a wordpress theme based on your target demographic. This means that if you are looking to create a yoga site or blog, it is best to choose from more feminine themes that cater towards women that are interested in health and activity. Having a site that offers a feminine touch is the best way to appeal to women. You still want a template that is completely responsive and offers all the features that you desire for your website, but you also want it to have a girly touch that screams yoga. There are quite a few different free yoga wordpress themes that you can choose from. Some are more subtle than others, but these are the yoga wordpress themes that you should choose from:

Cater To Yoga Fans

If your business or site is geared towards women that are interested in yoga, it is best to have a site that is designed with this is mind. Yoga wordpress themes have a lot more to offer than you might realize. The distinguishable characteristics of yoga themes include softer color pallets, playful elements and design aspects that appeal more to women, but offer all the features that yoga lovers are looking for in a site or blog. Here are the best free yoga wordpress themes that you should choose from:

Fitness Life


When you have a site of any type that is dedicated to yoga, it needs to be sleek and stylish. The impression that you make is a big deal and not one that you can easily change. FItness Life is one of the most popular yoga wordpress themes around. It is designed to be really simple and is often referred to as minimalist in nature. It offers a sleek design that really seems to appeal to yoga lovers of all ages. This means that both young and older women will enjoy this design option.



One of the best features that is offered by this free wordpress theme is the ability to use the home slider. The home slider fills up the first half of the page and can be used to promote a popular post or a special offer. You can really grab the attention of your audience by using the home slider feature. Increasing engagement and conversion rates is more effective when using this type of feature. You can also get access to a newsletter that matches the design of the site.