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There’s some good things and some bad things to say about Pepper Flash. It runs the typical Flash applications just like Adobe Flash does. It runs efficiently so you don’t ever really have to think about it. It runs, that is, unless you’re using applications that don’t recognized Pepper and so won’t work on your Mac or PC. Starting with Chrome 21, you’ve got Pepper Flash. If you’ve got apps that won’t use it, you’ve got to disable it and use the Adobe Flash from your O/S.

Blame Google if you will for this innovation, but Pepper came about because of a collaboration between Adobe and Google to reduce the need for a standalone program on the O/S. The first steps of Pepper are the first steps toward a seamless integration of browser and O/S implementation during use… like it or not.

If It Doesn’t Work Across the Board, How Can It Be Good?

Pepper might not be a plugin that has 100% implementation, but it does carry with it come advantages that are worth considering. At the top of the list is the fact that this program is supposed to more secure than Adobe is. That’s great if you’re using a fairly modern PC that has the speed capabilities to handle the plugin and the media you’re attempting to view. Older PCs, however, tend to struggle with Pepper and that can create problems.

From a running standpoint, the Flash does seem to work a little quicker when using Pepper within Chrome than it does if you’re using the Adobe version from your O/S. Maybe it was just in perception only, but the stability of the entire experience was a little better, which made the full UX better from and end user perspective. It’s also super easy to disable if you wish, and that’s a benefit for many too.

So You Need To Disable Pepper…

Whether it is because of personal preferences, apps that don’t recognize the plugin, or you’ve got an ancient PC that won’t even accept a newer version of Adobe’s Flash, then disabling Pepper becomes the priority. Here’s how you can make that happen in just a couple of clicks.

1. Go into the plugins page for your Chrome browser. Type in chrome://plugins into the URL address bar.
2. Hit the + box next to Details on the far right of the screen in the Plugins bar.
3. Find Flash. You could have 3 or more files in this section.
4. Look for the Shockwave Flash version that has “PepperFlash” in its location.
5. Click the “Disable” link.
6. Close and restart Chrome.

Once you’ve taken these steps, you won’t have to worry about Pepper any more. As with any new programming, it takes time for 100% implementation to occur, so you may need to take these steps now. In the future, however, PepperFlash could be the upgrade the internet has been wanting to make interacting with each other in a faster way that is much more fun.

One of the most effective ways to relay information to a prospect is to create a stunning, colorful brochure that is packed with the valuable highlights of what you can provide. A good brochure can encourage business, but a bad brochure could drive it away! If you’re looking for free trifold brochure PSD templates that will look great and be a resource for you, then here are some of the best that are available right now.

1. BlogSizzle – http://blogsizzle.com/

To give your business a boost, you’ll want to add a splash of color to your brochure design to make it visually attractive. You’ll also want a brochure template that is easy to input your own information, but still be easy enough to read so that the right information can be obtained at a glance. At BlogSizzle, you’ll find a wide variety of templates that are free to download and will help any business find a traditional, classic, or modern design that will effectively communicate a targeted message. That’s because this site is a feeder that will link you to many of today’s best providers of PSD templates.


2. Pixeden – http://www.pixeden.com/

Premium designs help to speak measures toward the quality of what you’re trying to offer the general public. At Pixeden, you’ll find effective tri fold brochure templates that will help you get your message across in just one glance! Whether it is through the trendy box design that separates blocks of information to the elegant Doma template that is adaptable for almost any business package, you’ll find your needs are quickly and effectively met with these templates.


3. FreePSDFiles.Net – http://freepsdfiles.net/

If you’re looking for good tri fold brochure PSD templates, then a website dedicated to free PSD files makes sense to visit. Not only will you get the brochure template that you want, but you can also find backgrounds, icons, cards, and plenty of PhotoShop resources that will help you create a customized look in just seconds! With a wide variety of templates that are perfect for almost any business field or concept, you’ll be accessing your artistic side in just seconds.


4. Original Mockups – http://originalmockups.com/

Some of the best modern designs incorporate simplicity more than anything else. That’s the overall theme that you’ll see with this provider of templates, but the design is still attractive and works. Simplicity speaks to confidence and elegance in what is being communicated, and when you fuse the colors that pop from the page on this template with your information, you’ll be able to influence your target audience like never before.


