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If you have created a blog with the intent of selling products or services, chances are you will be getting a SSL certificate. This certificate serves the purpose of encrypting sensitive information that is sent across the internet, aiding to protect the data of your clients or customers. These can be obtained directly from your hosting site. These additional WordPress SSL plugins help are offering expansive functionality to your newly secure blog.

1. WordPress HTTPS (SSL)

WordPress HTTPs

This is the simplest plugin for SSL sites, offering an all in one solution. Select to secure your post or page and create private and shared SSL pages. Fix any encryption errors received and operate on a secure admin panel. Force SSL protection on each page of your site, additionally contributing to the security of your blog.

2. Easy HTTPS Redirection

Easy HTTPS Redirection

This plugin is aimed at creating a redirection from your original http standard site to your newly created SSL compatible site by making a redirection to the HTTPs version. This plugin will also help to force search engines to index your secure version of your webpages. Users also have the choice to selectively choose what pages they want to be redirected. Lastly, bloggers have the other option to force load static files top use a HTTPs URL for images, javascript, css, and more.

3. WP Force SSL

WP Force SSL

This plugin forces all traffic to be redirected from a HTTP to HTTPs site. All pages are automatically included in this action helping to prevent ant errors in partially redirected site pages stuck in the navigation. However, if you specifically tried to access page by manually input the HTTP, the redirect will not work.

4. WpFortify for WooCommerce

WpFortify for WooCommerce

For users operating a commerce site and accepting payments, this plugin will help to add easy and secure ways to host SSL checkout pages, while meeting PCI compliance. Credit cards can be used without the need to install an additional SSL certificate, no monthly fees required or set up, as well as no contracts. Custom checkout pages can be created that match your current site.

Converting your current WordPress blog to a secure and encrypted site does not require a lot of action or know how from the blog owner. These plugins help to ease the transition of this change by allowing your pages and posts to be redirected to their current URL without compromising any of your previous traffic earned.

Wordpress Security

When it comes to managing your business and taking care of your client needs, the following invoice templates will help to ease the pain of billing making it easier to collect payments. Many of these template designs can be downloaded directly to your computer or sent to the client from the site. All that is required is the use of Microsoft Word, Excel, or Adobe Reader to execute your billing.

1. My Excel Templates


This template design was created for managing the day of the week, service provided, time and accumulated charges for the service. This invoice allows for customizations through the removal or additional of rows. Simply download this template into Microsoft Word and get started. The template includes a stand in logo that can be easily replaced with your own. When done, simply save and print for your client.

2. Hloom


This invoice template was generally created for service use but can be customized to suit your independent needs. Perfectly designed to bill for services, tangible or physical items, this invoice can be easily used for your pet sitting business. This invoice allows you to manually bill the amount of work performed, include a short description, and include total computable tax. The sum of total charges in the end is presented in the grand total amount at the bottom. This invoice is available in multiple formats to include Microsoft Word and Excel.

3. DocStoc


Available on DocStoc, this invoice template can be downloaded or printed directly from the sit. Focused on tracking billable time for services rendered, this invoice is designed to track by date and any additional charges that occur. Upload your logo, include your basic business information, and calculate taxes and per visits charges for a total end balance for your client.

4. Aynax


This invoice template can be customized directly on the website. Input the business and client information, description, and pricing before printing or saving directly as a .PDF. Download and send your invoice for free by clicking the save button. Additional options are available such as uploading a logo, including taxes or including any applicable discounts for your service.

5. Tidyform


On Tidyform, there are hundreds of invoice styles made available to download. Many templates allow for direct download for us with Adobe or Word. Include your company logo, business information, description, and amount of billable services.

6. Get Harvest


At Harvest, a multitude of templates are made available to include this one that highlights a full customizable designs such as company information, hourly rates, and more. Professionally formatted, calculate your overall expenses, hourly rates, and taxes. Harvest offers a collection of plans and pricing that allow you to manage your client database and billing.

7. Freshbooks Cloud Accounting


This online customizable invoice allows you to manage and input your billable services directly online. Save and send to your client directly from the website and get paid for your services through FreshBooks. This generator is a great way to make it easier to get paid when services are rendered.

Adding a catalog plugin with your WordPress site can open new opportunities in displaying product offerings to viewers. With no need to incorporate HTML markup to your page and get a distinguished look and feel to your page, the following free WordPress catalog plugins will create ease with this transition. Many of these plugins allow for you to upload a CSV or Excel file, use a MySQL table, or use a XML data source. For other alternatives to adding a catalog to your WordPress site, check out the following free plugins.

