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Real estate websites should be focused on two elements. The first is obviously the details of the properties being listed or highlighted. The second is the images that offer a real and expansive sneak peek into what is being presented. The real estate industry cannot be boiled down to just classifieds. There are specialized brokers or realtors. There are general construction companies and facilitating vendors, contractors and networking professionals. There are real estate websites that are just out there to help homebuyers and home sellers or commercial property owners, managers and tenants with information.

The focus on information and images must be factored in while picking the best free WordPress real estate templates. Any website template that naturally doesn’t facilitate the hosting of immersive or engaging images within the existing layout would require a lot of hard work on the part of the webmaster, designer or DIY website developer. Also, if there are no or few provisions to list the all important details of the property along with the images, that too will impair the whole objective. In here, we shall take a look at some of the best free WordPress real estate templates that are raring to go. All you would need is the content you wish to upload on the site.

1. Real Estate Lite

Real Estate Lite

You can call this the classic real estate site. You may consider it ideal for a real estate blog, for a website of realtors or real estate agents in a given area, for a realty company in a large city or just an informative website being run by enthusiasts. No matter what your objective is, this classic theme will certainly help you to get the desired traction. The professionally designed website is rather minimalist with the various elements but factor in the layout, the sizing of the image, the information pertaining to the various listed properties and the ability to host latest news spanning a substantial part of the layout would certainly impress those who are looking at buying or selling homes. After all, that is the audience real estate websites will be catering to. Real Estate Lite is an ideal website for real estate brokers or agents and firms. The customizable website is easy to use. There is provision for the widely used plug-ins and optimum support.

2. Modern Estate

Modern Estate

Modern Estate is a responsive website with a minimalist but very sleek design that will perfectly suit professionals working in the real estate industry. Developing using cutting-edge HTML5 and CSS3, the template comes with various color schemes. There are many page templates that you can choose from and a plethora of plug-ins that can go onto the website. The website template already has various real estate functionalities like property listings, agent profiles, testimonials and there are live front-end text widget editing options. This website will work for the stay at home dad or mom who wants to dabble in some real estate. This website will work for the savvy realtor who has happened to be in the limelight for a while now. This will work for any aspiring or veteran real estate agent in any state, city or town.

3. Zoner Lite

Zoner Lite

A website is all about enticing the audience, drawing them in and then captivating them with the information being provided. The first objective is to have that hook which will entice someone enough to check out the website further. Zoner Lite succeeds in captivating at first sight. The large image showcasing the prized listings or what’s on offer will be enough to generate traction. Then the nifty presentation of facts and important details will keep the audience hooked. Thereon it is only a matter of relevance of the listing. Zoner Lite is the free version of Zoner Real Estate WordPress theme. The clean flat design is responsive and also retina ready. It works on bootstrap 3 grid 1170px with redux framework theme options and visual composer support. The template allows you to add your logo and you can toy with the styling choices, the blog options, header options, menu, slider, font options, footer and social media links.

4. Movers Packers

Movers Packers

There are many types of businesses closely associated with real estate. Simply because this template is known as Movers Packers doesn’t imply that only a moving company or packing company will be able to make use of it. This website theme is responsive and indeed multipurpose. It is fitting for realtors, including agents and construction firms. It is suitable as a sales page or landing page, for product launches or as a portfolio. The theme will be ideal for consulting firms, architects and certain moving packing companies. The website is simple, flat, flexible and scalable. It is compatible with contact form 7. You can work in WooCommerce and NextGen Gallery. The template is translation ready and has already been translated into twenty three languages.

Consulting websites have to be highly specialized. You may be targeting homeowners or commercial property owners, investors or general consumers. You may specialize in certain products or services, a few resources or in a technical niche. Whatever it is that you specialize, the kind of consulting services you offer and your target audience will determine the type of website you must have. That will influence your choice of best free consulting WordPress themes.

The advantage with consulting websites is that as long as you can have a professional design, simple but elegant layouts, state of the art features and compelling content, which is optimized for search engines, you are sorted. You really don’t have to worry much about out of the world graphics or any such interfaces because your consulting service would be the primary focus and not endless browsing or a plethora of plug-ins.

1. SKT Design Agency

SKT Design Agency

Simple, cool and minimalist, SKT Design Agency is a responsive website design that is just about perfect for consulting services. It is also good for general businesses or corporate websites, legal websites or for law firms, online shops and medical or healthcare websites and an entire range of industries from cafes to technology, fitness to massage and beauty. There are many reasons why this is one of the best free consulting WordPress themes available right now. The well segmented categories, the simple white layout with a minimalist design, a dedicated blog and ability to be translated to multiple languages make it easy to work with. The theme is compatible with WooCommerce so consulting firms can charge for online payments on the website itself.

2. Avis Lite

Avis Lite

If you don’t want six or eight sections and multiple subsections, if you are happy with just the classic four options on your menu with a few subsections and a highlighted feature, then Avis Lite will be apt for your needs. It is a simple and clean website theme or design. It is highly suitable for consulting firms run by attorneys or advocates, business development professionals and even freelancers. Any professional or a consulting firm with specialization in any niche will present a great website with this theme. You can work on a portfolio, a skills section, the theme has an advanced contact map template and there is support for multiple languages.

3. SKT IT Consultant

SKT IT Consultant

This is a responsive website with a minimalist design and a classic layout. The theme is ideal for freelancers or self employed professionals. It is also great for small to midsize companies offering consulting services in any industry. Let not the name mislead you.

