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There are a few imperative attributes of a luxury theme. The design has to be elegant. Anything short of aesthetic elegance and it would be too ordinary or be a luxury theme. The theme has to be unique in some way. Not every theme can be out of the world or over the top but there must be some unique elements that would facilitate the branding of the company dealing in luxury items. It doesn’t have to be industry or product specific. There has to be some element of surprise or something indelibly impressive.

Here is a brief list of some of the best free luxury WorPress themes. You can check them out and see which ones would suit your needs.

1. Luxi


The theme is being marketed as a WooCommerce theme because of the seamless integration of the ecommerce platform of WordPress. What most people will like about the site is the minimalist elegance. The site is beautiful to say the least and it is the simple sophistry that makes it stunning. The theme was clearly developed focusing on luxury brands and items. Subtle animations, design elements that are easy on the eyes and the combo of color and font options make it a treat to work with.

2. Concierge


As the name suggests, this is a luxury lifestyle theme. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that the theme itself is the ultimate virtual manifestation of the high flying lifestyles of the rich and famous. The design is not only subtle but the primary message that it conveys is the experience matters more than the masquerading of it. Concierge really makes it simple and even working on the foundation of the site is easy enough.

3. The Luxury

The Luxury

This is a responsive theme ideal for promoting and selling jewelry, watches, cars and yachts, bags and all kinds of luxury items. The Luxury has a clean interface, it has WooCommerce integrated and the sleek slider, resourceful admin panel and drag-and-drop website builder surely makes it a dream to work on.

4. Amadeus


This is as elegant and as classic as you can get. Amadeus is a responsive theme sporting a rare classic look and unique elegance. With firm focus on tradition and prestige, it is easily one of the best free luxury WordPress themes, especially if you want to sell luxury goods. The theme can work with all popular plug-ins and is compatible with all browsers cutting across devices.

Whenever you check out some WordPress themes, it is easy to get swayed by the featured images and how the snapshot of a sample homepage is presented. It is necessary that you delve into the details. This is particularly true as fashion websites will almost always focus on imagery and the visual treat will determine its impact. Once that initial impression fades away, it is the content that would matter. From navigation to interactive features, everything is of significance. While listing out the best free fashion WordPress themes, let us focus more on the technicalities and differences than just how we would play with the visual splendor.

1. Street Style Theme


The Street Style theme is ideal for bloggers dabbling in the niche of fashion. The theme is also apt for media and businesses in the fashion industry. The theme is completely customizable and there is a fully fledged options panel. The theme is also responsive.

2. Fashion Blog Theme


The Fashion Blog features a full-screen video option on every webpage, including the landing page or homepage. There is a full screen banner and an integrated home page slider. It is a very flexible theme and is certainly one of the best free fashion WordPress themes.

3. Grateful Fashion Theme


This is simple and minimalist. At the face of it the theme may not mean much but focus a little on the features and you would realize why this theme is so popular. The theme effectively gives you a blank canvas that you can work on with amazing navigation, responsive features and there are specific post formats for videos, audios, galleries and quotes among others.

4. Jakiro


This is more of an ecommerce website for fashion products. The site is stunning to say the least. The neat design is definitely desirable given the focus on sales. It is not ideal for blogs or informational websites related to fashion. It is responsive, has an intuitive interface for users and the flawless navigation makes it a dream. Jakiro is customizable with six homepage options. There are innumerable layout possibilities and multiple blog layouts. There’s full WooCommerce integration.

5. inFashion


Infashion is a clean design with the focus on content. There are no distractions. The color schemes are soothing, the typography is impressive and there are custom widgets that you can choose from. There are nine post formats covering all kinds of content, sidebar feeds and it is a responsive design.

Charity is supposed to be about giving back and doing something that is selfless. Technology changes the way that we do everything. It is now essential that every business and organization have a website. In the pas,t having a presence online was an added luxury, but now it is a necessity. This means that even charities need to create a website. If you are looking to create a website for your charity or organization, it is important to understand what type of site you should build. It is important that you have a professional looking site, but you also want it to have all the features that are needed for the visitors of your website. Even if you do not have a lot of experience with site building, it is still possible for you to build a great looking and functional site for your charity


The best way to build a site for your charity is to use a template. By using a template to design and build your site, you do not have to have extensive web design knowledge of skill. You can use a template that allows you to create a site without the need for coding or more complex techniques. There are so many different templates to choose from that the options can be a bit overwhelming for most. However, you can narrow down your options by choosing from the best free wordpress templates for charities. These templates are designed specifically to be used for sites that are dedicated to charities. This means that they come built-in with layout options and features that are ideal for this type of site. There are templates for just about every niche market you can think of and this also includes charities.

