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One of the easiest ways to show customers that you appreciate them is by offering them a free summer BBQ. It brings people together, allows you to expose customers to new products, and everyone has a good time when there’s good food on hand! Maybe you just want to promote a neighborhood party that will be held in your backyard. Either way, the best free BBQ flyer templates on the internet today will help you promote your event for a price that is quite nice… nothing.

Paper Direct

One of the best and easiest ways to get your free BBQ flyer template is to take advantage of the free samples through the link below. There are a number of bordered images with blank spaces for text so that you can tell your own story. Some of the templates also have designs that include a place for a perforated RSVP if you prefer. Just be careful about which ones you choose as some of them include pricing and are not free.


Word Templates

This invitation to a summer BBQ is surprisingly good for a free BBQ flyer template that is so easy to manipulate. All you’ve got to really do is put in your address, the RSVP phone number, and change the text for a special message. From there, just send it along to your home printer and you’re ready to distribute the flyers! The fun clipart that’s included just seals the deal.


Flyer Templates Hub

This free BBQ template gives you a layered look with flames in the background that is quite nice. It’s designed for a grand opening, but a quick change of the text will make it perfectly suitable to meet your party needs. You’ve got a highlighted space for a catchy phrase and there are two columns available for special events that you’ve got planned for the day. Any good invitation should be inviting in some way and this template definitely scores a high grade.


Printable Flyer Templates

For another easy to use .doc template, this option gives you space for all the details that need to be shared. This free BBQ template will give you a bullet point list of activities that you plan to have for the barbecue and specific headings for all of your contact details. There’s a basket of strawberries, a loaf of bread, and the ornate red border draws eye lines directly to the information you want them to see. For home printing, this is definitely one of the best.


It takes a lot of work to achieve a grand opening, so you want to make sure there’s a lot of excitement about the fact that your business is opening for the first time. A lot of marketing work goes into this event and one of the best ways to create a buzz is through a high quality flyer. These grand opening flyer templates will help you promote your event on a person-to-person level so that you can have people plan in advance to attend your event. These templates in the showcase below are the very best of what can be found right now on the internet.

1. Signazon

With this flyer, it gets about as simple as it can get to begin promoting your new store. It’s a close-up image of a watch that has your business name at the top and the date of your event in the bottom. In the center of the watch dial are the words “coming soon.” If people are interested in your business because you’ve got a catchy business name, then this is definitely a flyer for you to consider. Increase the quality of the printed paper for a solid first impression.


2. Must Have Menus

You don’t have to have a restaurant to take advantage of this quality grand opening flyer template. It uses banners to advertise what your event happens to be and your business name is front and center of the promotion. There’s enough room for contact details, any activities that you might have going on, and the date/time of the event. If you’re not sure about how this flyer might look for you, then go through the link and give this flyer a test drive in your browser right now.

Must Have Menus

3. Microsoft

This surprisingly good grand opening flyer template is incredibly easy to change so that it can meet your specific needs. With a golden background, the text is more of a formal information than a marketing tool when you hand out this flyer. Just follow the instructions inside the template and you’ll be able to print these out in just minutes! As an added benefit, this flyer looks pretty good in black and white as well if you need to mass produce a lot of copies while on a budget.


4. Zazzle

If you are looking to make flyers be an integral part of your grand opening marketing budget, then this ticket-based flyer template is one that you’ll want to consider. It’s a very affordable and highly adjustable template that you simply put the text into through your browser. They flyers get printed out to your specifications for an affordable price and you’ll have an outstanding way to promote your new business to the community. It really doesn’t get much better than this.


5. Free PSD Flyer

These layered PSD flyer templates help to cover all of your basic needs, but the summer party offering that you’ll find in the link below is the best of the best. You’ll be able to print and go with this template once you adjust the text within it and alter the image based on your unique needs. There’s enough bleed for the printing process and the it will leave the right first impression.

Free PSD Flyer

Whether you’ve got a non-profit that needs to reach a budget amount or you’re just trying to get some money raised for your local charity, getting the word out about a fundraising event is critical to your success. With a limited marketing budget, these fundraising flyer templates will help you to quickly make your community aware of your cause and encourage them to get some skin in the game. The templates in this showcase are the best of the best the internet has to offer right now, so take a few moments to go through them.

