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9 Best WordPress Role Manager Plugins

It feels good that you have extra power to control everything in your website. That is why it is important to have a role manager plug-in that contain features that can provide what you want to control over your website. Simple role manager plug-in yet easy to use in the way you want it in every area of your website. Here are some WordPress Role Manager Plugins that you can choose from to integrate with your website.

1. Advanced Access Manager

Advanced Access Manager
This role manager plugin is known for its ease of use that it helps you have customizable and flexible control in your blog and multisite network. You can also have a control access in various areas in your website such as pages, post, widgets, categories, or menus.

2. Capability Manager Enhanced

Capability Manager Enhanced
This role manager plugin will help you manage WordPress role in the easiest way including viewing or changing the role capabilities, add new roles, copy in new roles the existing ones, and adding existing roles with new capabilities. It also supports role networking and capability negation.

3. My Rules – The Front-End Access Manager

My Rules - The Front-End Access Manager
This role manager plugin will allow you to effectively manage user/visitor roles and restrict them to access individual post type like attachment, page, single post etc in your website.

4. SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project & Document Manager
This role manager plugin helps you maintain and organize your documents, files, records, images, videos, manage client, supplier and student documents and accounts, individually control the documents, and choose distribution of documents. You can easily manage of all these with this plugin. It comes with other features about business interaction.

5. Members

This role manager is a role, user, and content management plugin that will give you extra control over your blogs. This plugin is considered to be the backbone of all current and planned future features for its capability management system and extensive role.

6. WP-Firebase Download Manager

WP-Firebase Download Manager
This role manager is a powerful download manager plugin for your WordPress blog. This plugin sorts and keeps file categories, widgets, file list, and download counter more organized. It has an easy management system of files and a consistent output with the use of templates.

7. Editorial Access Manager

This role manager plugin is simple to use and it will give you control about those people who can access to the post in your website. You can also do this by using only default in WordPress though it is not enough sometimes. This plugin will help you to set role or users can access to specific posts like you want a user contributor to edit a specific post of page. This plugin is a big help for you.

8. Multisite User Management

This role manager plugin will automatically apply the default role that you set in each of your sites and assigned role to every users so you will no longer add every new user manually.

9. User Access Manager

This role manager plugin allows you to manage the control access to your pages, files, and post by creating a user group and adding registered users to the group and set the right they have to access in your site. This plugin helps you to set a group of user who have and have no access and right to specific role in your site.