5. IsPSD – http://www.ispsd.com/

Creating an effective design goes beyond just the information that you have. You need info about the colors and how a reader will respond. You also need ways to create a brand that encompasses all of your marketing materials so that your brochures are visually similar to your web presence. You’ll find the templates you need at IsPSD, plus lots of good information about how to maximize the quality of your design so that you can always make a fantastic first impression.


When you need to get money from customers for services that have already been rendered, the invoice is still one of the most effective solutions there is. The best Magento invoices can help you clearly communicate to a customer what their amount due happens to be while being able to quickly generate new invoices. If you’re tired of modifying the base template and want something smooth and easy to use, these are the best Magento invoice templates on the market today.

1. VnEcoms – http://www.vnecoms.com/

The extension package that you receive for Magento includes six unique templates that come in a variety of colors so you can use the one that works best for you. The template is super easy to use and puts all of the headings that you need right up front. It’s also fully customizable thanks to the easy HTML/CSS coding that you can quickly change with no coding experience. There are multiple layouts, multiple languages, and even QR code support.


2. Fooman – http://fooman.co.nz

When you want to create incredible PDF invoices that can be easily read over a variety of devices, it can be difficult to find a clean template that will accomplish those needs. You’ll get that, however, with Fooman, a NZ based site that gives you over 60 custom options to allow for all of the customization that you might need. You can even change the margins and fonts, digitally sign your PDFS, and there’s detailed tax settings that will let you include the figures from your specific jurisdiction.


3. Vianetz – http://www.vianetz.com/

With the ability to fully configure the layout of your PDF invoices, you’ll be able to display custom product attributes with this template. You can create a two or three column footer while getting automatic logo scaling and positioning based on the device being used. This template also compresses the size of the PDF file so that it is up to 90% smaller than similar template results, making emailing the invoice a lot easier. It even supports bundled and downloaded products so that your specific needs can be met.


4. NMedia – http://www.nmediasystems.com/

If you just want something that is incredibly easy to use without a lot of bells or whistles, then the best Magento templates might just be from NMedia. You’ve got a place for your logo and then clear places for all of the data that you need to put forth for someone to see. Shipping charges have a dedicated line, while places for various jurisdictional taxes are also included in the final calculation of the total due. Don’t forget to include your thank you note at the bottom, plus any additional stipulations you might require.


5. Magazento – http://www.magazento.com/

If you’re looking for a modern template that can include memos and shipments in addition to the standard invoice, then this offering is worth the investment. This template replaces the default template and allows you to design directly from your browser without any coding at all. When you’re done, you just hit the command to save the template and you’re ready to start generating invoices in just minutes.


A responsive website is necessary because it allows people to have a similar user experience no matter what device they happen to be using. Responsive email helps to create the same situation, just with a focus on the actual email that is received. You want your message to look good whether your recipient is on their PC or their iPad 2, right? With the best Mailchimp responsive email templates, you’ll be able to easily accomplish this goal.

1. ZURB – http://zurb.com/

What’s nice about ZURB is that there are five responsive templates that utilize a fluid layout and the viewport tag. This makes all media queries ready for those who might have limited email capabilities. You’ll find that each template has a separate style sheet and HTML file so that you can have the perfect email sent out every single time. This way an email can be easily received on a phone, you’ll get a quick response from your client, and business can get done fast.


2. Antwort – http://internations.github.io/antwort/

What’s nice about this Mailchimp responsive email template is the fact that is was originally created for emails that required transactions. This focus on dynamic content that is scalable is perfect to adapt to email client widths across all platforms. This template has also been rigorously tested with real user data in a variety of environments and has HTML tables included that have universal compatibility – including Microsoft Outlook. You can’t beat the fact that it’s free either.


3. Campaigner – http://www.campaigner.com/

With eight different colors, nine different layouts, and even two different skins available, downloading this template series will give you over 120 different variations that can help you create the customized look that you want. This template has been tested with Litmus and it is proven to work with all major email clients. There’s even layered PSDs and a full video tutorial if you need a little help to get this template up and running.


