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Not everyone who visits your website is going to speak English. You can accommodate more consumers when you have Google translate services on your website. This will automatically translate the website into the language that they speak. You won’t have to do any of the language translation on your own, and people will be able to read your website regardless of where they are visiting from. Here is a look at some of the top free Google translate WordPress plugins available to users.

1. Transposh WordPress Translation

Transposh WordPress Translation
This has been a highly rated plug-in as it features support for 92 languages. There is automatic translation for all content, including comments. The translation can be triggered by the reader or on the server side.

2. Easy Translator

Easy Translator
This plug-in will translate blog posts, pages, as well as other plug-ins. A customizable widget is provided and there is a user editable form in the event that a translation is incorrect. A Pro version is also available to take translation to the next level.

3. Google Translate WordPress

Google Translate WordPress plug-in will automatically add the Google Translate widget to the order of the user screen. This will allow visitors to translate the website content to any language. They simply choose the language that they speak, and the translation will take effect. There is also the ability to set the default language for the website.

4. Translate This Blog Translator

A button will be placed on the website that will allow the website to be translated into up to 90 languages. The plug-in is powered by Google Translate as a button will be featured at the top of each post.

5. BT Translator

This plug-in is a simple translator that involves entering a code into any post or page in order for the translation to take place. While it is simple, it can be beneficial for intro users on WordPress, because it’s not a code heavy plug-in.


This is one of the more interesting plug-ins because it will convert text to HTML 5, MP3 player, where Google voice will read the text in the desired language. There are multiple languages supported and auto play can be enabled using short code.

When you choose a translator plug-in, there are various options and you will want to choose one that works well with your WordPress theme as well as your overall website requirements. It’s a good idea to read through the ratings of each of the different plug-ins and download a version for test before you go live with it. This will ensure that you have the best overall translator for your website so that site visitors will be able to read in the language that they are most comfortable with.

Building an email database is of the utmost importance for marketing. Email subscription plug-ins can be used for WordPress to make it easier to collect email addresses. Once a person has signed up for an email subscription, newsletters can be sent out to the masses with a single click. Some of the best WordPress email subscription plug-ins are absolutely free, making it possible for you to build a better website and market in a more effective way.

There are anti-spam laws that require people to opt in, which means that you need to collect email addresses in a very specific way. All of these different plug-ins will cater to the laws, allowing you to adhere to legal specifications when collecting this information. Here is a look at some of the best WordPress email subscription plugins available for free to all WordPress users.

1. FeedBurner Email Subscription

FeedBurner Email Subscription
All of your top readers will have the ability to stay up-to-date with your content. By placing their email within a subscription form on your website. These subscription utilizes the Feedburner RSS driven service, which will obtain site content and then deliver it to subscribers. This is an easy-to-use plug-in and contain such features as Twitter bootstrap 3 supports, custom input/button text, extensive widget options, plug-in, translation, custom, feelings, and no additional admin panel.

2. MailPoet Newsletters

MailPoet Newsletters
Capture all of the email subscribers that you need using the MailPoet widget. You will have the ability to post notifications, auto responders, and send newsletters. Newsletters can be built inside of WordPress easily, including being able to drop posts that you have already written, images that you already posted, as well as your social icons. Fonts and colors can be changed easily as well.

3. Feedblitz Email Subscription

Feedblitz Email Subscription
Keep up-to-date with all of your content feed by placing a Feedblitz email subscription onto the website. It’s easy to customize, and once you place your feed and publisher IDs into the plug-in, you will be ready to launch the email subscription. There is an additional admin panel, template functions, and short code is supported.

4. OSD Subscribe

OSD Subscribe
This simple plug-in offers a very flexible email subscription widget. Content can be modified and you can create pages specifically for subscription confirmation as well as on subscription. All of the email templates can be customized and you can have different subscription forms for the different categories within your website. There are also filters for users to be able to customize the form layout. This is ideal if you plan on obtaining multiple subscriptions based upon the nature of your business.

5. N-Media MailChimp Subscription

N-Media MailChimp Subscription
If you utilize MailChimp, this plug-in will sync with your account so that you can create subscription forms, and pull all of your lists and groups over. People who register on your website using the form that you have created will automatically go into the MailChimp database that you have on the website. There is communication between the two. There is a form Wizard tool that will allow you to create unlimited subscription forms. Short codes can be utilized in the posts and pages, and there is widget support. Pop-ups can be created and there is multilingual support as well.