1. CataBlog


This is a first choice plugin for many WordPress users looking to create a catalog, online store, or gallery for their blog. This plugin was developed simplistic in nature, making it easy to function at any experience level. Simply upload images, add descriptions and links, and save them to your designated catalog. Multiple files can be used to assign a series of different catalogs. All images are displayed to viewers using a Lightbox effect and generating high resolution.

Dozens more features are available with use of CataBlog ranging from shortcodes, import and export capabilities, options and settings page, and easy management with us of admin controls. The user can organize the catalog in any desired ordered and easily format with the WYSIWYG editor.

2. WP Catalogue

WP Catalogue

With use of WP Catalogue, products can be easily displayed and customized in a digital product catalog. Feature your catalog on any page of your site with use of a simple shortcode. Import or export your catalog via FTP as well ass customize your catalog’s display. Up to three images can be used for each product category. Easily modify the catalog with drag and drop functions to reassign products and categories. A free version is available with download from WordPress, with advanced features made available with Pro purchase. Premium features include responsive design, unlimited product images, custom fields, and shortcode functions for independent categories or sub-categories.

3. eCommerce Product Catalog

eCommerce Product Catalog

This easy to use responsive product catalog plugin is a simple solution for ecommerce sites. Developed with clean and high quality code, this plugin offers an easy way to manage product inventory. Additional plugin features and capabilities include unlimited product listings, product categories, intuitive design, lightbox for images, more than two dozen currencies available, customized price formats, and more .

Changes and upgrades to your catalog can be easily produced with its drag and drop functionality. Search and locate product listings by incorporating widgets on your site. Many other features are available to include dozens of extensions listed on the developers website.

4. Ultimate Product Catalogue

Ultimate Product Catalogue

Multiple layouts and displays are available with installation of this plugin. Display a listing by thumbnail, detail, or list. Custom CSS allows the user to personalize the display of this plugin to meet your desired style. Users have the ability to customize product pages, fields, and design. Widgets can be incorporated in sidebars to display recent products, designated product lists, or random products. Many options exist with the Ultimate Product Catalogue plugin making it a great option for stores, restaurants, and more.

5. WordPress Catalog

WordPress Catalog

This is a great option for users looking for a simple, yet free catalog to add a simple catalog function to their website. This is a convenient tool for those desiring to feature a selection of products, projects, or even portfolio. An unlimited amount of parameters can be set with this plugin, making it a great tool for unlimited possibilities. Front end functionalities include, browsing or searching by category and sub-category types, importing or exporting products, and viewing different perspectives and pages of the website. Simple settings can be used for individual product pages that allow for color selection, text size, background, and image width or height to be selected. For more customized features, a commercial premium version can be purchased from this website directly.

6. Woocommerce Catalog

Woocommerce Catalog

For heavy ecommerce users, the Woocommerce catalog is a perfect option for many that want to incorporate a product listing in one simple click. Users can add to cart with a shopping cart extension used, customize the buttons and pricing for each product listed, apply umbrella settings to your categories, or choose a specific group of items in your catalog to target for registered or non-registered users.

This simplistic plugin incorporates all your basic functions and features looked for in a catalog plugin. Establish color, text, background, width, border, padding, and height for your buttons, product listing pages, font size, and more for your catalog.

7. Product Catalog 8

Product Catalog 8

This simple product catalog is meant to capture a small set of features with added flexibility. Developed as an easy to use pluginc, create and edit products, categories, and sub-categories. Use shortcode to add to any page of your site, incorporate paypal buttons for easy purchase, and create a product description. Categories and sub-categories can be used on multiple pages, settings allow you to customize your product display pages, and additional HTML can be used inside product descriptions.

This is a plugin you can count on to expand in time. More than a half dozen features are expected to be added to newly released versions that allow for additional layout abilities, more customization, fancybox integration, and improved codebase.

8. Product Catalog

Product Catalog

The Product Catalog plugin is a great option for those looking to take some time and develop their perfect solution. More than 5 catalog views can be selected from, along with a responsive design that allows greater accessibility to visitors and users. Lightbox options allot for zooming options along with an ability to add comments, reviews, and list an unlimited amount of products. Every product has the ability to be customized in detail, allowing for an unmentionable amount of modifications. Color, size, text, background, and more can be defined independently.

