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Since its launch in 2003, WordPress, an easy to set up and flexible Web publishing platform has been downloaded more than sixty million times. Its popularity as a CMS produced a fantastically rich plug ecosystem which offers users the capacity to enhance their SEO, articles, handle spam and comments and a lot more. In simple words, there are a lot of incredible ways to enlarge your WordPress base functionality.

1. BackUpWordPress

This plugin can back up your whole site and database as well as all your files on a scheduled time frame you set.

2. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack
This is a SEO-packed plugin meant and useful for your WordPress blog.

3. WordPress SEO by Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast
This is another SEO solution for your WordPress blog. It includes meta description, breadcrumbs, SEO titles, XML sitemaps and a lot more.

4. Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps
This plugin produces a XML-Sitemap compliant sitemap of your blog. This format is sustained by Google, YAHOO, MSN Search and Ask.com. The two previous SEO plugins above can as well make the sitemap for you.

5. Akismet

This can guard your WordPress blog against comment spam.

6. All in One WP Security and Firewall

All in One WP Security and Firewall
This plugin can be your final security plugin which will take your site to a whole new one.

7. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security
This plugin provides website security defense against RFI, CSRF, CRLF, XSS, Base64, SQL Injection and Code Injection.

8. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache
This plugin is a static caching plugin used for WordPress sites. It can produce html files which are directly served by Apache with no processing relatively hard PHP scripts. Through utilizing the plugin, you can significantly speed up your WordPress blog.

9. WP Total Cache

WP Total Cache
WP Total Cache is characterized as the most comprehensive and fastest WordPress performance optimization plugin. After utilizing this plugin, you will not go back you utilizing the WP Super Cache.

10. Share This

Share This
This useful plugin allows the visitors to share a page or post with others. This as well supports email and posting to other social bookmarking websites.

11. WordPress Social Share Buttons

WordPress Social Share Buttons
This FAT FREE and simple share button plugin can add Facebook, Google plus one and Twitter share buttons to your blog posts.

12. Sociable

This plugin automatically add links to your most favorite bookmarking websites on your pages, posts and RSS feed.

Understandably, WordPress beginners oftentimes get confused whenever trying to pick out the best WordPress plugins among a wide array of free options available. Most of the time, they ask which among these plugins is the best for social media, reviews and testimonials, SEO, performance and a lot more. Hence, to give in to your requests, here is a compilation of the coolest plugins for your various concerns. Once you have these plugins on your WordPress, expect to have to site that performs like a champ.

These coolest WordPress plugins are only some of the many plugins you can take advantage for free. Make some research and you’re sure to find a lot more of these coolest WordPress plugins you can use to take your WordPress site into the next level.

It feels good that you have extra power to control everything in your website. That is why it is important to have a role manager plug-in that contain features that can provide what you want to control over your website. Simple role manager plug-in yet easy to use in the way you want it in every area of your website. Here are some WordPress Role Manager Plugins that you can choose from to integrate with your website.

1. Advanced Access Manager

Advanced Access Manager
This role manager plugin is known for its ease of use that it helps you have customizable and flexible control in your blog and multisite network. You can also have a control access in various areas in your website such as pages, post, widgets, categories, or menus.

2. Capability Manager Enhanced

Capability Manager Enhanced
This role manager plugin will help you manage WordPress role in the easiest way including viewing or changing the role capabilities, add new roles, copy in new roles the existing ones, and adding existing roles with new capabilities. It also supports role networking and capability negation.

3. My Rules – The Front-End Access Manager

My Rules - The Front-End Access Manager
This role manager plugin will allow you to effectively manage user/visitor roles and restrict them to access individual post type like attachment, page, single post etc in your website.

4. SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project & Document Manager
This role manager plugin helps you maintain and organize your documents, files, records, images, videos, manage client, supplier and student documents and accounts, individually control the documents, and choose distribution of documents. You can easily manage of all these with this plugin. It comes with other features about business interaction.