4. Freelancer – http://themeforest.net/item/freelancer

It might seem a little basic at first, but there’s grace and beauty in simplicity sometimes and that’s what you’ll find with this template. It is a retina-ready template and comes with ten color schemes and five unique layouts. There are also repeatable modules that you’ll find will come in handy. The table structure is pretty flexible and it works well enough that just about any business in any industry can take advantage of this template.


5. Freshmail – http://themeforest.net/item/freshmail

If you’re looking for an attractive, yet somewhat minimal template for your email needs, then this responsive template will provide you with the perfect foundation for what you need. It’s incredibly easy to use, works with every major email client, and has seven layouts with predefined colors that will help you put out the message you want in a no-frills, but effective way.


6. Omni – http://themeforest.net/item/omni

If you’ve got a business that is based on your creativity, then this email template is the choice for you. It’s a modular-based design and commented code is available with full support. It’s browser compatible, comes with layered PSDs, and plenty of repeatable modules.


One of the most effective and exciting ways to buy and sell on the internet today is through an online auction. It’s a way for customers to get a really good deal and it helps sellers be able to get rid of extra items they may not want or need any more. Businesses use auctions to drum up brand recognition and there are many penny auction sites that generate revenues with a pay-per-bid format. What is the best way to accomplish this? Through the use of a top notch Joomla auction template.

1. Reverse Auction Factory – http://reverse-auctions.thefactory.ro/

In this type of auction, the roles of the buyer and the seller are reversed. It’s typically used in a business-to-business type of environment, but you’re starting to see it creep into the common marketplace these days as well. The purpose is to drive down prices, like a bidding process, and sellers compete to get your business. This template will help you get quotes in real time via a dynamic bidding process that will help you drive more results, especially for freelancers.

Reverse Auction Factory

2. Auction Factory – http://auction-factory.html

This template works for all Joomla versions and it supports all of your basic auction types you’d like to have on a site. There’s also proxy bidding and buy it now options, as well as private auctions that contained a electronic version of a sealed envelope. The template is fully customizable and it doesn’t take a lot of coding knowledge to get the job done. It’s simple, looks good from the start, and offers a plethora of revenue streams to a webmaster.

Auction Factory

3. Raffle Factory – http://raffle-factory-tombola-extension.html

Raffles are popular around the world because it offers people the chance to get a fantastic price for a very small investment. Even non-profit organizations are utilizing raffles these days to help raise money for their programs. What this Joomla template will help you do is recreate the effects of a raffle ticket, but over the internet on your own server. The tickets can be chosen by random thanks to the included script, but there is an option for the webmaster to select a ticket from the list as well. If chosen manually, no ticket details are shown to prevent fraud.

Raffle Factory

4. TPLancer – http://www.templateplazza.com/

This Joomla auction template will help you create your own project marketplace where work can get done by freelancers. It offers a forum for private messaging, avatars, and user reviews. Funds can be deposited via Paypal or escort payments and special users or featured projects can be highlighted to help drive revenues. Revenue streams can come from sales percentages, commissions or other methods based on what your personal preferences happen to be.


5. The eBay Factory Module – http://ebay_factory.html

This template helps a user search through specific auctions that have been placed by your organization on eBay. It is integrated with the major eBay domains, including many of the international bidding sites that are in use. It won’t provide you with your own listings on your own website, but it is an effective way to drive users toward your eBay listings and have them even bid on them from your site if they have an eBay account.

The eBay Factory Module

How handy are those bit.ly website links when you share them on social media? You can put in more of a description, encourage more clicks, and hopefully bring more organic traffic to your site. It can be a bit of a pain using those systems, however, because you’ve got to sign up for an account, maybe pay a fee, and even sometimes share personal info that you might want to keep private.

The good news is that you can create your own URL shortened PHP scripts in just a few minutes on your own. All you need to do is setup a basic text file on your server that you can edit pretty easily. Once you get the INI file in place, you simply put the short link on the left and the full link on the right. You choose the short slugs yourself.

Are There Services That Can Do This?

If you’re not comfortable with the coding that it takes to create your own short URLs, there are some services available on the internet today that can help you replicate a TinyURL. Here is a look at a few of the best.

