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6 Indesign Invoice Template

Having an invoice template to work from will help to streamline your business and spotlight your company logo and process. These InDesign invoice templates serve as perfect resources to get you started and customize to meet your individual needs.

1. FatDog Creatives

This template is offered for free to their users and includes four layers with fill it in areas to modify as needed. Export to a pdf for pringing. A few standard fonts are included as well as a logo area to easily upload your image file to. The template is available in a file type that works with Adobe’s Creative Suite and InDesign. Don’t forget to check out their sample deposit invoice as well.

Fat Dog Creatives

2. Design Shock

With a huge collection of printable business templates, you can get a copy of their invoice template for free. With unlimited commercial licenses for all sets, you can get the complete selection of source files and choose from multiple designs, with more than 10 colors. Three file formats are included that work with InDesign and Photoshop.


3. Blog Sizzle

Premium templates available for free download with more than 35 designs to choose from. These invoices are available in PSD, DOCx, XLSX, and ODT file formats for easy editing. These are perfect to use for a variety of professional businesses and meet the needs for multiple skill levels when it comes to putting the template into action. For those that desire a few more design functions, paid for premium templates are also made available to users.

Blog Sizzle

4. Template Shock

Dozens of free and premium style templates are available on this site. Get coordinated designs for your business cards, letters, and proposals. More than 600 free design templates are available in their user packs. A full free pack can be obtained with personal license with packages ranging upwards to commercial licensing options.

Template Shock

5. Template Trove

For the basic users, this standard invoice template is perform for Word formats and InDesign coming in more than 5 color options. Two variations of these templates exist and can be downloaded directly from the site below.

Template Trove

6. Template.net

This site offers more than 50 invoice templates that range from free downloads and premium offerings. Many of these designs are conveniently placed with crisp lines, stylish fonts, and essential attributes such as logo area, header, and footer. Browse through the many options of design, styles, and colors to find the one that is right for you.