1. Graphic River

One of the most common ways to market for a fundraiser is to show people how close or far away your actual goal happens to be. Whether close or far, these fundraising flyer templates tend to work consistently because both spur action from people. What you’ll receive with this pack of templates is a dynamic thermometer that you can use for your website or as a standalone graphic for your own flyer. There are unlimited colors, lots of organized layers, and it’s really easy to manipulate.

Graphic River

2. My Event

There are a number of quality fundraising flyer templates through the link below that will help you change up your look as much as you want. Designs are based on the type of charity or cause that you’re raising money for and each design has a number of variations to the base design as well. This way you can make sure that you’re always getting the perfect look for the marketing work that you’ve got to get done.

My Event

3. VHL Alliance

One of the worst feelings in the world is to discover that you’ve missed a step in the process of fundraising as you’re planning an event. What you’ll get with the link below is a quality event planning template that is several pages long that will help you to make sure you’ve planned and budgeted for everything. From security to vendor services and everything in-between, you’ll be able to assign a leader to each assignment, know which volunteers are supposed to be doing what, and keep an eye on your budget.

VHL Alliance

4. Brother

These free printable fundraising flyer templates are an excellent way to jumpstart any marketing campaign. These templates are easy to manipulate so that they contain the text you need to promote your own non-profit, charity, or organization. They can be used as a tri-fold design if you wish, while the non-profit template can also stand on its own as a single page. Either way, the quality for the price in this ratio is outstanding.


5. Themeforest

If you’re looking for a responsive template that can be quickly installed onto your website or double as a print-out item, then this is the one you’ve been looking to get. It provides donation buttons that are already coded and lots of text areas that will drive your point home. The scrolling effect is nice and the counter in the initial header will help people see that you’re providing a lot of help.


Did you know that a food bank is able to provide a family of three with meals for an entire week for less than $10? One of the most effective ways to feed those who are in need is to run a canned food drive for your local food bank or distributor to those in need. Canned foods have longer shelf lives and so can be stored for some time without spoiling. With flyer templates such as you’ll see in the showcase below, helping the hungry in your community has never been so easy.

1. Humanitarian Service Project

If you’re looking for a print and go type of flyer for your drive, then the link below will have you covered. Not only does this canned food drive flyer template offer you the stats that people need in order to propel them towards a donation, but there’s also a list of needed items that go beyond the canned pumpkin and cherry pie filling that is so commonly donated. You can also use these templates as a model for your own unique food bank if you prefer.


2. PixGood

This website has access to a number of quality food bank templates that will help get your creativity started. You can download the templates and alter them on your own, have print and go options that will allow you to get going in just seconds, and it’s all done for free. There are a number of great options here, including those from national cartoons like the Family Circus, so check out the link and pick the template the works best for you.



Using Microsoft Word as the basis of your template, this AFAC canned food drive template is really easy to manipulate because all you’ve really got to do is change the text of the document to make it fit your needs. If you want to remove the AFAC logo and replace it with your own, that takes just a couple seconds of time. There are also additional flyers here that will help you get reusable bags and an overall food drive that focuses on fresh foods as well.


4. Bright Hub

For a quality canned food drive template that is completely free, you’ll want to consider this option. There’s a number of different areas that can be altered in this template so that you can send your unique message to your community. There’s room for sponsor logos as well if you wish, coupons from partners who might offer a discount for a food bank donation, and lots of space for contact info if someone has some questions. It’s designed specifically to help you drive the cause home with its blocks of text, so take advantage of this template today.


5. PTO Today

What is really great about this canned food drive template is that it’s not your standard template. It’s a form letter instead, stylized to send home with kids to give to their parents. Use this as a means to get people involved on a person level, either by going door to door with these letters, handing them out at work, or even including them with a bulletin at your local church or place of worship.

PTO Today

A high school reunion is always a good time to come back and remember some of the formative development years that occur just before college or moving away from home. It’s a chance to catch up with old friends, avoid old enemies, or just skip the event altogether to wander through a home town some haven’t seen in a decade or more. To promote a high school reunion effectively and on a budget, these flyer templates will help you send the right message to your alumni. Take a few moments to examine the showcase below.