1. Yourls.org – http://yourls.org/

This is free and open source software that is just a small set of PHP scripts that will let you run your own link shortening service. You can set your links to private or public, get bookmarkets, and have access to all of the stats you need to keep track of clicks and referrals. It has a good plugin architecture as well so that it’s really easy for anyone to install this on their system.


2. WordPress – http://wordpress.org/

If you’re using a WordPress hosting platform for your website, then every post that you make automatically has an option to create a short link. It’s up at the top of the page, just underneath the title of the page you’re creating or editing. You just create the short link and then share it across the different social media platforms that you have. It doesn’t get much easier than that.


3. Phurl – http://phurlproject.org/

If you want one of the easiest interfaces that can be found on the internet right now, then Phurl is the PHP URL shortening system for you. It only takes a couple minutes to get yourself setup and there’s a functional admin panel that will help you know when there are new versions to download and use. One click shortening is possible with the browser bookmarklets including and an installation wizard makes it possible for almost anyone to use the service. Phurl has been around since 2006, so there is some reliability in the longevity of this system as well.


4. PHPKobo – http://www.phpkobo.com/

With one click, you just download the script and you’re ready to go. It’s a GPL license and you can test the demo of the script for downloading it if you want. There’s a guest area and an admin panel to try out and you’ll get the chance to specific a specific URL or generate a random one. You can also edit, search, and delete URLs from the admin screen.


All right you Linux lovers out there. We know that you’re using openSUSE as an operating system for your PC. If you aren’t using it, then you’re probably tossing and turning at night because you want to use it and just haven’t set it up yet. It’s a pretty handy O/S that lets you get everything accomplished in a timely fashion, but you’ve also got to install some of the plug-ins on your own to give your PC full functionality.

One of those plugins that you’ve got to install right away is the Adobe Flash plugin. It works just as well as it does in any other O/S or browser, but there are a few things you should know.

It Works Much Better In the SUSEfox Extension

Meant to be for a group of features that were just too massive for the general modifications of Firefox into the openSUSE system, this is an optional feature to consider using because it doesn’t alter the functionality of Firefox when it is disabled. What’s nice about this is the improved plugin finder service because it includes many of the plugins that are available in the various repositories. Forget about using just the latest version of Flash, for example, because you’ll get access to the various Flash players that are compatible with your O/S.

The RPM package flash player should be installed on the first run of your manager, but you can install it manually if you need to do so. That’s the flexibility that is nice about openSUSE. Just remember that the main repository NON-OSS is required and you’ll be good to go.

The Plugin Also Operates As a Standalone Player

Unlike the other O/S installations or browser plugins, the Flash plugin for openSUSE can double for you as a standalone player. This gives you the high level of functionality that you need for your PC without the headaches that other users have on other systems. If you love Linux and want to be watching any sort of multimedia content online, then you’ve got to use the plugin. It’s thankfully convenient and easy, so it’s not much of a hassle for the average openSUSE user.

For those who are looking for alternatives and may not be as savvy from a tech standpoint, however, the plugin is going to cause some difficulties to get going. For the most part, as long as you find the Adobe RPM from their Flash installation page and then just open the file that you’ve downloaded with the Apper Installer and you should be ready for some online video action. You can go into the about, plugins screen to confirm if it is there.

It’s really nice to see that in this current day and age when an O/S can go for hundreds of bucks when you consider all the extra apps and add-ons that people want that you can pick up something that’s good for more sweat equity than monetary equity. Use this plugin and you’ll have the same experience, if not a better one, that every other person does. Period.

The wanted poster from the Wild West was both a warning and a source of pride for those who had their pictures emblazoned on them. Today’s wanted posters provide a unique way to help promote events, products, or draw attention to a specific cause in a fun way. The best wanted poster PSD templates will draw attention to the image, quickly convey the needed information, and encourage people to see the call to action. Here are some of the best available today.

1. Editable – http://graphicriver.net/item/old-wanted-poster-editable

The wanted posters at Editable are some of the best that can be found right now. It combines the feeling of the old poster with a modern look that speaks to the graphic novel that is so popular today. You can put in your preferred graphic, stipulate a specific reward amount, and you can’t beat the bloody fingerprints at the bottom right of the graphic. There aren’t many places for promotional info beyond the headshot and name, but you can’t be the design.


