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22 Best WordPress SMTP Plugins

Having an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) plugin in your website is very convenient in many ways. It is very important to have an SMTP plugin in your website in order for you to transfer emails over the internet without having difficulty. There are several WordPress SMTP plugins available online. They all offer an easy SMTP for your website and they only differ a little. Choose what you think is best for you in considering your demands and requirements.

1. Easy WP SMTP

A plugin where you can send emails from your WP based websites using a preferred SMTP server. Therefore, your emails will be prevented from going to spams or junks of your recipients.

2. Easy SMTP Mail

Easy SMTP Mail
An easy SMTP plugin that will surely benefit you in sending emails from your WP sites by using a preferred server for SMTP. Your emails will be sent via SMTP of PHP mail () function. This is compatible with PHP version 5.6.0. Make sure you are using that version when using this plugin.

3. Postman SMTP Mailer

Postman SMTP Mailer
The first OAuth 2.0 that is capable of SMTP mailer in WP. This is created to address the shortcoming of all major SMTP WP plugins. OAuth 2.0 is the preferred mechanism for authentication of Gmail, Yahoo mail, and Hotmail. Your messages will be sent without any rejection and going to junk/spam.

4. WP Mail Bank – PHP Mailer & SMTP Mailer

WP Mail Bank – PHP Mailer & SMTP Mailer
This is enhanced with an advance SMP option settings instead of the mail () w/ many other options available. You can choose between a custom SMTP preferred server of inbuilt PHP Mailer. The SMTP ports and settings may differ and will depend upon the host provider.

5. Caldera SMTP Mailer

Caldera SMTP Mailer
This plugin is not much differ among the same service providers. This SMTP mailer will simply send your system emails through your preferred SMTP server compared to a standard phpmail


Having this plugin will enable you to configure your WP based site to send an email via SMTP using your own personal email address. This is very useful especially when the WP doesn’t send any emails. Difficulty in sending an email is caused by the server not allowing emails to send via PHP.

7. SMTP by BestWebSoft

SMTP by BestWebSoft
Having this plugin will let you configure sending email messages by SMTP in a fast and easy way. It uses gateways and other email services like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo and many other. There are no troublesome way of configuring when using this plugin.

8. SendinBlue Subscribe Form and WP SMTP

SendinBlue Subscribe Form and WP SMTP
This plugin is an all-in-one email marketing plugin that uses your preferred SMTP server when sending. This plugin is available in English and French versions.

9. CheetahSender WordPress

CheetahSender WordPress
This plugin overrides the wp_mail() function to enable the use of the CheetahSender. You should be a customer of this service for using this plugin. This requires a 2.7 and up version of WP.


<a title="https://wordpress.org/plugins/cheetahsender/" href="https://wordpress.org/plugins/cheetahsender/" target="_blank"  rel="nofollow">
Arranges the wp_mail() task to use this WP SMTP Mail CONFIG plugin in place of mail() and it will create a page option in order for you to administer the settings.

11. Zendy Mailman

Zendy Mailman
This plugin improves in delivering of emails sent to your WP site by using SMTP compared to the PHP mailer of WordPress. This only works with a 3.9.1 and up versions of WordPress.

12. SendGrid

Using a SMTP and API integration, you can send emails through SendGrid from any of your WP based sites. This is an email with a cloud based infrastructure that relieves the businesses cost and complexity in maintaining a custom email system. This plugin is very reliable in delivery, real time analytic and scalability together with its adaptable APIs that makes custom integration perfect.

13. turboSMTP

Configures your WP based website in sending an email using your personal email account via turboSMTP. This is available in Italian, French, German and Spanish languages. This plugin requires a 2.7 and higher version of WP.

14. Mailjet for WordPress

Mailjet for WordPress
Use this plugin in creating and sending personalized Newsletter, gather advanced analytics and sync contacts. It sends your email via SMTP. It requires a 3.2.1 and higher version of WordPress.


Will allow you to send emails by the use of SMTP preferred server than the phpmail function. Just simply download and install and that’s it!

16. Saksh WP SMTP

It integrates the WP to different mailing servers like sendgrid, mandrill, getresponse, SMTP server, cleanmailserver, and Amazon SES. They also offer great customer service when you need one.

17. WP Mail SMTP

Reconfigures the we_mail function to use the SMTP instead of mail. It also creates a page with options that will allow various options specifications.

18. SAR Friendly SMTP

This is using WP native possibilities. No third parties or whatever, just a SMTP friendly plugin for WP. This is a very unique plugin that you will definitely like. Features many things like kiss principle, no SMTP third party libraries and respects the modified fields made by the other plugins.

19. PHPSword SMTP Email Setup

This plugin will let you configure SMTP email add in your WP based site. You are also allowed to setup e-mail add and display your personal information. This is very simple and easy to use compared to other SMTP plugins. Try this one.

20. TWD SMTP Mail

A plugin that will help you in delivering emails from any of your WP blog or page using your preferred SMTP server instead of PHP mail(). This also contributes an email configurations. It creates you a get in touch pages when installing this plugin. This requires a 3.4 and up version of WP.

21. Cimy Swift SMTP

This SMTP WP plugin can send you emails via SMTP and this is very compatible with your Gmail recipients. This is for people that have an hosting server with PHP mail function disabled. This also supports TLS, SSL, STARTTLS encryptions. Requires a version of 3.0 and up in WP.

22. MyMail Multi SMTP

This is a plugin that will allow you to have a multiple SMTP connection in one plugin via MyMail Newsletter Plugin. This requires a 3.3 and up versions of WP.

If you notice the different SMTP plugin mentioned above, they just have a little difference in terms on configuring the mailer into a SMTP. All the plugin mentioned above will definitely give you a good service regarding the SMTP plugin.