1. Bright Hub

If you’re looking for a high school reunion flyer template that is easy to fill out and includes registration information for attendees, then this is the place you’re going to want to be. The footer is perforated so that bottom section can be cut out as an RSVP. There’s plenty of room for announcements and the details of the party and the template itself is simple, yet beautiful even when printed from a home printer. It’s definitely a time saver.


2. Reunion Wording

One of the biggest struggles that people have when coming up with a reunion flyer isn’t the graphics to use in the template, but the wording that should be used. This template will help you get the words down correctly so that the most people possible will want to attend the event. Many alumni keep their class reunion invitations as a memento, so enjoy these wording templates for your new high school class reunion.

Reunion Wording

3. Purple Trail

This template is one of the best high school reunion templates that is on the internet right now. It’s classic, beautiful, and reminiscent of the graduation announcements that were sent out all those years ago. This one isn’t a free template, but it is fully customizable and you can go with triple thick paper that’s 350 pound matte stock if you really want to make a stunning impression. You can include unlimited photos, texts, and embellishments with this template so that you have the absolutely perfect design to send out.

Purple Trail

4. Hoover Web Design

If you’re looking for a free printable option for your high school reunion flyer template, then this is the right option for you. There are a number of easy to implement designs that are all on the .pdf format so that you can choose the best one that works for you. From a basic design with a gray paisley background to a solitary red rose, you’ll be able to find the right design that works well on a limited reunion budget.

Hoover Web Design

5. Evite

This premium invitation from evite could be the best flyer template of all. It’s simple in it’s design, but boy is it effective. Just plug in your specific school details, when the reunion is going to be, and you’re ready to print it out. It costs less than the price of a stamp as a premium design and in return, you’ll get a lot of smiles in response when your alumni see this flyer.


Your computer repair business can hum along nicely for some time… until suddenly no one is coming through your doors or booking appointments any more. There are times when you’ve got to promote yourself and you’ve got to do it on a budget. That’s what these computer repair flyer templates are designed to do – get people to know who and where you are for an affordable price. There are a lot of sketchy websites offering templates these days, so we’ve put together a reliable showcase of the best that you can have confidence to download today.

MS Office Live

This free template is a pretty awesome way to promote your computer repair business. It has the rounded background graphics that today’s most expensive template designs have and classic graphics that can be used as-is or with your own preferred images. Bullet points will highlight all of your key strengths and there’s plenty of room to put in a call to action and detailed information. Insert your logo and contact details to finish off a great first impression.

Microsoft Office

Stock Layouts

If you’ve got a bit in your marketing budget right now, our recommendation is to take a look at the link below. With a fiery red background that demands attention, you can let people know right away that you’ll be able to solve their computer problems. Insert your own graphics and highlight a number of your key strengths in this template that works as both a brochure or a one-piece flyer. It works on almost every possible platform and includes artwork that is ready to print.

Stock Layouts

Graphic River

For another paid template option, you’re really going to love the structure that this layered PSD template has to offer. It’s also ready to print with 300 DPI CMYK designs and you’ve got plenty of room for your own images. There’s a little room to promote your skills, differentiate yourself from the competition, and make it so that you’re the irresistible solution! This link is arguably the best template design available at this moment.

Graphic River

Flyer Heroes

This free template is designed with your business in mind. It’s got broad graphics, highlighted sections of text that encourage a phone call, and a good section of text to put in an effective call to action. Put in your contact details at the top instead of the footer because your website gets that distinction on the bottom. Include a special promotion with this computer repair flyer template and you’ll be able to drive traffic back your way once again.

Flyer Heroes

When school lets out for the summer, it’s time for the kids to have fun! One of the tried and true ways to make summer a memorable experience is to attend Summer Camp. For a week or longer, kids get to camp with other kids under the supervision of a counselor and experience some good times playing games, going swimming, and getting involved with the outdoors. In order to get parents aware of your camp, a marketing flyer can quickly get across all of your key points with ease. Here are the best summer camp flyer templates that can make this happen for you.