2. Graphic River – http://graphicriver.net/

If you’re looking for an added level of customization to the wanted poster, but still want to keep at least a feeling of realism with the graphic, then take a look at the offering from Graphic River. It can be modified in just seconds, makes important photos have that old school feel to them, and some of the elements are even movable. Paper creases, blood splattering, and bullet holes can all be added, plush you can put in the perfect level of grunge.

Graphic River

3. Blaz – http://www.blazrobar.com/

If you’re looking for an easy PSD template to use and you want to be able to modify it on your own system instead of over the web, then Templates Mob has a pretty good one that works with Microsoft Word. It’s a little basic compared to some of the others available today, but you can easily modify all of the text on the image and incorporate your own photograph. It’ll give you the clean look that you want so that your message is easily read.


4. Free Poster Templates – http://www.freepostertemplates.co.uk/

For a free wanted poster option, you can’t really beat the one that can be found on the UK Free Poster Templates site. It’s a pretty basic wanted poster where you can then insert your own preferred image. If you don’t have a grungey kind of photograph to include with the poster, you can use a free photograph imaging site like BeFunky to help give more realism to the poster as well. There’s a couple guns on the image, bullet holes, and the font style is perfect.

Free Poster Templates

5. Microsoft Templates – http://msdn.microsoft.com/

In Microsoft Word, there’s already a wanted poster PSD template that isn’t too bad to use if you need something quick and simple. It’s got the classic yellowed paper tone and the burnt, torn edges that make for a good first impression. You just need to load up the template into a new Word document, insert your own picture, and you’re ready to go. Simple and clean, it could be the perfect and free solution that you’ve been wanting.

Microsoft Templates

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

One of the best ways to get your business into a higher gear is to utilize Magento 1.7. When you’ve got a responsive theme, then you’ve got the ability to provide a quality user experience. You’ll have an effective ecommerce platform that will work with your industry, turn your online business toward profitability, and have an instant, professional presence on the internet so you can be found by your prospects. Here are some of the great free Magento 1.7 templates available to meet your needs.

1. Template Monster – http://www.templatemonster.com/

This quick, fast, yet fully functional free template series will give your key products the attention that they deserve. A top menu bar helps to encourage research into your website, while you can give specificity to your top products, information, or brands along a secondary bar in the middle of the screen. Image buttons help to encourage clicks for sales or special offers, while a comprehensive four column footer gives you the chance to go in-depth with what makes you different. It’s easy to use, can be quickly edited, and will give any site a great foundation.

Template Monster

2. Bootstrap – http://getbootstrap.com/

With this free Magento 1.7 theme, your feature items can be displayed front and center to visitors of your website. What’s nice about this theme is that you can allow your potential customers to compare your products and there’s a shopping card included with the design. You can put in a community poll to solicit feedback and put in plenty of categories so all of your products can get indexed and found.


3. Foundation 3 – http://foundation.zurb.com/

This theme has a good color scheme that will help visitors clearly see what your images and descriptions happen to be. Highlight your best selling products right on the front screen so everyone can see your good stuff. You can also compare products with this theme and you’ve got dual menu options for people to navigate effectively through your site. It’s done in the classic corporate style and it can be used for any ecommerce site.

Foundation 3

4. Magentech – http://www.magentech.com/

One of the best free Magento 1.7 themes available today is the SM Glasses theme through Magentech. This responsive theme puts the menus right where the customers can find what they need and there are plenty of box graphic options in a two column style with a slider. Social media integration is fully included with the theme. Stunning graphics, easy to navigate menus, and a full ecommerce system will have you instantly ready to accept orders.


5. GMPD – http://gpmd.github.io/

This free theme is a little basic compared to others that you’ll find, but it does put all of the essentials into place where people can easily find what they need. The layout utilizes the modern boxed format and you’ve got all the classic features that make Magento such a powerful platform to use. Let customers shop by category, price range, and your own chosen search methods as well. If you’re looking to get started right away without much hassle, this is the theme to use.