Good Cause


This is a template that is quickly becoming one of the most popular options. It is designed to be completely mobile friendly and is responsive in design. This means that it will automatically load to be compatible with all devices. No matter what size the screen is that is used to access the site, this site will automatically load. This is the best way to ensure that you do not miss out on any visitors to your site. You also have a lot of customization options with this template including the ability to choose between light and dark color schemes based on your preferences. You even have the ability to choose from other font options, which allows you to completely customize the design of your site. It is possible to even add a logo to your site using this charity template.

The choice of best free product review WordPress themes will depend on many factors. You may want one webpage or a website with perhaps two pages dedicated to a particular product review. This may be a part of affiliate marketing campaigns or just an outright unbiased product review dedicated to a particular niche. You may have a website where you keep updating your list of product reviews in a given category. Then there are product review sites where it is not just one product or even one industry but innumerable products from diverse industries are reviewed. Such a website will have different demands.

There is no dearth of product review WordPress themes. But you would possibly want the best free product review WordPress themes. Here are some of the best free product review WordPress themes.

1. Tesla


This is a lovely responsive theme. It is ideal for anyone who wishes to focus on content and essentially information. Product review websites are often too focused on design elements. What matters most in product reviews is the information or factual content that you present. The Tesla theme has a traditional version and it is a responsive design so you can have the website viewed on mobile devices without any problem. In addition to being ideal for product reviews, the theme is also good for bloggers and portfolio websites.

2. Kihon


This has a classic feel with many contemporary elements. It is a simplistic and minimalist website design which again works for product reviewers because the focus is on content. The soothing color palette, the immersive design and the customizations make the design a standout while it satiates all basic requisites like headers, footers, logos, accents, theme colors and menu links among others.

3. Anarcho Notepad

Anarcho Notepad

This is for all product reviewers who want to let their reviews be the highlight and not frills or excessive features. It is a cool theme with a bit rustic essence and it will create a visual impact.

4. ColorMag


This is clearly inspired by magazine layouts and essential features but that is also what makes it a little like a catalog of product reviews. From featured images of products to clearly indicate what a post or review is about to having short descriptions, interactive layouts and ecommerce facilitation, this is one of the most complete theme among the best free product review WordPress themes, ideal for professional reviewers and those who are into affiliate marketing.

The ambit of entertainment is so diverse that it is really hard to find the perfect WordPress theme. In our list of the best free entertainment WordPress themes, we highlight diverse but relevant templates that would suit specific needs of entertainment websites.

1. Divi


Divi stands out for its pliable design, versatile interface and it is a truly multipurpose theme. It is responsive, loaded with customizable options and it is timely updated.

2. StereoClub


StereoClub is a powerful theme. It is charming and quite inviting. It is ideal for music websites, events, bands, nightclubs and other forms of entertainment.



This is one of the coolest among the best free entertainment WordPress themes. It is not for everyone and not for all types of audience but for those that it is apt, it is near perfect.

4. Croma


This is one of the more flexible of the best free entertainment WordPress themes. It is beautiful, immersive and quite imaginative. It can be used for entertainment websites but that is not where the theme is confined to.

5. Blogging


Don’t judge the book by its cover and a theme by its name. This is one of the simplest websites but its resourceful layout and soothing design will work for most forms of entertainment.

6. Interactive


Interactive is hip, detailed and yet not overwhelming. It is a modern design with dynamic features. It is a responsive theme. The theme is very effective if you wish to captivate your audience.

7. WordX


WordX is a flexible sophisticated theme for entertainment websites. Whether we talk about digital magazines or news websites, comedy or gossip tabloids; this theme works like magic.

8. Newspaper


There is something amazing about presenting any information just as it is or having a straight layout directing people to what they wish to read. Newspaper is not as bland as the classic design but it surely has fewer frills than some overdone designs of the day.

9. Innovation


Innovation is fresh and vibrant. It is a resourceful theme with a very easy interface. Not only would guests have a great time browsing the site but the webmasters too have an easy experience working on developing the site.