6. Plugmatter Optin Feature Box

Plugmatter Optin Feature Box
This is one of the top plug-ins on the market because it is so simple to use. It will allow you to grow your mailing list by placing a simple opt in feature box on your WordPress website. It allows you to quickly tell people what they are signing up for and have them enter their email address in order to subscribe to your newsletter.

7. MailMunch

This plug-in promotes that email subscribers can be increased by over 500%. You have the ability to create stunning opt in forms to use on your WordPress website and collect as many email addresses as needed. As visitors enter your website, you can collect their email address using a simple form. This will ensure that you are able to connect with the people who are reading your website by having them subscribe to all future posts. There are a variety of tools provided within MailMunch to help you grow the number of email subscribers that you have, and convert them into customers. You also have the ability to sync the subscribers to Mail Chump, Aweber, and a variety of other services.

8. Email Subscription

This plug-in allows your visitors to subscribe to all future posts by email. There email will be registered using the simple widget, and this will ensure that they don’t miss anything else that you post on the site. WordPress schedule events is used by the plug-in to ensure emails are scheduled properly.

9. Easy Email Subscription

This is a simple email subscription form that uses a secure captcha to avoid spam. A drag-and-drop form is allowed within the widget and can be displayed in sidebars. Short code will display the form anywhere within the template, pages, or post. This will ensure that you have these subscription database that you need.

With so many different free WordPress email subscription plug-ins, you will be able to have people subscribed to your email newsletters in a simple way. Read through the different plug-ins to ensure that it will work well with your WordPress theme and that it will provide the overall level of features that you need for your business purposes.

Webinars are becoming more popular. People want to be able to learn from experts without having to go to a physical seminar. Free WordPress webinar plug-ins can be utilized in order to promote the webinars easily. People will be able to sign up for them and they can be hosted easily using the various plug-ins that are available. This provides a better website with more functionality and allows you to gain more clients. You can host the webinars day or night, and cater to more time zones by using this feature within your WordPress website. Here is an exploration of some of the top free WordPress webinar plugins available for site owners.

1. GoToWP

This WordPress plugin allows users to register for any webinars that you have at GoToWebinar as well as any trainings that you have going on. The plug-in enables people to sign up directly from a WordPress page or post. Additionally, a confirmation will be sent to them to provide all of the details, including time, description, and any other information. A redirect can also be included to thank them for signing up for the webinar or other training.

2. VideoWhisper Video Presentation

VideoWhisper Video Presentation
This plug-in is unique because it allows you to create consultation rooms for 2 way, moderated, and group video conferencing. Live video presentations can also be done, allowing for an interactive training session or webinar. This is ideal for online collaboration and there is webcam support. There are various online rooms that can be created as well as a landing room that sets people into a virtual lobby. Access can be controlled via email, ID, and other details. Video archive management can also be established.

3. Genesis Club Lite

Genesis Club Lite
The plug-in is designed to be used with Genesis child themes only. There is a clickable, responsive logo, signatures can be posted with short code, marketing messages can be added to the top bar, and widget spaces are present to be able to make posts or to archive content. There are also social icons that can be added with short code.

4. CM Video Lesson Manage

CM Video Lesson Manager
Video courses can be managed easily using this plug-in. Users will have the ability to track their progress, mark their favorites, and leave notes. It also provides admin functions. Pay per view channels can be created and they can be opened for specific time periods. A Pro version is also available with additional features that you will be able to utilize for an additional cost.

5. ClickFunnels

ClickFunnels pages can be added to a blog or website. Depending on your preferences, it can be used as a 404 page, a homepage, or for some other purpose. There’s no coding involved, so URLS are clean. The plug-in is installed and an authentication key will be provided upon connecting to ClickFunnels. There is no limit to the number of pages that can be connected.

6. Video Chat Plugin for 123 Flash Chat

Video Chat Plugin for 123 Flash Chat
This plug-in makes it possible to add a video chat room to a WordPress blog. This can provide live interaction for site visitors to provide educational or fun experiences. 123FlashChat has been the leader in chat server software since 2003. The plug-in is powerful, yet very easy to use. There are two options to choose from: load into a sidebar or allow a popup of the Flash client.

7. Camazee

Easily add video chat into any page of your website. This option will allow visitors to contact you using video chat on your WordPress site. There is no streaming server that needs to be installed and it provides easy set up. The plug-in can be used for making conference calls with multiple visitors at the same time, two way video and/or audio calls, and text chat options. You will be able to host webinars, provide a video help desk, offer private video chat, online tutoring, and much more.


