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There are three approaches to develop a website and all of them depend on the available technical skills. Developers will want to work from scratch or they would want templates that can be really worked around. Those who are not avid and very experienced developers or website designers will prefer WordPress themes that don’t require extensive coding. Webmasters or website owners who don’t have knowledge of coding will want drag and drop website builders. Those are easy to use and can help one develop a website in less than a day.

The best free WordPress themes for developers are not those focusing on drag and drop features, although that option may exist. Bearing in mind the preference of designers and coders, here are the best free WordPress themes for developers.

1. Magzimum


This theme is a magazine theme inspired by how news websites have been designed over the years. It is easily among the best free WordPress themes for developers. The customization options, the range of social icons, sliders, favicons, menus, featured sections, tickers and pagination along with the room to play with the basic elements of the design make this theme a joy for developers.

2. Weblizar


This theme is a full screen theme with a responsive design, featured slideshows and yet it is very light which makes it ideal for heavy websites featuring substantial graphics or images but not taking too long to load. It is a flexible theme with multifaceted features. It is good for companies, bloggers and as portfolio sites. This is one of the best free WordPress themes for developers who want to showcase their own creative skills or their technical prowess and also for their clients.

3. Corporate Business


This theme is easily among the simpler best free WordPress themes for developers. While it is simple, it is not a diluted version one of the more elaborative themes. This theme is ideal for developers who want to focus more on content than fancy design.

4. Creative


This theme is a simple responsive theme with customizers, featured standard layouts including wide and boxed layouts, sliders and there is ample room for creativity. Whether it is the technical aspect of the theme or the interface that the audience will be greeted with, this theme certainly works well for developers who like to experiment.

There are of course many other WordPress themes for developers but these are more than enough options to get started.