The best free attorney WordPress themes consist of themes from a variety of camps. You’re going to find that designers the world over have created WP themes that are specifically designed with lawyers in mind. These themes are going to work with short codes, a straightforward media content manager, and a Visual Composer that are all designed to appeal to lawyers and law offices. At the same time, there are several different themes that work with businesses in a general sense. One such theme could very easily give you what you are looking for in a lawyer WP theme.

1. Goran


This multi-purpose theme is endlessly responsive. Furthermore, you’re going to love how Goran looks great on just about every device currently available. The four custom page templates are a nice feature, and you’ll also want to note that this theme comes with two options for custom menus.

2. Skylark


Bright and clean, Skylark is an easy theme fit for many different types of businesses. It can most certainly work some wonders for your law firm. It provides you with a clean space for general blogging, but you can easily use the templates and menus to construct something that emphasizes the particulars of your law firm.

3. Superhero


Some lawyers or firms prefer a simple, monochromatic approach to building their WP site. If you don’t want to go in that direction, preferring something that offers conservative-yet-appealing bursts of color and low-key style, then take a look at what Superhero can bring to the table. This WordPress theme offers a full-bleed Featured Content section, in addition to full-bleed featured images. You’re also going to like how Superhero gives you a fixable header, and understated CSS3 transitions. The widget-area sidebar is also worth noting.

4. Yoko


Optimized for mobile devices, Yoko gives you a spacious, clean canvas to work with. You can seamlessly combine large images with engaging, essential text in a variety of ways. Even better, Yoko makes it easy to pick up and take advantage of its numerous features, even if you have zero experience with creating websites and blogs through WordPress themes. Utilize various post formats and customization options.

5. Motif


The front page template alone should give you a clear idea of the potential behind this free attorney WordPress theme. Work with a featured section, two widget sections, and a testimonials section to create a dynamic front page that presents a range of useful information right from the start. Motif works with any device.

Pinterest has emerged as a social media juggernaut, over the course of the past couple of years. It isn’t hard to see why the straightforward, unique website has garnered such a huge following, or why companies related to things like fashion and travel are using Pinterest to market their wares.

A lot of people seem to be aware of just appealing Pinterest is. To that end, a wide number of developers have come up with some pretty interesting pinboard WordPress themes. If you are interested in finding the best free pinboard WordPress themes, you are not going to find yourself lacking in options.

1. Tetris


The game Tetris is an attempt to clear rows and rows of blocks by maintaining perfect harmony amongst the various-shaped blocks that come your way. Pinterest is sort of like that, so it makes sense that one of the best free pinboard WordPress themes would go by such a moniker.

Responsiveness is essential with pinboard WordPress themes. To that end, you’re definitely going to be pleased with what Tetris offers. The masonry-style homepage makes it easy to assemble a wide variety of images across a clean, attractive template. Another important feature with WordPress themes involves having something that doesn’t look like a mess. You want unit and harmony. Tetris brings that to you in impressive form, with a widgetized sidebar and footer. You’ll also have a blast playing around with so many different media forms.

2. Twenty Fourteen

Twenty Fourteen

The WordPress default for 2014 may not have been specifically designed to function as a pinboard, but it’s hard to argue with all of the people who use it in such fashion. The sleekness of this magazine-style WordPress theme can work with a wide variety of interests. If you want to use it specifically to present a range of media posts in magazine-style form, eventually creating something that can look very much like a pinboard, Twenty Fourteen could be just what you’ve been looking for. Three widget areas are added for further customization potential.

3. Orvis


Orvis is great for the fact that it puts such a nice emphasis on the visual side of things. This means that if you are looking for a pinboard-style WordPress theme that can function as just about anything you want, Orvis could be ideal. It is a particularly popular choice amongst designers and photographers. It’s not hard to see why. For a photographer, the portfolio-style approach to this theme makes for an ideal showcase opportunity.

The layouts and organizational options with Orvis are certainly built around those who want to have a portfolio-style blog. However, it’s also easy to appreciate the potential of Orvis to act solely as a pinboard. The portfolio section in your dashboard will be a key element to your enjoyment of this theme. It’s designed to make it extremely straightforward to add new material to your blog. The various color schemes will give you a nice degree of flexibility, in terms of creating something that best suits your interests. At the same time, you will also want to take note of such features as the Featured Images component, as well as the portfolio shortcodes that will be made available to you.

4. PinStrap


PinStrap makes clear where the inspiration is coming from. This unique marriage of Pinterest and Bootstrap might be one of the best pure pinboard WP experiences out there. In fact, it’s even hard to imagine anyone using this theme for anything else.

Working with the Wookmark jQuery plugin, PinStrap will automatically resize and place your images for you. This makes it easy to build a pinboard experience for your visitors. The Twitter bootstrap framework is yet another feature to PinStrap that’s worth getting excited about. Two Google fonts are included, and there are tons and tons of customization options to help you create the pinboard-style WordPress site you have in mind.

5. Pictorico


There is a neatness to the layout of Pictorico that is almost hypnotic. This is one of the most uniform WP themes you’ve ever seen. To some, that might be a turnoff. However, if you’re the kind of person who loves the idea of a pinboard WP theme that puts the focus smack dab on the media and nothing more, then this is going to be the them you’ve been looking for.

This single-column/grid-based theme is one of the portfolio themes you can find through the official WP website. While it can certainly function as a portfolio, and it’s not hard to see how it accomplishes this, it’s worth keeping in mind that Pictorico can be so much more. As a pinboard, it can allow you to grab a visitor’s attention with a diverse array of images that are collected and laid out flawlessly. You can work with upwards to four widgets, and you can choose and established feature images. This is a visually arresting example of WP themes.