Advanced interactive sharing has been created by CROICE within this plug-in. It allows bloggers to retain audiences more effectively by being able to communicate with them. A radio channel can be created and then shared using a personal widget. The broadcasts can be announced and as updates to the broadcast are made, the widget updates as well. It is also ideal for webinars and listeners have the ability to interact. A Slideshare presentation can be used to correspond with the broadcast so listeners can follow along with the slides.

9. Infusionsoft Affiliates

This plug-in utilizes Infusionsoft Affiliates. The information from one of the affiliates can be added into one of your WordPress pages using the short code that is provided. This allows you to create webinar sign up forms for each referral partner, personalize opt-in pages, and personalize sales pages for the referral partners when promoting a specific product.

10. Banckle Meeting

This is a web conferencing solution that makes it possible to host and participate in an array of eLearning sessions and online meetings. It is lightweight and independent of specific platforms. An account with Banckle is not required to use the plug-in. Details for upcoming meeting sessions can be displayed on the website for attendees and visitors.

Finding free WordPress webinar plugins is the simple part. Finding one that works for your specific needs and that corresponds with your WordPress theme is the more complicated part, so you will want to read through the various options.

You should never have to do more work than what is absolutely necessary. Workflow plug-ins for WordPress can make it easier to automate the entire process. This allows you to identify tasks in a hassle free capacity so that you can get more work done. Here is a look at some incredible free wordpress workflow plugins on the market.

1. Oasis Workflow

Oasis Workflow
This is a highly rated plug-in because it provides a lot of feature-rich components. It automates the editorial workflow using an intuitive graphical user interface. There are three task templates provided, including assignment, review, and published. It is possible to configure workflow using drag/drop features.

2. Edit Flow

Edit Flow
Collaboration is made possible with this plug-in, featuring such modules as a calendar, notifications, story budget, custom statuses, and user groups for organizing by department. All of the modules can be customized to fit individual needs.

3. WTG Tasks Manager

WTG Tasks Manager
Use the workflow system in order to be something more than a to do list. While it is still in beta mode, it is going to make use of social networking, cloud services, and more to simplify an array of tasks for the online business that is being managed within WordPress.

4. PressForward

This free plug-in is designed for content aggregation and duration. It will provide editorial workflow so that you can collect content from the web, discuss content, and share content. This is ideal when you are in the editorial or blogging industry where content needs to be collected from various open web sources.

5. Work the Flow

This plug-in is a two and one because it provides short codes to make it possible for rent and users to upload files and there is a step-by-step workflow. There are drag-and-drop uploads available, as well as image gallery displays, reordering, as well as archiving.


This is ideal for media libraries as it will allow you to organize the metadata of images, audio clips, video clips, and any other kind of media. Tags and ratings can also be included on the media files. All of the metadata can be transferred automatically into the media library upon upload.

7. Clone & Replace

This plug-in provides a draft workflow where you have the ability to save unpublished drafts, preview posts, and submit drafts to be reviewed by someone else. Posts can also be scheduled. There are two features that make this plug-in unique – there is the ability to clone posts and replace posts with a different one.

Each of the different workflow plug-ins are different. You will want to explore each of them to see which one works best with your WordPress theme.

Uploading images should be simple. The more images you have, the easier it is to display products, explain your services, and generally provide more content for consumers. With an image uploader, you can organize the process, ensure that the files are coming in properly, and place them on the necessary pages quickly. Lets explore some of these image upload plugins from WordPress below.

1. Header Image Uploader

Header Image
This plug-in makes it easy to upload a header image for your post, simply by adding a meta-box in the post admin. This makes it easy to add an image to every post quickly.

2. Rk Image Upload

Rk Image Upload
This plug-in is used for single image uploads, using an upload widget that will upload the media, and then display it on the front end.

3. Cloudinary

Take your images to the next level by uploading them to the cloud, and then perform an array of facts and resizing from within the plug-in. This will ensure that you have a backup of all of your photos within the cloud, instead of being hosted on a server. You also won’t have to worry about using image editors because the plug-in will be able to transform and manipulate all of your images online, and from within the WordPress console.

4. 7k Image Uploader

When one image is not enough, you are able to have multiple ones by using this plug-in. The PHP file is small, and the image upload or field will appear just under the post editor.

5. Auto Post After Image Upload

After you upload each media from the WordPress media gallery, you will be able to create a post automatically. This allows you to create single as well as both posts to stay organized and simplify your workflow.