5. Members

This role manager is a role, user, and content management plugin that will give you extra control over your blogs. This plugin is considered to be the backbone of all current and planned future features for its capability management system and extensive role.

6. WP-Firebase Download Manager

WP-Firebase Download Manager
This role manager is a powerful download manager plugin for your WordPress blog. This plugin sorts and keeps file categories, widgets, file list, and download counter more organized. It has an easy management system of files and a consistent output with the use of templates.

7. Editorial Access Manager

This role manager plugin is simple to use and it will give you control about those people who can access to the post in your website. You can also do this by using only default in WordPress though it is not enough sometimes. This plugin will help you to set role or users can access to specific posts like you want a user contributor to edit a specific post of page. This plugin is a big help for you.

8. Multisite User Management

This role manager plugin will automatically apply the default role that you set in each of your sites and assigned role to every users so you will no longer add every new user manually.

9. User Access Manager

This role manager plugin allows you to manage the control access to your pages, files, and post by creating a user group and adding registered users to the group and set the right they have to access in your site. This plugin helps you to set a group of user who have and have no access and right to specific role in your site.

To prove your social worth, you need to have elevated social proof. If you do not know how to do this, the ultimate thing you can do is to get testimonial plugins for your WordPress site. Testimonial plugins for WordPress will help you gather and display customer reviews and testimonials. This marketing strategy is just so easy for there are immense free testimonial plugins available to elevate social proof.

For better or for worse, people are going to talk about your online service. Whether it is through reviews, blog comments or social media accounts, these feedbacks are a great way to engage with you. If you know how to play the cards in social marketing, you will learn that this kind of buzz is good for you. For instance, a testimonial page on your website full of praises and raves from your clients are very much worth it for you. Instead of holding on to the praises and avoiding the raves, simply take advantage of both for they can give a great impact on your business reputation. Check out the following list of the best testimonial plugins you can use for WordPress and proudly display the positive feedback from the clients and customers you proudly serve.

1. Good Reviews for WordPress

Good Reviews for WordPress
Particularly, Good Reviews for WordPress is designed for restaurants. However, it can be flexible for most products and services. In this plugin, customers can include a short review, star rating, photo and link to their site in order to heighten credibility. Reviews are illustrated in the SEO friendly schema mark-up and could be included to any page, sidebar and post in your site.

2. Clean Testimonials

Clean Testimonials
This free and handy testimonial plugin allows you and other users of your site to include testimonials into your site, which you can display and categorize by utilizing a shortcode, a PHP code or built-in widget. Additionally, Clean Testimonials lets users to upload thumbnails photos along with their testimonials, display or conceal their contact information in your site and others.

3. Testimonial Rotator

Testimonial Rotator
This plugin creates a convention post type for your testimonials. It makes a shortcode which outputs a rotator of your selected reviews. Aside from reviews, this plugin could make star rating information as well as display author details, with a headshot. A lot love this plugin for this can make various rotators with multiple categories for testimonials. This can be really useful if you’re selling more than one product.

4. Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials
This free testimonial plugin can offer you various ways to easily add testimonials to posts, sidebars, pages or any widgetized areas in your site. This plugin as well includes options to display a list of testimonials, a random testimonial, links, images and a fading or sliding testimonial widget.

5. FP Testimonials

FP Testimonials
If you would like to present your customer testimonials in an interesting and dynamic approach, you can try these FP Testimonials. This is a free WordPress plugin that can add a testimonial slider into the sidebar of your website by utilizing pages or widgets through shortcodes. Plus, FP Testimonials involves a lot of customization options so that you can control the direction, slider’s speed, delay time, control buttons, slide limit and others.

6. IvyCat AJAX Testimonials

IvyCat AJAX Testimonials
This free WordPress plugin utilizes Ajax in order to dynamically present testimonials on your site. It lets you categorize testimonials into various groups. This IvyCat AJAX Testimonials plugin provides support for photos together with testimonials. These testimonials can be presented through shortcodes, a PHP snippet or widgets.

