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4 Indesign Letterhead Template

Integrating a letterhead onto all of your documents and correspondence is a great way to raise brand awareness and can serve as an additional advertising tool. Letterheads with logos are not only professional, but can also add a form of legality to your document and make it stand out among your competition. Take a plain piece of paper into the next level by customizing your own letterhead using one of these free Indesign templates found below.

1. Stock Layouts

This site offers a variety of letterhead templates for any industry and allows you to coordinate your design with your business cards and envelopes. Layouts can be edited in a variety of programs to also include Illustrator, Publisher, Word, and CorelDraw. Browse more than 18 pages of designs.

Stock Layouts

2. InDesign Secrets

Dozens of Indesign templates are available on this site to include more than a dozen business resources for letterheads, business cards, labels and more. Simply click on the desired document to immediately download to your hard drive. All templates are available in CS4 format or later and are distributed as is with their own licensing agreements attached.

InDesign Secrets

3. ACS

This website offers simple templates for letterheads, business cards, press releases, and coordinating envelope templates for your business. For the quick and editable solution, simply press the link for a one click download and upload your logo image and business details.


4. Design Tuts

For Indesign CS5 users, tutsplus is the perfect option for those looking for a quick and free letterhead template download. Simple editing directions are also provided on how to open your new document, insert the logo and choose your desired typeface. Next, add graphics and align the edges to finalize your base template for future correspondence.

Design Tut