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7 Adobe Indesign Postcard Template

Postcards are a great way to send out personalized notes through the mail or to incorporate with a marketing campaign for business. Postcards help to target certain consumers when mailing lists are purchased from direct mailing sites. It is also a way to remain cost effective with your strategy. Postcards are not expected to immediately or directly sell a product or service since such little information can be placed on your mailing. However, they an become attention grabbing and help to elicit attention to your brand. The following collection of postcard templates for InDesign provide a great way to get started and experiment with design styles and effectiveness.

1. Stock Layouts

With almost 200 postcard templates available on Stock Layout, you can choose from many predesigned and targeted templates that represent your industry or secrvice. Once these templates are purchased, you can edit as needed to fit your individual needs. Complete design series are available for many templates, allowing you to choose from coordinated flyers, datasheets, brochures, and flyers.

Stock Layouts

2. 1-800-Postcards

The following collection of postcard templates provide a half dozen variations of size for your postcards. With just a simple click over the chosen size, the template will be automatically downloaded. Open in InDesign and add your text and graphical elements.


3. Printed

Find more than a dozen postcard templates on Printed, compatible with Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, and Quark. A screenshot of the style and size can be found on the left column, making it easier to choose from your specific style.


4. Lady Printing

These templates offer a great way to get started with designing your own customized postcard. You can also purchased already printed postcards from Lady Printing directly. These will be double sided and offer full color on both sides of glossy coating and 12 point card stock. Majority of the products and designs available can be downloaded and accessed in Illustrator, Photoshop. InDesign, and PDF.

Lady Printing

5. Got Print

This site is a full scope business marketing materials site that offers free templates for mailing services. Choose from a selection of mailing materials that include brochures, postcards, and envelopes. Can be used in Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Jpeg.

Got Print

6. Best Printing Online

These postcard variations can be downloaded in one click to use with InDesign or Adobe Acrobat. Each template meets the size and design as outlined by the US Post Office Regulations for mailing. When creating your media design, be sure to keep in mind space for bleed, actual trim size, and safety.

Best Printing Online

7. Print Outlet

These selections of flat templates for postcards make it easier to get the novice designer started. These are available for Illustrator, InDesign, Word, Photoshop, and Publisher giving a wide variety of templates to work from. Sizing starts at 2.75″ to 8.5″ in width andnd 8.5″ to 11″ height.

Print Outlet