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Best Free Entertainment WordPress Themes

The ambit of entertainment is so diverse that it is really hard to find the perfect WordPress theme. In our list of the best free entertainment WordPress themes, we highlight diverse but relevant templates that would suit specific needs of entertainment websites.

1. Divi


Divi stands out for its pliable design, versatile interface and it is a truly multipurpose theme. It is responsive, loaded with customizable options and it is timely updated.

2. StereoClub


StereoClub is a powerful theme. It is charming and quite inviting. It is ideal for music websites, events, bands, nightclubs and other forms of entertainment.



This is one of the coolest among the best free entertainment WordPress themes. It is not for everyone and not for all types of audience but for those that it is apt, it is near perfect.

4. Croma


This is one of the more flexible of the best free entertainment WordPress themes. It is beautiful, immersive and quite imaginative. It can be used for entertainment websites but that is not where the theme is confined to.

5. Blogging


Don’t judge the book by its cover and a theme by its name. This is one of the simplest websites but its resourceful layout and soothing design will work for most forms of entertainment.

6. Interactive


Interactive is hip, detailed and yet not overwhelming. It is a modern design with dynamic features. It is a responsive theme. The theme is very effective if you wish to captivate your audience.

7. WordX


WordX is a flexible sophisticated theme for entertainment websites. Whether we talk about digital magazines or news websites, comedy or gossip tabloids; this theme works like magic.

8. Newspaper


There is something amazing about presenting any information just as it is or having a straight layout directing people to what they wish to read. Newspaper is not as bland as the classic design but it surely has fewer frills than some overdone designs of the day.

9. Innovation


Innovation is fresh and vibrant. It is a resourceful theme with a very easy interface. Not only would guests have a great time browsing the site but the webmasters too have an easy experience working on developing the site.

10. WeMusic


WeMusic is all about music and it could be any genre. The theme is also apt for events and hence suited to myriad kinds of entertainment. From concerts to festivals, private shows to promoting any specific stop on the calendar, WeMusic is just the kind of online presence musicians and performers need.