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6 Tri Fold Brochure Template Indesign

Choosing to use a tri fold brochure as a part of your marketing strategy will provide your business with new opportunities to inform others about your company and services. When designing your brochure, various factors can influence your efforts. Choosing the right colors, font sizes, graphics, ink types, and paper stock can all influence the action taken by the viewer. On the upside, tri fold brochures provide your business with multiple benefits such as being a cost effective solution, easy to display at your local facility, and easy to hand out. To assist you with the designing process, the following tri fold brochure InDesign templates are provided below to quicken the process.

1. Printing for Less

Tri fold brochures may be used as flyers, to provide take out menus, or showcase products and services. Multiple size templates for these can be found on Printing for Less varying from an 8.5 to 11 inch size. Open and closed gate options are also available for various style selections. For those that choose not to be burdened with printing the brochures themselves, you can utilize the services on this site and save 20% off your brochure printing costs.

2. Stock Layouts

This ready to made template offers a cost effective solution for those looking for a tri fold brochure template. These files make your job easy to design and edit your own brochure while also providing other complimentary marketing design materials for free to download.

3. InDesign Secrets

InDesign Secrets
At InDesign Secrets you can gain access to a free download package that includes a tri fold template in an IDML format that works with InDesign CS4 and later versions. With a standard 3.5 inch width for folded panels, these templates are easily printed on a standard US letter sized paper.

4. Lady Printing

Gain access to a variety of tri fold brochure style templates ranging from an 8.5 to 11 or A4 size. Download for InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, or even as an image file such as JPEG. Multiple styles are available from gate folded brochure or Z fold.

5. Tuts+

This quick leaflet design brochure serves many marketing purposes. Follow the simple 9 step process on this website to create your own tri fold template in InDesign CS5. With an inside center panel can you customize, the tri fold brochure offers additional space to market on the front panel and fold in panel sections.

6. Graphic Differ

This commercial style tri fold brochure can be found on Behance, offering access to dozens more template designs. Just follow the download link below to gain access to the template files. Featuring a paragraph style, layered template, master page, and easy to customize features, you can create your own customizable brochure now.