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Best Free Unique WordPress Themes

The definition of unique is a perplexing reality. What’s unique for you may not be unique for someone else. It is not all about subjectivity or difference in opinion, preferences and needs. At times, it is just about having a few checkboxes ticked while ensuring that the design stands out. A website design or theme that is unique in the realm of medicine may not be so different in the field of applied physics. A website theme being used by a realtor may be completely new and different but using it in advertising may not be so unique if similar ideas have been explored and similar designs have been used already by some marketing brands.

It must be noted that unique is not confined to design and it is not all about being completely different or out of the world. Unique is essentially about catering to your needs. If you have a distinct theme that works for you and caters to all your needs, including your strengths and weaknesses, then the theme would certainly be appropriate. Else, you may want to keep looking. Here are some of the best free unique WordPress themes that you might want to consider.

1. Hemingway


Hemingway can be considered as the classic blog theme. The biggest advantage of Hemingway is that the theme will stand the test of time. Millions of webmasters, website designers and developers ransack their minds in an attempt to come up with designs or layouts that wouldn’t become dated in a year or two. Sadly, the time we live in has made it almost imperative for most people to keep changing the layouts and the visual features of the website. Hemingway strikes the right balance between being unique and having a design that will not be outdated or outdone in some months. The traditional typography, the large texts making the website more readable, the two-column layout with its elegant appearance and the luxury to use it for desktop websites and mobile websites make Hemingway one of the best free unique WordPress themes.

2. SKT Full Width

SKT Full Width

SKT Full Width works really well when you have a large feature image to showcase. If your website is going to be image heavy or you have a more visual experience to offer to your audience, then this theme will be appropriate. The overlay text for the descriptions, the easy navigation and the fuss free layout would certainly impress your audience. You must however consider the possibility of the large images being distorted or stunted due to limitations or display problems of the device being used for browsing. Other than that, SKT Full Width offers an immersive viewing pleasure for the audience which will be welcomed by many industries.

3. Origin


Origin is minimalist, simple and clean and yet it offers an engaging experience. The homepage has a very nice blend of a feature image and a ton of text. Any website that must have some verbose content to impart information will do well with this layout. The theme does a really impressive job in managing the multitude of contents that would go up on the page without messing them up. If you look at the two to four sections of different textual pieces that can be highlighted then you would realize how niftily the layout has been put together to keep the presented sorted and easy to browse. This is a great website for a blog, news website or just an informational website where textual content must be prioritized. This is a website theme ideal for reading.

4. Fashionista


As the name implies, this is a theme for fashion blogs or magazines, beauty tips and any website that has to do with style, apparel, makeup or cosmetic health. The light and upbeat design with a tinge of freshness and a host of plug-ins make this a well provisioned website template. The most rewarding factor of the website is that it can be high on content, engage the audience and keep them hooked, all the way while opening up a channel of communication with the readers. There’s plenty of action on the sidelines to offer an interesting browsing experience to the user. This is achieved without making the sidebars and supporting menus too distractive.

Some other best free unique WordPress themes are Hatch, Optimizer, and Longform. Hatch is great for photographers, illustrators and artists. The grid layout, the ton of images that you can upload and yet a simple interface to not perplex the audience will work wonders. Optimizer works very well for those who want a retina ready responsive website. The design is suitable for anything from blogs to portfolios. Longform is for storytellers. It is a highly customizable website theme with a responsive and retina ready design. If there is a narrative to offer, then this is your theme.