6. NextGen Public Image Uploader

Front end image uploads are allowed with this plug-in. It can be a standalone upload or be integrated into the NextGen Gallery for WordPress. It is stable, secure, and offers such features as thumbnail generation, upload to queue, and a direct to gallery upload.

7. Boxer Image Upload

This is a unique plug-in because it will allow images to be placed into your favorite sidebar. The widget will show up in the sidebar, and a single image can be uploaded so that it shows up in the sidebar location of any custom URL.

8. WP Image Uploader

Turn your WordPress website, or a portion of it, into an image hosting website. This will make it easier to share a significant amount of images with specific users or with the world.

Image uploaders can be just what you have been looking for. The plug-in needs to work for your specific WordPress theme, and therefore, you may have to try out a few up loaders before you find one that works. They can provide an array of different features, so you ultimately have to choose what works best for your website specifications.

A website without a video can seem very dull. There are many reasons why a video should be used, and it is worth considerably more than a picture. You can tell your site visitors a lot about your website and your product/services when you incorporate a video. With video Lightbox plugins, this process has become easier to organize your video gallery. Her are some of the best free WordPress video lightbox plugins to be explored.

1. WP Video Lightbox

WP Video Lightbox
This plug-in makes it easy to embed videos on any of the WordPress pages using a lightbox overlay display. Videos from YouTube and Vimeo can be displayed in an elegant way. Features

2. Lightbox Plus Colorbox

Lightbox Plus Colorbox
This plug-in makes it possible to view larger versions of video as well as images and slideshows. It is a simple to use image overlay tool that can be used for your website or blog. It can help to highlight the video by causing the background to go dark or light and dim over the page.

3. Video Gallery

Video Gallery
Video files can be displayed easily within your WordPress website or blog. This includes videos from Vimeo and YouTube. There are five different views and the ability to add unlimited galleries and videos. There is widget integration and quick support. There is also customization available within the design and lightbox. Finally, it is fully responsive for support of various devices.

4. Easy Lightbox WordPress

Easy Lightbox WordPress
For images and videos on a site, this plug-in offers simple installation and will work automatically. It supports most internet browsers and is fully responsive, which is ideal for site visitors who are going to use a mobile device to access your website.

5. Video Lightbox WooCommerce

When you have an e-commerce site with WooCommerce, this plug-in can help you to integrate video lightbox. This is particularly effective when promoting various products with a how-to or demo video. This is an add-on plugin that will automatically override current lightbox options. A product thumbnail will be featured until someone actually clicks on the video. It will then popup as its own video.

6. Video YouTube Lightbox

All of your favorite videos on YouTube can be added to a playlist and then displayed in a lightbox with one click. You can add videos to the playlist as long as you have the URL and title of the video. You can limit the videos to be displayed and the video can play directly from the lightbox. This plugin also includes an autoplay slideshow and an ability to control the animation speed.

With so many video lightbox plug-ins, you can determine which one is going to work best for your theme and the overall functionality of your website.

Thumbnail galleries are ideal when it comes to displaying a significant amount of photos. There may be a number of reasons as to why you have so many photos – you are a photographer, a restaurant, a travel blogger…the list can go on. Rather than overwhelming site visitors with full-sized photos, a thumbnail gallery will help to keep everything small and organized. Find some of the top WordPress thumbnail gallery plugins here.

1. Gallery Bank

Gallery Bank
This plug-in creates a gallery album that supports images as well as videos. It has a responsive design that supports mobile devices and there are various layouts, animation, and special effects. There are more than 200 features loaded onto the plug-in, providing you with plenty of options to upload and manage the photos that are to be featured on your WordPress website.

2. Simplest Gallery

Simplest Gallery
This is one of the simplest ways to take a photo gallery and integrate it into the pages of your WordPress site, with visual effects. It works with most of the WP themes and more styles can be added later on by downloading some of the additional plug-ins.

3. NextGEN Gallery

NextGEN Gallery
This is one of the most popular gallery plugins and has received more than 12 million downloads. Images can be uploaded and managed easily and batch uploads can be enabled as well. You will be able to delete and sort images, edit the thumbnails, and group some of the galleries into albums. There are several display styles for the front end and you can control the style, size, transitions, timing, and more.

4. Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery
This easy to use plug-in is responsive and offers 5 different views. Social media can be embedded as well, allowing for the photos to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and more. There is also a Pro version that provides more features, including filmstrip, editable themes, and lightbox effects.

