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For running enthusiasts, participating in a 5k run is a great goal to have that requires motivation and lots of training. For beginning runners, a 5k is a great first time experience that can take only a couple of months to prepare for. These types of competitions do not require endurance training and is low end impact. Many events are organized for charity to raise money and awareness with certain causes. The following 5k flyer templates are easily accessible and can be modified to fit your needs.

1. Joes Hope

Joseph’s Hope is a nonprofit foundation that works to help families with adoption expenses. Their sample 5k template consists of the vital information such as date,, location, and envelope to easily send out during their marketing efforts. Their registration form is information is also located on this file allowing you to see similar tools you can use for raising awareness for your own cause.

Joes Hope

2. The Flyer Lab

This site makes it convenient for those that may want to have their flyers delivered straight to their home. With a quick turnaround, design services are available for those that lack creativity. Otherwise, you can use their site to search through many style flyers and templates, and have your items delivered overnight preventing you from having to be printing them yourself. This option is both time and cost efficient.

The Flyer Lab

3. Poster My Wall

This template is listed on poster my wall and provides the basic 5k competition information as well as torn off registration information for participants. You can view the flyer on the site and customize online or share with your friends through the internet.

Poster My Wall

4. Microsoft Office

This template is easily downloadable to any Word software and allows for editing of basic information. A single page includes four flyers and is compatible with Word 2007 or later. This simple blue border is elegant, allowing the basic customizable text to be the focal point of getting the word out.

Microsoft Office

5. Top 20 Sites

This website provides a selection of template sites that offer a variety of flyer options that can be modified for many events to include a 5k run. Just be sure to include the date, time, location, and contact information on the flyer so participants know who to contact and where to go for additional information.

Top 20 Sites

When it comes to marketing commercial real estate, having flyers to easily distribute can become a vital asset to your marketing strategy. The internet has provided vast options of flyer templates you can use to make the creation process less time consuming and efficient. Choose from any of these great sites to get started today.

1. Poster My Wall

This site is easily designed to be functional and quick. Make your own easy and customized real estate flyer with many backgrounds to choose from. Add photos and text from the specific property you are promoting and download for free. There are more than a dozen available templates to choose from.


2. Hloom

Many options exist on this site providing you with rental invoice templates, flyers, and more that can easily by downloaded and edited in Word. Tear off style templates to modern design themes are available for free. If a specific agent is promoting their own available properties, be sure to check out the template for listing by agent.


3. Realty Juggler

More than 100 flyer template designs are available on Realty Juggler. Accessible in an easy to edit PDF format, you can download, embed, or edit these images for promoting. A sample flyer is available to preview before you proceed forward to select from their many designs.

Realty Juggler

4. SmartDraw

This free software is available for downloading providing a wide variety of flyer template designs all compatible in Microsoft Office formats. Just simply open, add the contact and property information, and any photos before exporting into a document for printing. Free support is made available to all users allowing you the opportunity to have access to professional quality flyers.


5. Xerox

This well-known business brands goes above and beyond to provide a series of template designs for real estate agents. A line of completely customizable and easy to use templates are available on their site allowing you to simple save and download. Easily customize and print from a Word document format requiring no additional printing software.


6. Breakthrough Broker

These newsletter format flyers offerings a great way to print and mail to your contacts or even local residents. A variety of styles are available allowing you to easily edit and print as you desire. These provide an alternative option for the traditional property flyer template style, allowing more opportunity for you to gain a local outreach within your community.


When the sun is high and the summer is here, planning an ice cream social is a perfect way to get your local neighborhood together. If you attend many sporting events planning an ice cream gathering will give the kids plenty of time to hang out with one another and grow friendships. The following selection of flyer templates are all focused on an ice cream event that can easily downloaded, edited, and distributed throughout your community.

1. How Sweet Treats

This site offers a whole selection of printables that coordinate from invitations to party pack for events. This one stop shop has ideas for ice cream centerpieces and labels you can print out as well for your social gathering. These are fun and colorful and will not disappoint.


2. Must Have Menus

This themed template offers a rainbow style of ice cream colors at the top with the main event information in the middle. Using a simple editor on the site, you can customize this flyer before saving and printing. Share your design o any mobile website with their easy to publish button or look through their other variety of styles.


3. Printable Flyer Templates

This site offers an easy to download document that is simplistic for advertising your ice cream social. Just edit the title and fill in the date, address, and contact information before distributing at your desired locations. This is a perfect flyer style to use in schools that offer a child friendly and appropriate design.