1. Stock Layouts

One of the most common forms of summer camp in the world today is a soccer or football camp. If you’re running this kind of sports camp, then this flyer template is perfect for you. Not only is there a lot of space for you to put in your key details, but there’s also an attached registration form that will let parents sign up their kids directly from the flyer itself. It works as a tri-fold or a standalone option and has stunning graphics that will make kids want to get out and play.


2. Graphic River

One of the headaches that comes with layered PSD templates is that they utilize fonts that you may not have. That’s not the case with this summer camp flyer template. It only uses the free and standard fonts and it is fully editable so that you can get your details correct. There’s a place for sponsors if you have them and lots of places for your images to be used so that fun can be emphasized visually and not just through words. There are three design variations included too.

Graphic River

3. Printable Flyer Templates

For a free summer camp flyer template, this one gets the job done pretty efficiently. It comes to you in a .doc format that works across all word processing programs that accept the file format. The graphics are bright and sunny and you’ve got lots of reasons to promote why kids should get out and camp this season. There’s a place for testimonial sentences if you want and don’t forget the contact information at the footer of the template.

Printable Flyer Templates

4. Layout Ready

For a summer camp flyer template that looks incredibly professional, this Word and Publisher template will do everything you want it to do. Insert your own images from camp, include a quality tagline that will grab everyone’s attention, and fill in the details about why your camp will provide kids with the lasting memories that parents want them to have. Friendships, fun, and adventure – that’s what this template will provide you.

Layout Ready

5. Zazzle

Who doesn’t love camp? That’s what this template will communicate to everyone who sees it. You can fully customize this template online and have it professionally printed on 80 pound paper for an excellent first impression. It’s also got 50% recycled content so you won’t be cutting down lots of trees either! It’s a two-sided flyer as well and can be printed for as low as $0.38 per flyer.


If you’re putting on a talent show, you’re going to need some talent to put on display, right? How do you recruit performers to take the stage on your behalf? And how can you get people talking about your event in a cost effective way? One of the most affordable marketing efforts you can begin is through the use of a talent show flyer template. The best templates are easy to edit and will make your talent show look like a million bucks. This showcase highlights the best that the internet has to offer right now.

1. Graphic River

This layered PSD template is perfect for your talent show and features great graphics in 300 DPI CMYK. It’s ready to print straight from the file and all you’ve got to do is alter the text in the template to meet your needs. You have four places to introduce your own graphics if you wish and there’s space in the footer for your contact information and email. You’ll need to put your own images in as the primary, but that’s a pretty simple task in Adobe.


2. PTO Today

If you’re a school or a youth group who is putting on a talent show, your marketing efforts can’t just stop at this free template. You’re going to need some other documents to make sure event is a success, such as a volunteer form, a permission slip, and a participation form that limits your liability in case an injury happens. This template is really easy to modify – just put in your specific text, insert images if you wish, and you’re ready to print it out.

PTO Today

3. Printable Flyer Templates

Even those this talent show template is a bit basic when it comes to design and graphics, you can’t deny how effective it is at getting your point across. All you’ve got to do is insert the details of your event and your flyer is ready to go! You can modify the template for text if you need to use it and you can substitute the musicians in the clipart for your own image for a more customized look if you prefer. Otherwise it take less than 2 minutes to get this flyer ready to be printed.

Talent Show Flyer

4. Clip Art Logo

For a really great flyer template, you’ll want to check out the link below. You’ve got a lot of customization options here that will let you quickly make one of the most exciting flyers anyone has ever seen for your upcoming talent show! You’ll need Vector in order to modify this template, however, so it may not be suitable for everyone. Overall, however, you won’t find an easier to modify, stunning example of what a template can do for modern marketing through flyers than this.

ClipArt Logo

5. Office Live

This free template from Microsoft might just be the easiest way to design a good flyer for your talent show. It opens up with PowerPoint and you can even modify it online if you have an MSN account. If you don’t, getting one is free! You simply fill in the details based on where the text is already located in this template and you can change the colors to meet your needs as well. If you’ve got headliners, there’s space for that too.

