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Great Free Magento 1.7 Templates

One of the best ways to get your business into a higher gear is to utilize Magento 1.7. When you’ve got a responsive theme, then you’ve got the ability to provide a quality user experience. You’ll have an effective ecommerce platform that will work with your industry, turn your online business toward profitability, and have an instant, professional presence on the internet so you can be found by your prospects. Here are some of the great free Magento 1.7 templates available to meet your needs.

1. Template Monster – http://www.templatemonster.com/

This quick, fast, yet fully functional free template series will give your key products the attention that they deserve. A top menu bar helps to encourage research into your website, while you can give specificity to your top products, information, or brands along a secondary bar in the middle of the screen. Image buttons help to encourage clicks for sales or special offers, while a comprehensive four column footer gives you the chance to go in-depth with what makes you different. It’s easy to use, can be quickly edited, and will give any site a great foundation.

Template Monster

2. Bootstrap – http://getbootstrap.com/

With this free Magento 1.7 theme, your feature items can be displayed front and center to visitors of your website. What’s nice about this theme is that you can allow your potential customers to compare your products and there’s a shopping card included with the design. You can put in a community poll to solicit feedback and put in plenty of categories so all of your products can get indexed and found.


3. Foundation 3 – http://foundation.zurb.com/

This theme has a good color scheme that will help visitors clearly see what your images and descriptions happen to be. Highlight your best selling products right on the front screen so everyone can see your good stuff. You can also compare products with this theme and you’ve got dual menu options for people to navigate effectively through your site. It’s done in the classic corporate style and it can be used for any ecommerce site.

Foundation 3

4. Magentech – http://www.magentech.com/

One of the best free Magento 1.7 themes available today is the SM Glasses theme through Magentech. This responsive theme puts the menus right where the customers can find what they need and there are plenty of box graphic options in a two column style with a slider. Social media integration is fully included with the theme. Stunning graphics, easy to navigate menus, and a full ecommerce system will have you instantly ready to accept orders.


5. GMPD – http://gpmd.github.io/

This free theme is a little basic compared to others that you’ll find, but it does put all of the essentials into place where people can easily find what they need. The layout utilizes the modern boxed format and you’ve got all the classic features that make Magento such a powerful platform to use. Let customers shop by category, price range, and your own chosen search methods as well. If you’re looking to get started right away without much hassle, this is the theme to use.