Make price listings, incorporate sale pricing, add additional images, and create a main image for your product Catalog. Additional features include block toggle up-down, full-heigh blocks, content popup, content slider, and more.

No matter your reasoning behind seeking the perfect WordPress catalog plugin, there are dozens of plugin options to choose from that fit an endless amount of scenarios. Whether you want to convert your blog to an ecommerce site, display your works of art, or more, these plugins will help to bring you one more step closer to your goal.

Facts About WordPress

With WordPress, finding ways to make your site client friendly can cause some difficulty. First, you need to define what the objective is in communicating with your clients. Sometimes it is best to remove distractions and visual clutter frequently found in the form of menu items, unnecessary widgets, and more. Many plugins are available that aid in cleaning up the dashboard, helping to brand your login page, and simplifying your menu listing. Depending on your need for client login access, the following free WordPress client login plugins are listed below to assist with your search.

1. Custom Login

Custom Login

With more than 80,000 active installs, the Custom Login plugin available for WordPress offers a way to customize your administrative login page for WordPress. This is a great option for client sites, providing added extensions with super user only access. Additionally, users will find five premium extensions available, rich with added features.

These extensions allow for stealth login, aiding with obscuring the login URL to others. New page templates offer options to add login forms to any WordPress page on the site. Other extensions include login redirects, logging in without a password, and additional style packs. The newest released version of this plugin include extensions for two step authentication, submit button styles, and custom login pre made settings templates you can apply to your site.

2. Google Apps Login

Google Apps Login

The Google Apps Login plugin is a great solution to users looking for easier ways to be granted instant access to their WordPress dashboard. No user or password is required with the addition of this plugin, only a one click secure authentication to their Google Account that will log them in. Majority of users are already associated with a Gmail account and have this sign on automatically connected. This plugin allows you to centralize your sites functionality with your added extensions. With a few selections made on the plugin set up page, you can have Google Apps Login ready to go in no time.

3. WP-Members


The WP-Members plugin is a free membership management framework that aids in restricting content to registered users. Perfect for sites that offer premium content, newsletters, and more, this plugin offers scalability for users that want to customize the look and feel of their site while being adaptable to a variety of applications.

An extensive view of features includes the ability to block posts, pages, or both and integrate a sidebar login widget to your site for easy access. Create custom registration and profile fields, show excerpts for improved optimization, and incorporate CAPTCHA upon registration. More than 80 action and filter hooks are available.

4. WP Customer Area

WP Customer Area

This all in one solution is ideal for the management of private content on any WordPress site. Allow the distribution of files or page to multiple users at once with this plugin. With a secure customer area, private pages, and an ability to group certain files together, this plugin offers many options for customization. This is a perfect solution for those that want invoice access, product samples, client portfolios, or more added to their site for third party accessibility.

5. WP-Client Lite

WP-Client Lite

This client portal plugin is great for managing invoices directly from your site. With a few simple components, the WP-Client Lite plugin is the simplistic version of their premium offerings, with features in client sharing, private messages, secure access, and more. Allow clients to directly register on your site and gain access through pre-defined group permissions. Share and access files or perform basic actions.

Common WordPress Errors

Whether you are creating a printable ebook to print and share, or wanting to distribute your own online magazine, the following InDesign ebook templates will help to get you started on your creative venture. There are many strategies that can be used to turn your DIY project into a final copy that looks like it was professionally designed. Here is a look at some of the best sites to visit today for gaining access to your template.

1. Blurb


The Blurb plugin for Adobe InDesign allows you to directly layout your book or magazine design for digital format. Upload Blurb to your program and gain customized template creation for your book size and length, frame out your design and define specific areas, have error checking, and set up print output options. Many free professionally designed starter templates are included with Blurb that are predone for photo books, cookbooks, portfolios, and magazine layouts.

2. Hubspot


Offering a collection of five ebook templates, Hubspot features the template version and customized version for your new ebook design with added link to a blog topic generator tool to help search for ideas to form your ebook topic from. This article also covered how to create your ebook from the template and added strategies and topics for writing an effective copy. Find this full ebook and writing resource at Hubspot’s blog.