5. Eazyest Gallery

Eazyest Gallery
Folders and subfolders are added to extend your media collection. This will house slideshows and much more. Top features for the plug-in includes admin and media management, unlimited number of folders and images, ability to comment on folders and images, as well as widgets that will allow you to show images anywhere on the WordPress site.

6. Folder Gallery

Folder Gallery will create picture galleries on the site from a folder. The folder must be FTP uploaded to the server and be writable. Short codes can be used to include in a post or page and there is an option that allows for default parameters to be set.

There are various plug-ins for thumbnail galleries as you can see, so you simply have to choose the one that offers the best look for your theme.

A website that takes reservations is going to be a whole lot more successful than those that don’t. You may not want to be on the phone all the time, and therefore WordPress Reservation plug-ins make a whole lot of sense. People who visit the website will be able to one click and make a reservation at any time of the day or night, providing convenience for your clients and/or customers. A simple plug-in can make the world of a difference on the website for a doctor, a massage therapist, a counselor, a restaurant, or anyone else who takes reservations. There are a number of benefits to using such a plug-in, and now you can find all of the top free WordPress reservation plug-ins right here:

1. ReDi Reservation

ReDi Reservation
This is one of the more graphic reservation systems, making it possible for everyone to see exactly what they are reserving on the website. It can be utilized for an array of different businesses, and there is also a specific version or restaurants. Reservations can be made online by the clients, and they will be able to see the space that they have reserved using a grid system on the screen. The plug-in will require a RIP, which will be obtained upon registration. From there, set up reservation details can be made, which includes the times of operation for the business.

2. CP Reservation Calendar

CP Reservation Calendar
S plug-in is a booking calendar that allows for dates to be selected, such as check-in and checkout dates. Partial and complete days are supported within the reservations, and there are integrated payment options on the booking form as well. It’s an easy set up with one click publishing. Various configurations can be made an email notifications can be scheduled as well.

3. Online Reservation

Online Reservation
Business reservations can be made and received online using this plug-in. There are an array of features offered, including being translation ready and reservations are protected from spam using captcha. Further, email notifications are provided to admin as well as a confirmation email to the customer. After each reservation has been made. Limits can also be set regarding business opening and closing times, days off, as well as setting a maximum number of seats and/or tables. There is also an admin feature that makes it easy to confirm and reject reservations as they are made.

4. BRS

BRS or Booking and Reservation System is built with WooCommerce. It allows a reservation system to be entered into a WordPress website for the purpose of managing bookings easily. Booking can be done from the front end or backend and there is a drag-and-drop functionality for people, as well as resources. Coupons and discount codes can be included that are obtained from WooCommerce and a custom order message can be sent via email.

5. Open Table

Open Table
Many restaurants may already be familiar with Open Table. This is a WordPress widget that brings the open table reservation form into your website. This allows people to find out what dates and times are available for your restaurant, and make the reservation without having to leave your website. It is an easy to use widget that offers a number of benefits.

6. FareHarbor Reservation Calendars

FareHarbor Reservation Calendars
This plug-in makes it possible to embed the free booking reservation calendars from FareHarbor onto your website. You can choose the calendars and/or buttons to be able to utilize the full reservation system that is featured at fareharbor.com.

7. Bookings

The reservation scheduler makes it easy to offer booking services directly on the website. The administrator has the ability to add and manage the reservations, as well as modify and delete reservations that are already in the system. Blackout times can be added and there can be minimum and maximum time limits set on the reservations to ensure that there are no booking errors. Calendars can also be set to be viewed on a daily, weekly, or monthly layout.

8. Booking Calendar Contact Form

Booking Calendar Contact Form
This is one of the best plug-ins for reservations because it not only creates a booking form, but also includes a reservation calendar or a classic contact form. Additionally, it’s connected to PayPal, allowing people to make a payment with the press of a button. Full day and partial day bookings are available and configurable email text can be programmed. Further, the bookings list can be printed or easier organization.

9. Planyo Online Reservation System

This online reservation system is ideal for hotels, timeshares, doctors’ offices, event halls, and much more. It is available in 26 languages and can help to manage bookings by handling all email communications and providing various booking confirmation mechanisms. Payment can also be handled within the reservation system. The plug-in will embed the entire reservation system into the website, allowing visitors to go through the entire process, from searching to reservation, without leaving your website.

