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It is no surprise that you want more people to read on your site. Getting your visitors to read more is not always easy and it does start with creating quality content. However, having unique, creative, high quality content is not enough. Since you want your readers to click the “continue reading” button, there are a few read more WordPress plugins that enable you to have more control over your excerpts. This can help you make sure that more of your posts are being read. If you want your visitors to read more, the trick is to choose the right WordPress read more plugin.

1. Read More Without Refresh

Read More Without Refresh

The best part of this plugin is that clicking the “continue reading” button will simply allow the content to fully load on the homepage. Clicking the button once more will then hide the content as you continue to look over the site. Visitors of the site will quickly learn the setup and will be able to read more content with ease and stay on your site’s homepage. Content will still exist on one single page, but the benefit if having excerpts is that all of your posts will remain located in the same spot. The installation of this plugin is easy, which is an added bonus.

2. AJAX Read More

This WordPress read more plugin is similar in design and function to the Read More Right Here plugin, but the main difference is that users do not have the ability to hide content. Clicking the link will not hide content, but the “continue reading” button does go away once the rest of the content is loaded. Not being able to hide the content is a major issue for some sites. It is all a matter of preference. If having the ability to hide the content is not a major feature on your site, this might be the ideal WP read more plugin for your site.

3. Auto Excerpt Everywhere

Using this plugin you can expect visitors to read more, because all excerpts are shown on the homepage without requiring any code. This is a huge benefit and makes the Auto excerpt Everywhere plugin a major lifesaver for sites that are content-oriented. Using this plugin allows you to turn excerpts on, control excerpt length and even control the thumbnails. All of these features really come in handy when you are trying to get visitors to read more of your excerpts.

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Are you looking to improve your site in order to better accommodate your audience? You might want to learn about the topics that matter most or the information your site’s visitors find most valuable. In order to gain insight about what your readers wants, you might need to take the step of installing a WordPress feedback plugin. Feedback plugins are designed to capture the attention of online users and encourage them to give you feedback. You can use the feedback you receive in many ways to improve your site, products or content.
Since there are a variety of different WordPress feedback plugins that you can choose from, it can sometimes be difficult to choose the right one. Many of them offer different features and have varying downsides. Here are a few of the best WordPress feedback plugins for your site.

1. Modal Feedback Form

Modal Feedback Form

The Modal Feedback Form plugin is one of the most popular options that you can choose. It will meet your needs by adding a feedback button to your WordPress site. Not only will the feedback from online users be submitted, but it will include contact information like email addresses. With this plugin, you even have the ability to customize the settings in order to receive email notification when feedback is left on your site. The IP address of the online user will also accompany the feedback.

2. MyEffecto-Instant Visual Feedback

MyEffecto-Instant Visual Feedback

This is one of the most basic WordPress plugins that you can choose from, but it offers an easy interface and quick installation. With this plugin, you can display the feedback button on any side of your site that you select. You can choose from more than five different types of contact forms and perfect positioning is an additional feature. With full control style match and custom page settings, this basic plugin still provides you with everything that you need.

3. Feedback

If the above WordPress feedback plugins do not offer enough features for your site, the Total feedback plugin might just do the trick. It allows you to conduct unlimited polls on your site and you can even have more than one type of poll at once. Managing the polls is designed to be simple with an easy to use interface.

Feedback is the best way to get insight about your site’s visitors and can help you create more valuable content.

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If you are looking to make the user interface simpler to work with, it might be time to take a closer look at some of the most popular WordPress CMS plugins. This type of plugin is designed to make the user interface easier to navigate allowing you to add custom content without the need of shortcode. Not only do these type of plugins offer more functionality to your WordPress site, but they also enhance appearance. All of the different WordPress CMS plugins work differently, but most accomplish the same goal. An easier user interface is important when you are designing and building your site, finding the right WordPress CMS plugin should be a priority.

What Do the Best WordPress CSM Plugins Offer?

Most CMS plugins work differently, but the benefits they offer are normally similar. When you use this type of plugin on your WordPress site, you can expect to add your own branding, take away some elements from your admin screen, improve the interface and alter admin menus. There are even some WordPress CMS plugins that allow you to create unique content without codes. This is through the use of custom posts and custom fields.