3. Book Design Templates


Depending upon your narrative, Book Design Templates offers more than a dozen ebook templates for constructing your digital book with. Designed for both print and digital formats, many of these templates are designed for specific styles, providing accurate orientation of bullet points, lists, tables, footnotes, endnotes, references, index and more. These templates are easy to use for the novice, with a solid construction and hand crafted design. All templates include friendly fonts, universal page size formats, and are focused on helping your book stand out among the rest.

4. TutsPlus


Visit TutsPlus to gain access to more than a dozen ebook and digital magazine templates that are focused towards preparing you for applicable knowledge that will aide you with bringing forth effective designs that demonstrate a clear purpose. Whether you are working with strictly type, multi-page style, newsprint, monotone or more, TutsPlus will connect you with invaluable resources and tools you can use.

5. SelfPub


Simple and easily downloadable book templates for InDesign can be found at SelfPub. With dozens of industry standard book size templates available, gain instant access to your InDesign template with included instructions to get started today. Sizes range from 5×8″ to 9×7″.

When it comes to WordPress, the header and footer are considered to be some of the most important parts to your webpage. Not only is it the first thing that visitors see, but these areas are routinely used as a means of tracking analytics, supplying verification codes, adding banners and other advertising code, your logo, or more. If you find yourself having difficulty with customizing your current header image or area, the following free WordPress custom header plugins offer some great solutions.

1. WP Display Header

WP Display Header

Specifically designed to capture attention of a pre-selected header image, this can be integrated with any page, post, custom post type, archive page, or more. No change is made to your template file, making this an easy to use, out of the box plugin. Additional plugin filter hooks are available to those that wish to specify the headers occurrence and interaction on their site. With more than 10,000 active installs and available in more than three languages, this plugin is a great first choice.

2. Unique Headers

Unique Headers

If you want the ability to customize the header image used on your website, than this plugin is right for you. More than 8,000 active installs and a five star rating, support the functionality and usability of this plugin. Select a header image to be added to any post or page edit screen, with added functionality among categories and tags. The only requirement for WordPress users is to be operating a theme that allows for build in custom header functionality. Simply install and activate the plugin for use. Added custom options can be found on the Taxonomy Metadata plugin.

3. Custom Header Extended

Custom Header Extended
Choose your custom header on a per post basis with the Custom Header Extended plugin. Hooking directly into your custom theme feature file, this added functionality overwrites previously established values for your single post view. Simply select the custom color option for your header text or image and add to any single post page and update. This is a great option for those that are looking to change specific colors for different seasons, holidays, events, or to raise awareness for a cause.

4. Sticky Header

Sticky Header

Want to have your header available at all times? If so, check out the Sticky Header plugin by ThematoSoup. Designed to have your header scroll with the user, it remains visible at all times. Visitors can browse faster and find the navigation link they are looking for at the top of the page. This is also good for those looking for additional ways to establish their branding by displaying their logo at all times.

The plugin settings page allows you to create at least one navigation menu for the sticky bar, upload your logo, select background colors, text color, size, and more from a simple to use interface. Simply find these additional options located under the appearance menu, choosing the customize sub menu.

5. WP Custom Header Footer

WP Custom Header Footer

If you do not feel comfortable with the idea of changing your theme settings or making any additional modifications, you can use this plugin for adding custom CSS or JS for custom header or footer needs. An easy to use solution, simply install and follow the directions from the below video for operating this plugin.

6. Genesis Custom Headers

Genesis Custom Headers

Originally designed to allow custom feature images to be selected for posts, this plugin has branched out to offering new ways of customizing headers for your pages, posts, and custom post types. Easily adapting to any site, many features are available with the Genesis Custom Headers plugin. Display slideshows with the use of shortcode, run post specific scripts, display google maps and other iframes, or enable a simple image header for any public post type.

To activate on any page, simply scroll below the content window to custom headers and select the positioning, image type, and upload selection, along with any additional display selections. Be sure to place a check mark next to header custom content to enable. Additional plugin settings can be found under appearance, and the custom headers sub menu.

7. Add Custom Header Images

Add Custom Header Images

Remove any form of default header images on your site and load a custom header page to your theme. A page titled The Headers must be created where the media image is uploaded. Next, place the page visibility to private and go to the appearance menu for choosing the customized header option. Have multiple images uploaded and choose the ability to randomize or hide.

Facts About Blogging

Adding a calculator to your website can offer it a multitude of benefits. Depending upon your specific focus, calculators can offer new ways to enhance your website’s functionality and purpose. These plugins can provide users with mortgage quotes, track fitness goals, establish shipping costs for products, and more. The following list of free WordPress calculator plugins outlines some of the various options available to bloggers today.

