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6 Musician Invoice Template

As a freelancer it can be difficult to find consistent work that pays you for services regularly. For whatever jobs you may obtained for yourself, these musician template invoices will ensure you are ready to bill and collect your payment immediately. Many of these templates allow you to state a description of services rendered, date, track, and outline the rate for your charges. Here is a look at some of the easiest invoice templates available on the web.

1. Musician Wages

Musician Wages

At Musician Wages, they recommend that any invoiice mailed to your client should be provided in a .pdf format to ensure it is easily opened and not altered. You can find an available invoice template that is downloadable from Google Docs on their website, helping to get you started. Simple make the desired changes and send over to your client to remit payment.

2. Google Docs Templates

Google Docs Templates

Google Docs offers their own variety of invoice templates to users. Locate an invoice that suits your color and design needs, making any desired changes before saving. Simply send to your client or share the direct link with them to preview and save. You can also download or print, dependinng upon your specific needs. These templates provide a good base foundation for your business.

3. Invoice Template

Invoice Template

This invoice template includes the venue details, date, and time for your billable client. Perfect for brokers who arrange and pay the musician for their appearance, this invoice allows additional confirmationfor charges that can be supplied to the musician themselves. Use this as a basis for your own customized invoice or print yourself to use directly.

4. Invoice Berry

Invoice Berry

At Invoice Berry you can use their online invoicing and expense service tracking for free, providing a perfect and convenient solution to musicians, creatives, and freelancers alike. This will give you a professional look and add a convenient way to securely track payment, back up your billing, and send reminders for delayed collections. Visit their site directly to review their full service offerings.

5. GrassRootsy


Any business and serviceable invoice requires the following information to be included with your billable document. To project your business as credible, make sure to incorporate your contact details, performance description and billable rate, agreed payment amount and signature to officiate. This will help to increase your rate of collection. At GrassRootsy, you can find a simple invoice template with optional logo area placed at the top of the bar. Additionally, you can review their articles on how to create an invoice and get paid.

6. TidyForm


At TidyForm, you can locate dozens to hundreds of invoice templates that work with Excel, Word, or Adobe. These provide a multitude of solutions and designs that will work with your business to ensure your correctly communicate the total amount due to your for services rendered. Simply search through their database and downloading directly to your computer.