Now that you know what WordPress CMS plugins are designed to offer, it is time to take a closer look at the best options. There are many choices to choose from, but you do not need to become overwhelmed. You can’t really go wrong with any of the best WordPress CMS plugins. Here are a few of the most popular WordPress CMS plugin.

1. CMS Tree Page View

CMS Tree Page View

Managing all the content and pages of your site is not always easy. Improving the user interface is the main goal of most WordPress CMS plugins and that is where the CMS Tree Page View is superior. This plugin makes it possible to manage a site with many pages in the easiest manner possible. You can even use this plugin with custom post types, which is an excellent feature. The only negative part of using this WordPress plugin is that it only offers one thing. It makes it so much easier to manage multiple pages, but this is all that it does. If you are looking for a CMS plugin that offers more features, you might not want to choose the CMS Tree Page View plugin.

2. WP-CMS Post Control

WP-CMS Post Control

With this WordPress CMS plugin, you have the ability to have complete control over how the options are written for your site. You can hide unwanted custom fields and also create new content. With this plugin the possibilities really are endless. The best part is that this plugin is specifically designed to offer simplicity. You don’t have to waste time writing codes and can have only the controls you need shown on WordPress. Restricting the user roles administered to different post types and adding flexible options to restrict specific terms on edit screens are great features of this plugin. It doesn’t have a really intuitive interface, but this is no big issue when using the WP-CMS Post Control plugin.

3. Admin Branding

This is the perfect WordPress CMS plugin to brand and customize your admin for both your own personal use or for clients. It is a great plugin, because it offers user friendly branding customization options and even allows you to customize the login screen. The ability to custom the admin footer and add custom CSS is also possible with the use of the Admin Branding plugin. You only have to be leery of the limited menu customization options. Other than this small limitation, this is one of the very best WordPress CMS plugins that you can choose. Even though a few of the features are limited, the user friendly interface is what puts this plugin at the head of the class. It is easy to use and offer customization at the highest level.

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When you are building and designing your WordPress site, there are a few shortcuts you can take along the way. Getting your site functioning quickly with a visually appealing layout is the main goal. There are many WordPress plugins that can be the easy solution to all of your editing needs. Many of these plugins are free and can allow you to create, customize, edit and style your site in any way you see fit.

You have the freedom to be creative and come up with a design that matches your preferences, but the WordPress editor plugin that you choose makes everything so much easier. Editing your site doesn’t have to involve complex codes, even if you don’t have a lot of site design knowledge you will be able to create and design your site fully using a WordPress editor plugin.

So Many Plugin Options to Choose From

A WordPress editor plugin can make designing your site a breeze, but choosing the right plugin can be a bit overwhelming. There are so many different editor plugins to choose from, but many of the free WordPress options are of high quality and preferred over paid alternatives. Enhancing the look of your site is possible with the use of a great editor plugin.

The appearance of your content is important and does make an impression on online users. If you want to make a great visual statement with your WordPress site, there are a few editor plugins you should choose from. Here are some of the best WordPress Editor Plugins and why they can be right for your site.

1. WordPress Helpers

WordPress Helpers

The main benefit of this WordPress editor plugin is that it enables you to gain control of your WordPress admin bar. This will display all ID’s on the edit screen for pages, posts, users’ tags and so much more. All of the hidden settings on your page will now be accessible using this plugin. Not only will the theme switcher be disabled, but the screen options tan will also be removed. Customizing your login screen logo and background color is an added bonus of using this editing plugin.

The only downside to the WordPress Helpers plugin is that it is not perfect. It doesn’t really offer many features and it simply is designed to enable you to access the hidden setting of your WordPress site. If you are looking for a fairly basic editing tool, this might be the ideal option.

2. Visual Editor Custom Buttons

Visual Editor Custom Buttons

If fast and easy is what you desire in an editor plugin for your WordPress site, you don’t have to go far. The Visual Editor Custom Buttons plugin is designed to be the simple solution. Using this plugin, you can add custom buttons to your visual editor and HTML editor. This means that you can start adding HTML code. Previewing the effects of the buttons are also possible when setting the CSS. A large number of button icons are a great feature of this plugin and you still have the freedom to add some of your very own customized buttons.