7. Testimonials by Aihrus

This particular plugin is a robust and versatile plugin which can help you illustrate testimonials on your WordPress website. This free plugin lets you to include lists of testimonials and dynamic slideshows utilizing shortcodes or widgets and it involves support for images, text and video, easy sliding, slide and fade transitions or a lot more.

8. HMS Testimonials

You can check out this free WordPress testimonials plugin with Akismet integration if you are used to spammers utilizing your testimonial submission form in order to send out unwanted messages. Aside from spam protection, this plugin supplies a drag and drop interface, custom fields, support for photos in testimonials, three shortcodes, two widgets and a lot more.

9. GC Testimonials

Once you receive a testimonial using the submission form of this WordPress plugin, GC Testimonials would automatically inform you through email, permitting you to assess the message prior to publishing it on your website. Additionally, this free plugin offers the option of illustrating your testimonials dynamically and statically utilizing jQuery.

10. (SPYR) Tweet-stimonials

If you are looking for an easy approach how to share the positive feedback you collect on Twitter with your website visitors, you then have to see how this (SPYR) Tweet-stimonials goes. This free WordPress plugin permits you to display all tweets you have marked as favorites on Twitter as testimonials on the sidebar on your site, making it easy approach to integrate helpful tweets into your site.

Importance of Testimonials to Your Website

There are many reasons as to why you need to add a testimonial page to your website. Most importantly, testimonials can:

1. Help potential customers to get aware that you are a credible business.
2. Once effectively used, testimonials can be a great tool in order to elevate conversion rates on your website.
3. Give you the ultimate chance to pinpoint specific features or compelling reasons why people must purchase your business offerings.

Getting Started in Elevating your Social Proof in WordPress

There is no need to get a single cent from your marketing budget just to arm your marketing machine and keep it running. Here are testimonial plugins for WordPress you can use to build a strong online system with your clients and customers. They can get you loud and proud for your social reach. They are free testimonial plugins for WordPress where your customers can easily share their feedbacks about your online service. They allow you to display testimonials on your blog or website and they can come with features such as image support, video, Gravatar, slide and fade effects, social media integration, spam protection, easy color customization and a lot more.

Gathering testimonials is definitely a tedious task. However, with these free testimonial plugins for WordPress, your users can easily submit their testimonial forms in the most effective and fastest way to your site.

Newsletters are commonly used among businesses for internal and external uses. In some cases, newsletters may be a form of outreach to current customers and clients of a business or service. Internally, newsletters may be shared among employees to communicate new changes among the organization while giving recognition to certain employees. When publishing a newsletter of any kind, having a template to work from can help to ease your workload and allow the time spent to be directed towards the value of your content instead. Here is a compilation of some of the best free InDesign newsletter templates available on the web.

1. Best InDesign Templates

Best InDesign Templates
Here is a great choice for a corporate style newsletter. Offering the ability to choose your own color theme, change fonts, add pages, texts, and images, this free template is a perfect option for many smaller businesses. This template is royalty free and compatible with Indesign CS2 to CS6. Files contain a total of eight pages with the dimensions of a standard US letter size.

2. Stock InDesign

Stock Indesign
This professional business newsletter is designed for Adobe InDesign CS4 or higher and contains four editable pages. Designed at an A4 business size, download this template for free by simple socially sharing the link on your Twitter or Facebook. Even the stock images included have links provided on the site for direct download.

3. Design Freebies

Design Freebies
At design freebies, dozens of templates are available for InDesign ranging from magazines, brochures, flyers, to newsletters. This freely available newsletter template contains four basic pages with font, front and back pages, and prearranged design elements that can be easily modified. Compatible for version CS5 and CS6, the file is also provided in IDML format for CS4 users.

4. Graphic Differ

Graphic Differ
This beautifully design newsletter template is available for download for InDesign users for free and permitted for use on personal and commercial projects. The available files contain 4 pages with a minimum version compatibility of InDesign CS4. The available newsletter is sizes for A4 printing and include multiple font options to choose from.