10. WeMusic


WeMusic is all about music and it could be any genre. The theme is also apt for events and hence suited to myriad kinds of entertainment. From concerts to festivals, private shows to promoting any specific stop on the calendar, WeMusic is just the kind of online presence musicians and performers need.

There are three approaches to develop a website and all of them depend on the available technical skills. Developers will want to work from scratch or they would want templates that can be really worked around. Those who are not avid and very experienced developers or website designers will prefer WordPress themes that don’t require extensive coding. Webmasters or website owners who don’t have knowledge of coding will want drag and drop website builders. Those are easy to use and can help one develop a website in less than a day.

The best free WordPress themes for developers are not those focusing on drag and drop features, although that option may exist. Bearing in mind the preference of designers and coders, here are the best free WordPress themes for developers.

1. Magzimum


This theme is a magazine theme inspired by how news websites have been designed over the years. It is easily among the best free WordPress themes for developers. The customization options, the range of social icons, sliders, favicons, menus, featured sections, tickers and pagination along with the room to play with the basic elements of the design make this theme a joy for developers.

2. Weblizar


This theme is a full screen theme with a responsive design, featured slideshows and yet it is very light which makes it ideal for heavy websites featuring substantial graphics or images but not taking too long to load. It is a flexible theme with multifaceted features. It is good for companies, bloggers and as portfolio sites. This is one of the best free WordPress themes for developers who want to showcase their own creative skills or their technical prowess and also for their clients.

3. Corporate Business


This theme is easily among the simpler best free WordPress themes for developers. While it is simple, it is not a diluted version one of the more elaborative themes. This theme is ideal for developers who want to focus more on content than fancy design.

4. Creative


This theme is a simple responsive theme with customizers, featured standard layouts including wide and boxed layouts, sliders and there is ample room for creativity. Whether it is the technical aspect of the theme or the interface that the audience will be greeted with, this theme certainly works well for developers who like to experiment.

There are of course many other WordPress themes for developers but these are more than enough options to get started.

There are several requisites to satiate while developing a podcasting website. It is possible to redesign an existing website or to add plug-ins, to reprogram the code and to opt for specific software to podcast through a website. However, the theme or the essence of the website may not be in sync with podcasting. You would not like to use a bland website design or one that is not very relevant for podcasting to be the platform. That is where you need podcast WordPress themes.

It is no secret that WordPress has thousands of themes or templates and they all have their specific utility. You can get website themes ideal for blogging, portfolio sites and business websites. Likewise you get many that are ideal for podcasting. There aren’t many free themes ideal for podcasting though. In this list, we present two of the best free podcast WordPress theme and the others are free, free with a paid version or only a paid solution.

1. Willingness


Willingness is a very light design. It is responsive and adaptable, there is a three column layout theme, four footer widget areas, the layout is flexible and it is ready to showcase multimedia content. You can obviously host podcasts but also present videos and images in galleries. You can tweak the three column layout and opt for a single column or two column layouts. There is a custom menu, background and header image. This is one of the simplest among the best free podcast WordPress themes.

2. Pinboard


Pinboard is classy and is one of the more popular of the best free podcast WordPress themes. More than forty thousand websites use this theme in some customized form. The elegant theme has a grid system and an advanced theme framework. It is a craft template with unlimited layout options, styles and is ready to host photo galleries or images and videos. The theme is ideal for podcasts.

3. Album Theme

Album Theme

As the name implies, this is a music theme. While many people would use this theme to share songs or to play the top charts at the moment, you can easily use the theme t host podcasts. The audio player integrated in the design actually plays in the background so visitors can browse the site as they listen to the songs or the production you wish to podcast.

4. Americanaura Theme


This is an out and out music theme so it is ideal if you want to podcast about music. You can however use it for any type of podcast. The theme works particularly well for those who have a substantial fan following because the easy updates routed through the site makes it easier for podcasters to engage with their audience. The theme is responsive so don’t worry about whether or not your website is mobile friendly.

5. Chords Theme


This is for all kinds of broadcast. You could be a podcaster, a jockey using the airwaves, you may want to share music or you may want to broadcast videos. The Chords theme is one of the easiest to use among all best free podcast WordPress themes. You don’t need to write a single line of code. You can use the drag and drop website builder to have all the elements of the design in place. In addition to being a great website for podcasting, the theme is also suitable for musicians or bands, artists, event management companies and there is Woo-Commerce integration. That allows you to sell subscriptions or tickets for that exclusive show.

