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5 Book Cover Template Indesign

Using a book template for designing your cover and inside pages can help to differentiate your book from. Working from a template will also help to maintain consistency throughout your book in a standardized format. The following InDesign book templates will help to quicken your process and get you started.

1. InDesign Secrets

InDesign Secrets
Available for InDesign CS4 version and later, multiple book style templates are available. Many of these templates provide customization options for front and back covers, chapter openers, body text images, and a master page.

2. 48hr Books

48 Hour Books
With various book templates available for self publishing, sizes range from 4.25 inches to 8.5 size. Gain access also to this sites cover size calculator to determine what the proper size of your book should be

3. Book Design Templates

Book Design Templates
This site offers dozens of independently designed book templates. For small fees, gain access to single book, multi-book, or commercial level licenses for the templates. Some templates are offered in bundle sizes with popular styles designed for novels, paperbacks, or hardcovers..

4. Print Book Baby

Print Book Baby
A great resource for writers, more than a dozen book templates are available suitable for comic book size, digest, portrait, landscape, and pocket book sizes. Choose your style and size, click the download button and gain access to a customizable template file for your book project.

5. Stock InDesign

Stock InDesign
With multiple InDesign book template files available on this size, you have several options to choose from for your novel. Just simple share among your social media sites to gain free access and unlock the file download button.