3. WYSIWYG Widgets


If adding widget blocks to your site is what you are looking to achieve, this is the best plugin. These can then be displayed at the widget areas of your site. Editing all the widget blocks that you are looking to post is made so easy using the WYSIWYG Widgets plugin. You can create and design great looking widgets that add to your site. Inserting media, headings, quotes and lists into your widgets is easier than ever before using this plugin. It is the complete widget editing tool with countless features.

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If you have a multimedia site, it might be time to consider adding a WordPress radio plugin designed bring more function to your site. WordPress is currently one of the most popular open source management systems being used today. If you want to manage your site effectively and efficiently adding a cool radio plugin might be a great solution.

WordPress is so popular than almost 1 out of every 5 websites is powered using this open source content system. Why not join in on the possibilities and see what great WordPress radio plugins exist for your multimedia site? Giving your audience the unique content they are searching for is made simpler with the help of WordPress radio plugins. Here are some of the best WordPress radio plugins to consider adding.

1. Social Radios

Social Radios

This is a WordPress radio plugin that will enable your visitors to listen to radio stations all over the world. The stations can be accessed at any time and it is a plugin that is specifically designed to be user-friendly. If you are looking for a plugin with an easy install, the Social Radio plugin should do just the trick.

2. Barc Chat

Barc Chat

If you want your site to have a more chat room feel, this is a very unique radio plugin for WP. It enables all users of your site community to chat in real-time. This is a really cool feature and is different than just being able to listen to various radio stations from around the world. Users of your site can chat with one another using this Barc Chat plugin.

3. S3Bubble


All you have to do for this plugin is sign up and create an account at s3bubble.com. This WordPress radio plugin allows for audio and video content to be streamed right from Amazon s3. Installing this plugin is a bit more complex than others, but the quality is far superior than the rest.

4. Radio Buttons for Taxonomies

If you want the ability to use radio buttons for any taxonomy, this is the plugin to be used on your WordPress multimedia site. The best part is that using this plugin allows you to freely change any taxonomy to radio style. This means that users can choose more than one at a time, which is often preferred. This radio plugin might just offer one thing, but it does it well.

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You are constantly looking for new ways to give you online readers access to meaningful information. WordPress RSS feed plugins can be a great addition to your website, because they make it possible for you to present visitors with links that take them directly to information that they find meaningful. If you want the content on your site to be most relevant and designed to bring convenience to your visitors, a WordPress RSS feed plugin is the perfect solution. It simplifies the process for you and gives visitors of your website many links to choose from centered on topics that they are most interested in.

Why Use RSS Feed Plugins?

You can use a WordPress RSS feed plugin to make feeds from other websites to display news or recent articles that focus on topics most relevant to your target audience Having a site filled with meaningful content and information is important to the overall design of your website and it is made simpler with a WordPress RSS feed plugin. All you have to do is find the RSS feed plugin that will make displaying these feeds simplified.

If you are looking for a WordPress RSS feed plugin that will help you give visitors access to more relevant news and topics, there are a wide variety of WordPress RSS feed plugins that you can choose from. Some have additional features, but all are designed to fit the same purpose. Give careful consideration to the RS feed plugin that you choose to ensure that it is most effective on you site. Here is a quality WordPress RSS feed plugin that you can choose from.

1. NewsBoard


This WordPress RSS feed plugin is extremely popular and highly customizable. This is a fairly simple plugin to use, which is what makes it the ideal choice for most websites. This plugin offers a widget that is designed to display both excerpts and posts. This means that you have the unique ability to use your own posts or add an RS feed that is from a separate website. The best part about this plugin is the aesthetic appeal. It has a visually appealing width that will attract the attention of visitors and will display images, titles and dates of all posts.

You can customize the widget based on your preferences and allow it to match with the overall design of your website. You can alter color, height, width and other settings with ease. The NewsBoard RSS feed plugin has though of everything for you. Short code is even included to make things even simpler. The best part is that you can display this widget on any part of your WordPress site that you choose. The only downside is that this WordPress RSS feed plugin is only useful for those looking to have the RSS feed displayed inside of a widget. If this does not appeal to the overall design of your site, this might not be the RSS feed plugin you should choose.