6. Night Theme


The Night theme is for everyone who intends to share music. The theme is great for disc jockeys, aspiring musicians, music bloggers or any kind of podcasting site that deals with music. Of course you can use the theme for other types of podcast. Podcasting is not confined to music. However, the layout of the website, the elements of the design, the various theme options and the very essence of the presentation of the site are custom made for music. This WordPress theme has a dark design layout which makes it look rather hip and cool. There is a drag and drop website builder so you don’t have to toil your way through the technicalities that you may not be accustomed with. The theme is responsive with video embed feature from Vimeo and YouTube among others.

7. Stereo Squared Theme

Stereo Squared

StereoSquared allows you to integrate SoundCloud which immediately makes it a haven for podcasters. The theme actually comes with unique SoundCloud integration. You don’t need to walk that extra mile or opt for that excess of a tweak to the feature to start podcasting. You select the theme you wish to ahead with, pick the color scheme, set up the widgets that you want on the home page and then publicize the schedule. The theme is compatible with all browsers. Just create and podcast with StereoSquared.

It is imperative for any website to have an elegant design. Unless you have a specific theme in mind and a particular design or type of aesthetic that you want your website to sport, you would want to impress the audience with a visually pleasing website. Elegance is subjective. There are many elements that determine elegance when it comes to a website. Everything from the layout to the use of colors, the graphics to the fonts or typeface being used, the gradients and the manner in which the contents are presented, all such aspects and more will determine if a website is elegant.

Fortunately, there are many free WordPress themes that score well on the scale of elegance. Courtesy the best free elegant WordPress themes you don’t need to worry about the nitty-gritty of the design. You can simply use the template and opt for the customizations you need. Here is a brief list of some of the best free elegant WordPress themes. This list is by no means exhaustive or inclusive of all themes that can be deemed elegant.

1. Nova Lite

Nova Lite

Nova Lite is developed by Alessandro Vellutini and is used by more than a thousand websites. It is a responsive theme so you don’t have to worry about the mobile presence of your website. The theme is based on Bootstrap framework and supports all browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer and Opera. Powered by HTML5 and CSS3, the theme is easy to work with. The simple layout and easy contrasting colors make for a pleasant viewing and reading experience.

2. Mantle


Mantle is a responsive theme and is used by more than two thousand websites. It is a timely updated theme based on the larger theme of GeneratePress. The theme is not just ready for mobile browsers but you also get W3C Markup, Schema.org integration, compatibility across browsers and ready for search engine optimization. The website is available in German and of course English but is completely translatable.

3. WriterStrap


WriterStrap, as the name implies, is geared more towards content and textual content to be precise. Any website that needs more verbose content will do well with this minimalist theme. It is powered by TwitterBootstrap 3.0, ready for SEO optimization, the loading is particularly fast and the flat blog layout works like breeze. There are many theme functionalities to manage multiple profiles and all your online integrations. The theme has a demo available for interested webmasters.

4. Guardian


Guardian is presently being used by more than two thousand websites. It is common but not that widespread. It still leaves enough room for unique customization. The multi-purpose theme is responsive and ideal for business websites, blogs and portfolio sites. The theme is very flexible. It is powered by Bootstrap CSS framework. It is translation ready and works on all browsers. The theme has four page layouts, two page templates, five widgets with four footers and one sidebar, there are different options to choose the column design and you can integrate all your online profiles or presences into the site. Guardian has enough options including complete CMS control to weave your magic into the site. It is also compatible with WooCommerce.

5. Catch Flames

Catch Flames

This is a very clean, simple and lightweight theme. It offers a full width layout and is responsive. The wider layout works very well with large screens that are quite common today. The default theme has three columns layout but you can go for a one column or two columns layout as well. Catch Flames is powered by CSS3, HTML5 and the Theme Options panel. A flexible and very customizable option available for free Catch Flames is easily one of the best free elegant WordPress themes at present. It is being used by more than three thousand websites right now. The theme works with WPML, mqTranslate, qTranslate, Polulang, Jetpack, WooCommerce, WP-PageNavi and Contact Form 7 among others. The website you develop will be translation ready and the theme is already available in French, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

6. The Funk

The Funk

A responsive theme with customizable layouts, ample colors to choose from within the Theme Customizer, The Funk offers enough flexibility while ensuring that you have an elegant design throughout. You can opt for any type of personal styling and the base design of the theme will ensure the level of elegance you want.

