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7 Indesign Invitation Template

When it comes to designing a personalized invitation, it is best to begin the process with an already designed template. This will not only save you time from creating an invitation from scratch, but allow you to divert your attention more towards planning the overall event. Using templates can also be beneficial for those that have difficulty finding the right words to use. Here is a selection of some free Indesign invitiation templates available to you on the web.

1. TutsPlus

At TutsPlus you can easily create this beautiful invitation in just ten easy steps as outlined at their website. For those that use Adobe’s Creative Cloud services, you can enhance the design of your invitation with their available Typekit. Visit their website for detailed instructions.

2. The Paper Mill Store

The Paper Mill Store offers a variety of invitation templates in many sizes for those looking to customize their invitation. Download direction for us with InDesign, Microsoft Word, or Adobe Acrobat. Every template available for download is print ready.

3. Download and Print

Visit Download and Print for a custom invitation that is ready for minor font and color changes, ready to print from your home. Just trim along the dotted lines for your finished size, help to save money and time with this ready to use template.

4. Stock Layouts

A dozen invitation templates are available to use at Stock Layouts with a variety of themes ranging from a local office party to holiday event. Get coordinating designs for flyers, posters, notecards and more once you decide on what template fits your needs to best.

5. MassArt

To access the invitation template available on this site, simply download directly to your computer, open a new document, and open your file. A print template guide to available to download as well for additional assistance. Find event invitations, programs, flyers, and posts at MassArt available to users.

6. Printed

These blank templates will help you have a starting framework to use for creating your design. Simple upload your images, add font, and print when completed. Many size variations and formats are available to users, helping to ease the process of creating a customized invitation.

7. A Handcrafted Wedding

Almost a dozen wedding invitation templates can be found on this website. All designes listed are for personal use only with extra freebies made available on their website such as font downloads and more.