Microsoft Flyer

If you’ve got a lot of information you want to put out to your community, but you’re on a tight budget, then an informational flyer template is the marketing tool to use. You’ll be able to quickly format a lot of detailed information in a friendly way so that you can get your point across quickly and affordably. The best templates structure the data in a way that you can give the reader of your flyer small blocks of content to absorb so that they’ll want to read on and research more. Here are the best of the best that the internet has to offer right now.

1. Graphic River

If you’ve got a clear point to make, then this informational flyer template will let you say it in style! There are high quality graphics included with this template that feature smiling business professionals that will reinforce the good news that you’re conveying to your reader. It’s designed to mimic what a professional document would look like and the footer has tabs like an Excel spreadsheet for you to put in your key contact data. The information is beautifully separated and the layered PSD template is easy to modify.

Graphic River

2. Office Live

For a three-part informational flyer that can work as a tri-fold brochure or as a standalone unit, this free template from Microsoft has a lot of good stuff working for it. The theme ready color works with a building photo to enhance the text you’ll be including on the left or bank panel. There’s room in the center panel for a new text box if you wish as well and your organization’s name will stand out up in the upper right. It works in Publisher.

Microsoft Office

3. Xerox

There’s a number of great informational flyer templates that is offered by Xerox to help expand your business presence. The standard business flyer is the one we recommend through the link below to meet your needs in this instance. Starting with your catchy headline and with two coherenet blocks of text that compliment each other, you’ve got space for a logo with this quality template as well. You also can’t beat the fact that it’s free.

Xerox Office

4. FedEx

With template options and printing available on demand for your informational flyers, this is an affordable way to save time on your next marketing project. This full color brochure offers a way for you to highlight specific informational items that you’ll want to pass along and the graphics are just enough off-center to catch the eye. It really is an outstanding template.


5. Smart Draw

Your information will be beautifully presented thanks to this free flyer template software package that will give you lots of tools in a heartbeat. You just add your information and the built-in template design automatically formats it for you. This way you’ll never have to worry about finding another good informational flyer template again because you’ll have dozens available.


A basketball tournament is always a fun time, whether you’re holding one as a fundraiser or just as a community event. In order to get participants, sponsors, and other supporters for your tournament, you’re going to need to market it in some way. One of the most cost effective methods of accomplishing this task is through the use of a basketball tournament flyer template. The best templates, highlighted in the showcase below, are easy to edit, attractive to the eye, and will communicate everything people need to know about your upcoming tournament.

1. Office Live

If it’s time to hoop it up, then this is the invitation for you to use. Eliminate the tagline that’s included and use your own to promote your basketball tournament. You can put in the basic details that people need to know, along with an entry costs or a website where more information can be obtained. It’s simple, yet attractive, and best of all it is a free template for you to use that works with MS Office and other word processors that read .doc files.

Microsoft Live

2. Graphic River

For a professional looking template, this basketball tournament flyer will give you a lot of value for the small investment that you’ll make into it. It’s a layered PSD template that is ready to be printed straight after downloading after you’ve altered the text to fit your needs. The footer has space for all of your social media contacts and you’ve got lots of space for product specials, specific instructions that need to be followed, or anything else your prospects would need to know in order to attend your event.


3. Must Have Menus

This basketball tournament flyer is perfect for those who are looking for an easy way to design and print a basic promotional flyer. Don’t be off-put by the fact that it’s offered by a menu website. This template highlights all of the specifics that your tournament is going to need to promote and there’s enough space on the footer for all your contact details, including a website that is dedicated to the tournament if you have one.


4. Stock Layouts

Are you having a basketball tournament at the end of a sports camp? Or do you want to promote a basketball camp in conjunction with your tournament? Then this is the template that you’re going to want to use! It works across the most platforms of the templates in this showcase and allows you to quickly put in your specific time and date details so that people can attend when should they wish to do so.


5. Design Flyers

This basketball flyer will help you promote your tournament in a simple, yet effective way. You’ll get a professional end result that can be used time and again, especially if you’re having a summer tournament! Perfect for young and old alike, you can be printing out this free flyer to distribute in just minutes.