1. Calculated Fields Form

Calculated Fields Form

One of the top calculator plugins actively used today, Calculated Fields Forms supplies bloggers with a way to dynamically integrate calculated fields in their forms. This plugin will automatically calculate all inputted data and supply results associated with various formats such as finance, quotes, booking costs, dates, fitness results, and more. Designed with an easy to use, visual interface, this plugin supports multiple field types for your forms that include drop-downs, checkboxes, radio buttons, numbers, and more.

For new users, several pre built samples are included with this plugin, making it easy to set up. You can duplicate the form or set up conditional rules to follow. Samples available include a lease calculator, pregnancy calculator, ideal weight calculator, booking date calculator, and other simple operations. A premium version is available for this plugin, offering additional add-ons and capabilities with exporting and important forms, displaying submissions made, an appreciation page, and send notification emails to the site administrator.

2. Finance Calculator

Finance Calculator

This simple plugin is a perfect option for business service organizations looking to add a financial calculator to a simple page or post. A simple settings page makes this plugin easy to initiate from the backend. The front end form supplies users with outputs for payment plans based on various lengths of financial time. Additional forms allow visitors to submit applicant details, helping to encourage the potential for new leads.

3. BMI/IMC Calculator

BMI IMC Calculator

For the fitness guru, this BMI/IMC calculator will show results to users related to their body mass index. Calculations are based on the submitted height and weight, displaying data by metric or imperial form. Easily configure from the WordPress administrator panel and dashboard before placing as a widget on your sidebar. Multiple languages are available to use with this plugin, also including shortcodes and additional styling attributes.

4. Easy Calculator

Easy Calculator

Just as the name says, this plugin provides an easy to use basic calculator for your WordPress page. Integrate into any page as a shortcode, php code, or widget for your sidebar. A handy tool for real estate pages, subscription sites, or an early education based website.

5. Inquiry Calc

Inquiry Calc

A newly developed plugin, Inquiry Cacl gives your basic business or service an ability to display final fees and costs directly on their website in real time. Perfect for those responding directly to custom service request or inquiry, this plugin allows the site owner to establish separate costs for each question or condition, add custom currency, and set minimum costs with no hassle. Cost breakdown can be supplied by email or through the online inquiry system.

As the specific answers are changed, the total cost is immediately updated on the site for the user, allowing them to immediately determine what conditions apply to their request. Inquiry questions can be set from the calc menu by the site owner with additional options for general settings and page redirection links.

Benefits of WordPress

Pamphlets are a great way to distribute content in a compact way. This can be a cost effective way to market your business, services, product offerings, information, and more. Creating pamphlets can be easy for many, especially if you have the assistance of a template. The downfalls of pamphlets can be in the expense associated with printing and provide only a limited amount of space to communicate information on. The below compilation of pamphlet design templates are listed below to help assist you with finding the right solution for getting started today.

1. Blog Sizzle

Blog Sizzle

When you travel over to Blog Sizzle, you will find more than 40 free brochure and pamphlet templates available to download and compatible to InDesign and Photoshop. No matter what theme or industry you are seeking, whether bi-fold or tri-fold style, there are plenty of variations to choose from that will help to quicken the design process. For those that want to take it a step further, premium style pamphlet templates are also available on this site.

2. Casey Connect

Casey Connect

If you are looking for a practical a solution to creating a simple pamphlet with InDesign, Casey Connect offers a step by step process on how to design your own tri-fold brochure. Here easy to follow directions will have you completing your own template in no time. Simply define your margins and fold guides, making your template ready for any added content. For added ease, Casey attaches her own template for those that want to bypass the learning stage and get right to business

3. Castle Press


Offering a wide selection of free brochure templates and storyboards templates, Castle Press assists you with the process of designing your own custom pamphlet in InDesign. Styles vary from a two panel design to five panel design with various sizing options to choose from. With over 60 design options available, plenty of opportunities are available right now to get started. At Castle Press, you can submit your finished design online to have it professionally printed or print your own from home.

4. Cedar Graphics

Cedar Graphics

For those looking for a less popular designed template, Cedar Graphics offers a gate fold brochure that is perfect for capturing attention for your company, event, or product specifications. The downloadable file includes several file formats such as .EPS, .PDF, and .IDML. All predefined margins and bleed areas are taken into consideration with this template design. Cedar Graphics also offers a full service printing and communication services for those looking for professional printing options.