10. BuddyPress Group Reservation

This group Reservation plug-in makes it possible for site administrators and BuddyPress groups to be able to reserve space for unregistered users via an email address. It is used by an array of exclusive sites for the purposes of attracting A-listers.

You can start taking reservations a whole lot easier once you discover the free WordPress reservation plug-ins that are available. Explore the different ones to ensure you find one that works well with your WordPress theme.

After you get a website or blog that is generating a significant amount of traffic, you may want to start a paid membership. This is a great way to start making money on your website and with the membership plug-ins for WordPress, it can be simplified. It will allow you to promote the paid membership, collect payment, and establish a logon for those who have paid. Check out some of the best free WordPress paid membership plug-ins available to site owners.

1. GoURL Paid Memberships Pro – Bitcoin Payment Gateway Add-on

GoURL Paid Memberships Pro
This plugin features 100% free open source plugin on github.com. It provides a cryptocurrency payment gateway for paid memberships pro 1.8 or higher. It accepts bitcoin, litecoin, and various other “coin” payments. No monthly r transaction fees. There are no chargebacks, it is global and it is secure.

2. Paid Memberships for Pro Add-on for WP Courseware

Paid Memberships for Pro Add-on for WP Courseware
This plugin will add full integration with WP Courseware. It will allow you to assign a membership level. Once the membership level is assigned and registered, a student will automatically be enrolled in the associated courses. You will also be able to create a fully automated LMS system so you can sell your courses online.

3. Simple Membership

Simple Membership
Free and premium content can be offered from your WordPress site. You can protect posts and pages to ensure that only members can view the protected content. Various membership access levels can be set up using this plug-in as well.

4. Paid Memberships Pro

Paid Memberships Pro
You can set up unlimited membership levels and provide restricted access to pages, posts, categories and more. It is flexible enough to fit the needs of any business. It can work well right out of the box, or can be easily customized to fit your needs.

5. Membership

This plugin transforms a WordPress website into a membership site that is fully functional. It has flexible membership levels to provide access to all content. It is simple to use and will meet all you needs.

6. PMPro Constant Contact

PMPro Constant Contact
Use this plugin to sync WordPress users with Constant Contact lists. All users can be synced to lists, or, if Paid Membership Pro is installed, you can use membership levels to sync your users.

7. Affiliates Manager Paid Membership Pro Integration

This add-on will allow you to integrate the Paid Membership Pro plug-in with the affiliates Manager plugin. When members pay for membership on your site, this add-on will check to see if the member was referred by an affiliate. It will then give commission to that affiliate.

Explore these plug-ins to determine which one is going to take the paid membership aspect of your site to the next level.

File managers are important in WordPress because it allows you to change, delete, and organize files easily. It will help to keep the entire website in order, and make it a lot easier to use on the admin side. Even uploading different files can be made easier when there is a quality file manager in place.

You can explore some of the top free WordPress file manager plug-ins here:

1. Media File Manager Advanced

Media File Manager Advanced
Media File Manager Advanced gives you the ability to create sub folders in the upload directory. There is no limit to the depth of the tree structure. It can change the media links in the database allowing you to sort media into subfolders without breaking the links of your media posts. An alternative file selector is added in the editing post/page screen allowing media files to be picked up from the subfolders easily.

2. File Away

File Away
Using ajax, you can upload files from the front end. Files will be manages securely from the front end with the file manager. They can be displayed to your users in stylized lists or sortable data tables. You can gather download statistics. Short codes can be constructed manually or by using a point and click UI. You can also easily create dynamic paths to show different content to different users who are all logged in at the same time.

3. SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project & Document Manager
This is a project and document management plugin. Businesses and organizations that utilize this plugin will be able to maintain documents, records, files, videos, and images. You can organize and manage student and supplier documents and accounts and control individual accounts and select specific distribution of documents in an easy to manage online process. It has a straightforward layout and gives assurance that the user has complete control of information flow.

4. BSK Files Manager

You can manage your files in WordPress with this plugin. Files can be uploaded into one category and displayed under the category in front. You can also show a special file in front if you wish. This plugin is easy to use. Short codes will need to be copied into the page/post where you want to show. The file links will then become visible. File extension names can be a filter to show files in front as well.

5. Media File Manager

Make sub-directories in the upload directory and then move files into them. At the same time, Media File Manager will modify the paths names in the database. An alternative file-selector can be added in the editing post/page screen so media files can be easily picked up some subfolders.

Ensure you have the free WordPress file manager plugin that you need to work with your theme by taking the time to read through the features offered by each of the plug-ins available.