2. WP RSS Aggregator

WP RSS Aggregator

Just like the NewsBoard plugin, the WP RSS Aggregator is one of the most used RRS feed plugins that you can find for your WordPress site. It is ideal for those looking to display both RSS and atom feeds. You have the ability using this RSS feed plugin to display excerpts from other feeds on your website. This means that you can choose feeds from a variety of different sites and add them together to create one feed or list displayed on your own WordPress site.

The ability to take feeds from more than one site is a unique feature of this plugin. You can even use the setting features in this plugin to set actual times when RSS feeds should be imported to your site. This enables you to automatically keep your RSS feed current. You can also customize your RSS feed based on information displayed, the way links open and the date format for display. Customization is at the core of what this plugin provides. It is even possible to use the WP RSS Aggregator plugin to import videos. With a variety of display options, the look of your RSS feed is completely up to you.

3. RSS Feed Parser Pearlbells

The two RSS feed plugins listed above make customization easy. However, the RSS Feed Parser Pearlbells plugin is designed with only ease in mind. Customization gives you many display options, but many find these features difficult to navigate. This plugin is the simple solution for anyone looking for the easiest way to import an RSS feed to their WordPress site. This simple RSS feed plugin works be compiling data from other RSS feeds on other websites and inputting them as a list of excerpts. It could be the simple RSS feed plugin solution you have been searching for.

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WordPress is widely regarded as the best free platform for site building. In addition to this platform, there are also a variety of plugins that are available to improve both the function and visual appeal of your WordPress site. Different plugins have different purposes, but WordPress CSS plugins are specifically designed to improve the design and layout of your site. This is done through the use of text, colors and layout options. CSS plugins can work differently and some are easier to use than others. Choosing the WordPress CSS plugin that is right for your site can be a bit of a challenge. When you are ready to add a WordPress CSS plugin to your site, these are the best options available.

1. Simple Custom CSS

Simple Custom CSS

This is a more basic plugin, but it is good enough to meet the CSS needs of just about any WordPress site. If you are handling your own admin, this is probably the WordPress CSS plugin that you should choose. Not only does it offer a good amount of features, it also is designed to be easy to install. There is relatively no configuration required and you don’t have to worry about complex JavaScript files. If ease of use is important to you, this plugin might be best.

2. Easy Custom CSS

If you have a bit more experience with web development and CSS, this plugin is more complex without requiring editing themes. You have the ability to enter your own CSS rules and can alter the total appearance of your site quickly. This plugin is designed to be very functional and it is compatible with nearly every WordPress theme that is active on your site.

3. Browser Specific CSS

With the Browser Specific CSS plugin, website authors have the ability to choose from different web browsers right from the style sheet. One of the best parts about using this plugin is that adding short JavaScript is a breeze. You simply add it to the page head that is enabled with the CSS features. This WordPress plugin is more complex, but the features are worth it. You can get used to the interface fairly quickly.


If simple is what you are after, it doesn’t get any easier than the CSS ME plugin. This plugin allows you to add customized CSS to any post or site page. If you want to alter or update the look of your site in the easiest manner possible, the CSS Me plugin is the best choice for you.

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When consumers are researching products to buy or looking for reputable services, they are accessing the internet at increased rates. Shopping has now taken over the internet, which means that you can unleash your products to a larger target market online. Selling products online can be done in many different ways, but there are a few ecommerce plugins for WordPress that make selling products online so much easier.

Selling products on your WordPress blog can be possible with the help of a specific plugin. There are a few ecommerce plugins that you can choose from, but each offers something unique that could benefit your WordPress site. Here are the best ecommerce plugins for WordPress.

1. Ecwid


This is a free WordPress plugin that is essentially an ecommerce system. It is very easy to install and does not take a lot of expertise or knowledge to maintain. The best part is that Ecwid is a completely customizable ecommerce plugin that you can design to look any way you desire. The only downside to this plugin is that SEO can be slightly affected since it utilizes Ajax.