4. Zazzle

For a low price, Zazzle offers more customized and design options for ice cream flyers. From a full color to a shop business flyer, this site has hundreds of designs to choose from. Use a simple theme designs or more complex ones depending upon your audience. All done online, you can personalize as needed before purchasing.


When marketing an upcoming benefit or fundraiser, flyers can be cost efficient choices for getting the word out. Using a simple word processor application and color printer can save you lots of money. You can easily visit a printing shop to copy hundreds of flyers for passing out or hanging up on boards. The following sites offer great free templates for benefit flyers that are easy to edit, making your planning process even easier.

1. Microsoft Word Guru

Requiring only a simple word processor program, this flyer is loud with colors and allows you to list all important information such as the date, time, and location. Be sure to add contact information. Any additional content added should be no more than 70 words.

MS Office Guru

2. All Unique Fundraising Ideas

This site offers a great flyer template for a 50’s style event and theme. Additional options are available for bake sales, cancer awareness benefits, and Christmas fundraisers. Depending upon your special occasion or style for your benefit, you can choose by more than a dozen templates.

All Unique Fundraising Ideas

3. A Flyer Template

This flyer using a simple word program and features the most important information such as benefit offerings, location, and time. With this flyer, a catchy headline can be easily added to the top allowing the attention of the reader to be made. Photos can be added for visual appeal, enhancing the attention of the reader.

A Flyer Template

4. Format Example

For those hosting a charity event for cancer benefits, this flyer is great choice with the design and theme already in place. The banner on the footer provides the reader with the intent of the event and where any money received will go making it more appealing for others to participate.

Format Example

There’s something special about the summer that makes having a pool party a tempting venture. In order to make the proper splash, you’re going to need a good flyer template to effectively promote your party to family, friends, and your neighborhood. This showcase features some of the very best that the internet has to offer today from reliable sources so you won’t have to worry about clicking the download button.

Printable Flyer Templates

This .doc based template is for that home pool party that you want all of your friends to come over and enjoy. The graphics are reminiscent of 1990′s clip art, but there’s lots of room for all of your party details. Make sure you tell people what they should bring and if there’s any other information they should know about your party before planning to attend. It’s simple and easy to use, works off of virtually any word processing program, and you can’t beat the fact that it’s free.


Graphic River

If you’re looking for a flyer that will help you step up to the plate for a good commercial pool party, then this PSD template that’s available for an affordable license is the way to go. Who can resist a beautiful woman who offers you the chance to have a day or a night version of a pool party flyer? With room for your party details, contact info, and a place for your phone number, this easy to manipulate flyer template series offers a lot of value.


Must Have Menus

This template will bring the sizzle to your next pool party. You won’t need to worry about whether or not this flyer will work for you because you can try out the flyer with our specific event details without spending a dime. If you want to print out your flyer when you’re satisfied with it, that can easily be done for an affordable price. You can also quickly publish your details onto your website with three or four clicks tops. All in all, there’s a lot of good value here with this template option.



If you’re planning a kid’s pool party, then this illustration template would be perfect for you. It’s got rainbows, balloons, a pool, and a beach ball to emphasize how much fun everyone is going to have! You’ll be downloading this template as an image, so go with a .jpg format and then use any basic photo editing program to get the results you want to see. The small version of this graphic is just 1 credit too.


The quality of your flyer as a DJ is a reflection of the quality of the party you can put on. You don’t want to settle for just any template, but you also don’t want to spend a majority of your anticipated profits on an event either. That’s why we’ve put together this showcase of templates for you to review. Coming from trusted sources, these are the best of the best when it comes to creating your own DJ flyers for your next show.

1. All Free Download

This flyer speaks of album art from the days gone by and is bright and beautiful all the same. You won’t have to worry about inserting your own images into this template either. All you’ve got to do is put in your contact details, when the party is happening, and if you’ve got any special guests who are going to be performing there as well. Best of all, this image can be used digitally for internet promotions in addition to your printed flyers.

All free downloads

2. Zazzle

For a great DJ flyer at a great price, this flyer template offers a lot of space for text. You can put all of your event details in here with ease and if you use a white filled font, it’s going to stand out dramatically too. The bottom of the flyer has DJ equipment as the graphic so there won’t be any question to the recipient about what is going on. If you purchase a thousand printed flyers from here, you’ll even drive the price down to $0.38 per flyer and not have to do any other work but wait for them to show up.


3. That’s Design

This free flyer bundle gives you a lot of value for the price. It’s sized right at A4 and is 300 DPI in quality so it’s ready to print. All you’ve got to do is fill in your specific details and you’ll be ready to go!The formats are available in different colors so you can put out the right vibe for your event and the date/time format is fairly unique so that you’ll stand out. This one is definitely a winner.