7. Gravit


Gravit is minimalistic but well detailed and completely responsive. The elegant design doesn’t come in the way of focusing on content. While offering an elegant viewing experience, you can allow your visitors to have a great read or browsing exploration.

8. Rams


Presently being used by more than two thousand websites, Rams is another minimalist website. It is ideal for bloggers because of the personal essence that one can bring into the presentation of content. The theme is responsive and it is retina-ready. There is support for quote post formats, gallery and custom accent color support. There are many editor styles, Jetpack infinite scroll integration and there is a translation ready code.

What you would look for in the best free Christian WordPress themes will depend on exactly what purpose you have in mind. A religious website preaching the Bible would have a purpose different from an organization that endorses social causes but is an extension of a Christian group or is being funded by a church. Since there is an array of purposes, the ambit of designs will have to be looked at specifically. Here are some of the best free Christian WordPress themes you can work with. Weigh their merits and demerits and choose accordingly.

1. Benevolence


The responsive template is ideal for religious communities, especially churches. It is powered by HTML5 and CSS3, there are eleven custom post sections and you can list events, causes, staff, galleries, documents, ministries, sermons and projects as well as donations on the website. The theme has PayPal integrated for payments.

2. X


X is an unconventional design on this list of best free Christian WordPress themes. It is unorthodox but that is where its magic lies. The unique originality of the theme, the visual distinction, the sophisticated technology and the professional layout makes this a truly multipurpose theme. You can check out the church demo to know how relevant and useful it can be as a Christian theme.

3. Salvation


Salvation goes more by the book than X. It is a minimalist design which looks and feels fresh. It is ideal for a church, religious groups and nonprofit organizations being funded by charities or Christian organizations. The theme is powered by HTML5 and CSS3. There’s enough plug-ins. It is a responsive and hence mobile friendly theme and there is horde of customizable features including Google fonts, icons, widgets, sidebar, pagination, effects, header and quick search among others. It has a drag and drop website builder so anyone with little or a lot of experience in website designing will find it to be a cakewalk.

4. Adore Church

Adore Church

Adore Church is modern yet simple. It is elegant and hence very impressive. The quality of graphic design, the neat layout, the minimalist approach and the crisp feel of the website certainly makes it look professional and very well done. The design is not stunning or overwhelming but certainly inspiring and more importantly welcoming. The polished visuals are only the start. There are enough flexible elements and state of the art features in the design. It is most definitely one of the best free Christian WordPress themes.

There are a few simple requisites to satiate while developing a website of a spa. It must be neat, enticing and cool. It should have a positive vibe and be effectively inviting. Visitors should feel welcomed, not just on the website but also to an extent that they feel the urge to check out the place in person. It is not just about verbose content and it is not only about images. There has to be a fine balance between the information shared in text and the kind of sneak peek offered through the images, perhaps even a video tour. Virtual tours are obviously very important when infrastructure has to be one of the selling points. Here are some of the best free spa WordPress themes that you can check out.

1. Dream Spa


Dream Spa is a child theme of Spasalon but by no means is it inferior. It is a fresh design with ample room to play with the flexible options or customizable features. The theme is presently being used by more than a thousand websites. Given the count of spas, which is not one in a dozen businesses, the number is certainly impressive. Dream Spa is responsive, there are multiple navigational menus, there is a right side bar and a featured slider, a very well designed landing page which can also be the homepage and there is a fully fledged option panel offering easy access to all important aspects of website development. The theme is perfect for spas and salons. Wellness and fitness centers or healthcare facilities can also use this theme.

2. Setmore SpaSalon


Setmore SpaSalon is a simple theme but has a very powerful design. The relatively simplicity allows full focus to be on the services that a spa specializes in. It is possible that a spa will specialize in dozens of spa services but they can be clubbed so there is a useful layout on the homepage facilitating that. The responsive theme provides space to highlight services, employees, business hours and booking buttons.

3. SpaSalon


SpaSalon is a responsive theme suitable for all browsers and browsing devices. Ideal for spas, wellness centers, fitness and yoga studios, health blogs and hospitality businesses, the theme is light, fast, ready to be optimized and there is ample room to play with the flexible options. Webmasters can work on nine areas dedicated to widgets, there are different kinds of styling, plug-ins like WooCommerce can be easily integrated and there are innumerable customizable features.