2. eShop


One of the most popular ecommerce plugins for your WordPress site out right now is eShop. This plugin is also completely free and the admin is specifically designed to offer ease of use. Adding products to the shopping cart and reviewing products is simple and easy for all online users. Your online customers can easily see what they are buying and review before they checkout. It is also a highly customizable ecommerce system that looks amazing. It is professional and lends credibility to your online business. The only negative aspect of this plugin are the payment options. The payment options are restricted to only PayPal, Payson or eShop.

3. WP e-Commerce

WP e-Commerce

This is one of the most used ecommerce plugins and is featured much more often than eShop. There are countless professional online businesses that rely on this ecommerce WordPress plugin to make purchases possible on their site. This plugin is so innovative and offers a variety of features that make it more than your average plugin. This is one of the few ecommerce plugins for WordPress that allows you to accept multiple payment types. This is a huge plus and makes it possible for your WordPress site to accept manual payments including checks or money orders. Printing invoices seem to be the only downside of this plugin so far.

Leading Ecommerce Plugins

Developing your WordPress site is not always easy, but there are more than a few web tools that can simplify the process. There are many WordPress Developer plugins that you can choose from and each offer their own unique benefits. When you are trying to develop your WordPress site on your own and make it functional in the shortest amount of time possible, there are some WordPress Developer plugins that are better than others. Here are a few of the best WordPress developer plugins that you should be using to make your site fully functional right away.

1. Akismet


If you have any experience with web development, you understand the importance of allowing comments on your site. You might want comments on your WordPress site, but you also want to keep spam out. The Akismet plugin is designed to be the easy solution for spam. It will help to get rid of all spam from your site quickly, silently and easily. If you have comments enabled on your WordPress site, this plugin is a must-have web development tool.

2. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack

This is a WordPress developer plugin that has a fantastic name. Better yet, it allows you to easily adjust your site’s SEO settings. You can even find access to hints and tips that will allow you site to be more visible online and rank higher within search engines. SEO is an integral part of your site’s overall design and this plugin simplifies it entirely for you.

3. WP-DBManager


This is a WordPress developer plugin that is ideal for those with more IT experience. It is a plugin that allows you to optimize and repair your MySQL database tables. Restoring them is also made simple with this helpful plugin.

4. Bad Behavior

This is a WordPress developer plugin that is similar to Akismet in design, but much easier to cse. It is a plugin that looks at the way spam is accessing your site. This means that it doesn’t look directly at eth spam, but finds out how the spam is entering your WordPress site. This gives you added protection and does a better job than Akismet. This means that you can stop concentrating on spam and have the ability to write, design and code your site freely.

All of these plugins can be great tools when developing your WordPress site. Try a few and see how easy they are to use.

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When you are looking to create a WordPress site, you need much more than just text. Images have the power to enhance overall site design and attract the attention of visitors. The functionality of your blog can be improved immensely with images that are featured. Adding images to your site is simplified with the help of a WordPress Album plugin. It doesn’t matter if your entire blog will be focused on images or if you simply want to add a few images to enhance the overall site. You can choose from a variety WordPress album plugins that will do the job.

Finding the Right WordPress Album Plugin

Since there are so many different WordPress album plugins to choose from it can be difficult to choose the option that is best for your WordPress site. Finding the one that matches your exact needs can be a bit challenging. Here are the best WordPress album plugins and a brief overview of what each offers.

1. Lightbox 2

Lightbox 2

This is a great album plugin if you want the ability to edit images before you display them on your WordPress site. It makes it so easy to enhance images and effect photos based on background color and opacity. If the look of the images on your WordPress site is what matters most, this album plugin is a great option for you. It is the photo editing plugin that is the simple solution for your WordPress site.

2. NextGen


Unlike the above WordPress album plugins, the NextGen plugin is more basic in design. It has features that you can use to enhance photos, but it does not have a complex interface that is difficult to navigate. If you are looking for quality, but also want a plugin that is easy to use, you can’t go wrong with the NextGen plugin. You can even create an RSS stream from photos using this plugin.

3. Featured Content Gallery Plugin

If you are looking for a WordPress album plugin that is used by many, this is the one to choose. It is the go-to choice of many WordPress bloggers looking to use images to enhance the design of their blog. It is the professional choice and has additional features that allow you to not only display images easily, but also overlay text. If you want the image content of your site to be featured, this is the best plugin to choose.

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