5. Creativity Crate

Creativity Crate

At Creativity Crate, you can gain access to their unique pamphlet template for InDesign CS5 directly on their website. Available in two color schemes of blue and dark, this template is designed with a 14 point baseline grid, 9 preset paragraph styles, and CMYK color. Several fonts are used in this template and available for direct download from this site. Designed for an A4 page size, this is a perfect option for many looking to get started on designing their pamphlet today.

6. St Cloud State

St. Cloud State

Multiple design templates are available for create your own pamphlet at St. Cloud State University. These templates are created for letter size brochures and allow the user to extend the fold line for larger images with a potential to make additional changes to the base template. Choose from the handful of files available for you to download today.

7. PS Print

PS Print

At PS Print, there are dozens of brochure and pamphlet templates available to download, leading to unlimited potential. With sizes varying from a standard letter size to an 11” x 25.5” you can choose from more than a half dozen fold options. Use the sidebar to the left to select from different orientations, mailing size, and folding style.

8. Hopkins Printing

Hopkins Printing

For simple folded brochures, many sheet sizes, panel folds, and designs are available to access directly on this site. With a standard letter size printer, you can create your own custom brochure today. This is a perfect option for those looking to market business services, share important information, or promote products to others.

Using an iFrame plugin is an effective way to allow a video or webpage to be displayed within a current page of your website by embedding the external source on your WordPress site. The most common type of iFrame code used is from YouTube with video embeds. These scripts provide parameters that define the height and width of the video player and more when added to your WordPress site. For third party sites, embed code may be provided in a format requiring a use of an iFrame to display. The following list of WordPress iFrame plugins offers a variety of options to display and add these scripts to your website.

1. Easy FancyBox

Easy FancyBox

With more than 200,000 active installs, Easy FancyBox provides WordPress users with a great solution to linking media to their blog. Compatible with MultiSite, this plugin additionally supports iFrame and Flash movies. When activated, all media image formats are automatically opened within the FancyBox style, while supporting additional formats such as PDF, SVG Media, NextGen Galleries, and more.

Additional instructions are provided for integrating YouTube, DailyMotion, and Vimeo Movies to your display. Easily use their shortcode to link to desired media files for any WordPress page or post. When used on your page, an image or video overlay will appear to viewers, allowing them to enlarge and preview the content up close without ever leaving your site or being navigated to a new page to view.

2. iFrame


The iFrame plugin allows you to remove the iFrame tags from your html as a security precaution. These apply to those that embed content from YouTube, Vimeo, or Google Maps from an external page or source. A simple two step program to use, just install from the WordPress plugin directory, activate, and add the provided shortcode to your page or post.

3. Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

Advanced Responsive Video Embedder

This WordPress plugin is great for those looking to embed video by URL or shortcode to your WordPress site. This is a great replacement for those trying to avoid the use of default embed options. Known to more than 30,000 users as being simple, lightweight, responsive, and customizable, the Advanced Responsive Video Embedder offers additional features with their pro add-ons. All users are able to easily remove unnecessary shortcode wrapping, eliminate ugly URLs, and use clean syntax instead. Customize your URL parameters and align videos.

4. Advanced iFrame

Advanced iFrame

With the Advanced iFrame WordPress plugin, you can enhance the way your content is displayed, modified, and its parameters when embedding content directly to your page. This offers users a new way to take control of their site. Through use of a simple shortcode, these features are made available to users. Add security codes, hide areas of your layout, or show only specific areas of the iFrame. Certain CSS styles can be modified and height and width adjusted. This is all just available to free users. Upgrade to the pro version for even more feature rich options.

5. iFrame Popup

iFrame Popup

The iFrame popup plugin allows visitors to preview embedded content in a fancy box that is displayed through a popup on your page. Using a JQuery extension, customize the specific attributes and parameters of the popup through the WordPress admin dashboard. This feature can be configured for only once per session and works with responsive devices. To use, simply add the shortcode to your page or post. Show a popup on the entire website by dragging and dropping the widget iFrame popup to your sidebar. An easy and effective way to make simple iFrame changes to your website.

Why Use an iFrame Plugin?

