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Best Free Product Review WordPress Themes

The choice of best free product review WordPress themes will depend on many factors. You may want one webpage or a website with perhaps two pages dedicated to a particular product review. This may be a part of affiliate marketing campaigns or just an outright unbiased product review dedicated to a particular niche. You may have a website where you keep updating your list of product reviews in a given category. Then there are product review sites where it is not just one product or even one industry but innumerable products from diverse industries are reviewed. Such a website will have different demands.

There is no dearth of product review WordPress themes. But you would possibly want the best free product review WordPress themes. Here are some of the best free product review WordPress themes.

1. Tesla


This is a lovely responsive theme. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to focus on content and essentially information. Product review websites are often too focused on design elements. What matters most in product reviews is the information or factual content that you present. The Tesla theme has a traditional version and it is a responsive design so you can have the website viewed on mobile devices without any problem. In addition to being ideal for product reviews, the theme is also good for bloggers and portfolio websites.

2. Kihon


This has a classic feel with many contemporary elements. It is a simplistic and minimalist website design which again works for product reviewers because the focus is on content. The soothing color palette, the immersive design and the customizations make the design a standout while it satiates all basic requisites like headers, footers, logos, accents, theme colors and menu links among others.

3. Anarcho Notepad

Anarcho Notepad

This is for all product reviewers who want to let their reviews be the highlight and not frills or excessive features. It is a cool theme with a bit rustic essence and it will create a visual impact.

4. ColorMag


This is clearly inspired by magazine layouts and essential features but that is also what makes it a little like a catalog of product reviews. From featured images of products to clearly indicate what a post or review is about to having short descriptions, interactive layouts and ecommerce facilitation, this is one of the most complete theme among the best free product review WordPress themes, ideal for professional reviewers and those who are into affiliate marketing.