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Best Free WordPress SSL Plugins

If you have created a blog with the intent of selling products or services, chances are you will be getting a SSL certificate. This certificate serves the purpose of encrypting sensitive information that is sent across the internet, aiding to protect the data of your clients or customers. These can be obtained directly from your hosting site. These additional WordPress SSL plugins help are offering expansive functionality to your newly secure blog.

1. WordPress HTTPS (SSL)

WordPress HTTPs

This is the simplest plugin for SSL sites, offering an all in one solution. Select to secure your post or page and create private and shared SSL pages. Fix any encryption errors received and operate on a secure admin panel. Force SSL protection on each page of your site, additionally contributing to the security of your blog.

2. Easy HTTPS Redirection

Easy HTTPS Redirection

This plugin is aimed at creating a redirection from your original http standard site to your newly created SSL compatible site by making a redirection to the HTTPs version. This plugin will also help to force search engines to index your secure version of your webpages. Users also have the choice to selectively choose what pages they want to be redirected. Lastly, bloggers have the other option to force load static files top use a HTTPs URL for images, javascript, css, and more.

3. WP Force SSL

WP Force SSL

This plugin forces all traffic to be redirected from a HTTP to HTTPs site. All pages are automatically included in this action helping to prevent ant errors in partially redirected site pages stuck in the navigation. However, if you specifically tried to access page by manually input the HTTP, the redirect will not work.

4. WpFortify for WooCommerce

WpFortify for WooCommerce

For users operating a commerce site and accepting payments, this plugin will help to add easy and secure ways to host SSL checkout pages, while meeting PCI compliance. Credit cards can be used without the need to install an additional SSL certificate, no monthly fees required or set up, as well as no contracts. Custom checkout pages can be created that match your current site.

Converting your current WordPress blog to a secure and encrypted site does not require a lot of action or know how from the blog owner. These plugins help to ease the transition of this change by allowing your pages and posts to be redirected to their current URL without compromising any of your previous traffic earned.

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