Thats Design

4. PSD Boom

This flyer is listed as a futuristic party template, but it doubles as a good DJ flyer as well. The date and time are included in big font sizes so there won’t be any question as to when someone should show up to party. There’s places for social networking incorporation, space for your website, and a good title and slogan for the event too. The font is cool and so is the background, so you’ll get a good vibe off of this free offering.


In order to get word out about your platform to get people to vote for you, the voters need to know where you stand on issues and why. Using election flyers to send out this information is a cost-effective way to broadcast your message to an entire community! You need affordability and reliability in your flyer design, but a little innovation as well to make sure you stand out from the crowd. These are the best of the best here in this showcase.

1. Graphic River

What is nice about this election flyer template is that it can be completely customized to meet all of your needs. It offers a traditional feeling to the American political process, but provides even a small-town candidate on a limited budget with a professional, customized template that will meet all of their needs. With places for a good candidate quote and lots of room to advertise a special event or specific position, you can even put in a hook without a problem on this template.


2. Age Graphics

This election flyer template is beautiful in its simplicity. Featuring large fonts and a rounded design for the image, this is definitely for the candidate who wants the traditional flyer for their election. Your name will be large, there will be the classic “elect” call to action, and you can put in your slogan and website if you please. There are a number of different templates available from this provider to meet your needs and you can get them in signs, labels, stickers, and other coordinating products as well.


3. Microsoft Word

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to get out the vote for your upcoming election, this basic flyer template from MS Office can do the trick for free. It’s got a patriotic background and an inset American flag to stir up the passion to vote and can be easily modified to include a candidate’s name. You can replace the flag insert with an image of a candidate if you wish as well and there’s still enough room for a tagline about a social issue for added value.


4. Zazzle

This full color flyer template offers you all the basics for a fair price, starting at just $1.05 per flyer. Print out as many as you need and customize the flyer online through your browser with ease. You can utilize all of your campaign slogans or images on this flyer without any added cost and there’s room reserved at the bottom for your election’s central website. You can use the banner flag graphic is you wish or replace it with your own as well.


5. Poster My Wall

This poster template can be easily converted into an election flyer with some very basic text manipulation. It’s colored perfectly for any fall campaign and puts what people need to know in big text. Best of all, everything is done in browser and Flickr photos are easily inputted into the design as well.


When you’re trying to promote a seminar, having the proper tools to communicate what attendees can expect to experience is important. That’s why in this showcase, we’ve put together a list of the tools that you can use right now to begin designing the best seminar flyer templates. This way you can create eye-catching, effective presentations from simple tools that can be quickly updated with your unique information.

1. Stock Layouts

This free design template is ready to go just for you. Featuring a series of models that help to stress your unique points to the reader, you’re given a easy-to-read font with various sizes and colors that will attract attention. There’s a place for our logo, a separate box for the events that you plan to cover for your seminar, and blockquote places to emphasize that one key point you need to stress. There’s three unique examples in this sample set that will give your seminar the quality flyer it deserves.


2. All Free Downloads

This background Vector template will give you plenty of color so that your information can catch the eye. It’s a graphic that can serve individually as the background of your flyer template so all you’ve got to do is add the specific information about the seminar you’ve got coming up. It’s a small download, provides a gorgeous array of modern shapes with colors, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to add graphics and text wherever you want in a way that is complimentary.

All Free Download

3. Smile Templates

Although this template isn’t free in its entirety, you do have the ability to download a free sample to see if it will work for you. This seminar template is effective in its simplicity, putting emphasis on the graphics and providing text boxes for your unique content that will support the visual attraction. There’s room for your phone number and a unique catchphrase that you plan to use for promoting the seminar as well. If you want, you can also change the colors of the template or the graphics for an added fee.

Smile Templates

4. Graphic River

The superbox effect of this seminar template will give your images a brand new spin and create a lot of good first impressions. This $6 template comes with 4 color options and will allow you to present your ad with the separated box effect with very little effort. All you’ve got to do is insert your image and you’ve got a way to present your ads in style. There’s room for a couple taglines too.


5. Powered Template

For the classic, modern look with rounded edges and graphic inserts, this business environment template could be the perfect seminar flyer for you. There’s lots of room for text that can promote your event and you can add your company logo easily as well. There’s a good space for your contact information, quality graphics to promote the business atmosphere, and a place for a catchy title. All in all, this one’s got a lot of value.