All major video websites have switched to an iFrame version of embedding videos to their web. This not only offers new levels of security, but also keeps your site current with HTML5 standards. Many flash video embeds have slowly ceased in use due to their lack of compatibility with responsive mobile devices. A part of preparing your site for the future is in using current technologies. It is easy enough to integrate simple shortcode to your WordPress page or post by increasing accessibility to your videos and documents by mobile viewers and readers with the use of iFrame plugins.

Wordpress Statistics and Timeline

WordPress has found its way to your desk, now tackling your clutter issues. For freelancers, one of the greatest challenges can be finding ways to effectively organize your projects. With a WordPress project management plugin, you can keep track of your to-do list and objectives, meet your deadlines, and collaborate with others remotely. Easily manage your conversations, track your results, and send reports to your clients, helping to increase your overall productivity. Time is money in any business. For freelancers, you can grow your bottom line by converting your time to dollars by using one of these simple and free WordPress project management plugins.

1. WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager

This plugin is considered to be one of the easiest to use in WordPress. A variety of features are available ranging from a to-do list, messages, task management, calendar, privacy, and more. Additional add-on features can be purchased with their pro version, offering new abilities for time tracking, invoicing, and sub-task management.

When it comes to using the features of this plugin, the user can manage everything from this WordPress dashboard. With five tabs listed, you can easily create a new project, assign users to that project, add comments and messages, send attachments, create a to-do list, and see progress towards its completion. Additionally, milestones can be established and managed throughout three group categories.

Currently all project management options and oversight exists in the admin panel, helping to be maintained by the various access control measures already in place through WordPress. Only Editors and Admin’s can create projects and edit them. Other user roles are able to view assigned projects and create simple task lists and send messages.

2. SP Project & Document Manager


This is a great option for users looking to focus on new ways to file share and management their documents. With an ability to upload, share, track, distribute, and organize your documents, this plugin is perfect for those looking to take control of their client interactions. All users of this plugin are given complete control over the flow of information, aiding in greater file and document security, ease in automatically zipping files, allowing the deletion of documents and files, and the ability to interact in a responsive environment.

Premium features are made available to users that enjoy this plugin so much, they go on to purchase the pro version. For premium operators, you can integrate DropBox, import from Google Drive, and share projects among different groups and roles on Buddypress and WordPress. A standalone dashboard is also made available to users focused on creating a branded access point for customers.

3. CollabPress


Join more than a thousand other WordPress users looking to track their tasks and management projects for WordPress. With CollabPress, users can management an unlimited amount of project tasks, create lists, and add comments. For forum enthusiasts, create group integration with Buddypress. View task due dates in calendar view and track all activity in a log. Receive email notifications when new tasks or comments are created.

4. TaskFreak! Free

TaskFreak! Free

Easily manage your tasks for your group, company, or organization by easily communicating, increase task completion, and monitoring status levels with this great WordPress plugin. With a full integration made to all users and roles assigned to your WordPress site, you can create both private and piblich projects that operate on all mobile devices. Users become associated to your project through already established WordPress roles for seamless integration.

See a summary of all projects and tasks in progress, suspended, or closed through your TaskFreak! Dashboard. Set access control through already created WordPress roles for access, moderation, and creation of tasks. A simple plugin designed to get the job done and tackle your task list today.

5. Project Panorama Lite

Project Panorama Lite

A simple plugin designed to help provide additional insight to your client and team projects. Display simple status updates, store documents, communicate, and gain additional perspectives to your current projects for tracking progress. Set dates for your projects, view progress in the backend, and use shortcodes for embedding your projects into your theme. Project Panorama Lite also offers additional flexibility by linking to your DropBox or gain access directly from your media library.

6. Orbis


This plugin is a great option for professionals looking to transform their CMS environment to a useful business tool for basic project management, customer relationship management, and intranet functionalities. Based on the Bootstrap framework, additional front-end functionality is available with an ability to manage projects, users, pages, posts, and comments. Through the Orbis framework, additional extendability and flexibility is made with their task features and even time keeping abilities.

Easily manage dozens of projects with dozens of people and dozens of companies in a single location. Gain additional perspectives with the Orbis dashboard, helping to capture a summary of activity and running log. View by selected category, individual user profile, or more.


When it comes to making the right choice in your project management plugin, first figure out where you need the most help at. Does the plugin need to be internal or external? Is it best used in the front end or back end? Will this plugin help you track multiple projects or just a single project? Once your intentions are figured out, you can go on to find the best system that will work for you.

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