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Best Free 2 Column WordPress Themes

There are a lot of examples that could make up a list of the best free 2 column WordPress themes currently available. This is because the 2 column theme as a general rule represents one of the most inclusive theme concepts out there. To put it another way, within the 2 column WP design, you’re going to find a ton of possibilities. You can easily find something that will match up the niche market and particulars of your brand. Designers like 2 column WordPress themes because the best examples of these themes are capable of meeting multiple demands simultaneously.

1. Harmonic


When it comes to the most flexible WordPress themes, you have to include Harmonic somewhere on that list. You can find this theme in one or two column layouts. For those who are interested in the top 2 column WordPress themes, you’re going to find that Harmonic can suit your needs nicely. The scrolling front page is nice, and you’ll definitely like how Harmonic looks fantastic on every device under the sun.

2. Chateau


With light and dark color schemes, and what looks like a significant amount of attention paid to the typography, it’s certainly fair to call Chateau bold. Multiple archive styles and striking formats will give you a lot to work with, in terms of creating your WP blog or website. However, everything is extremely straightforward. This holds true for the management side of things, but it’s also something your visitors will note.

3. Keko


If you are new to the world of WordPress, Keko might be ideal for you. This is a great example of a simple, clean, straightforward 2 column WordPress theme. It isn’t the flashiest show in town, and it’s certainly not the most unique, but it is nicely functional. You can learn about banners, Twitter integration, how to use widgets, and more.

4. Reddle


Don’t mistake minimalist for basic. While Reddle most certainly embraces the minimalist 2 columns theme mentality, it offers extraordinary flexibility. Reddle gives you tons of options for shaping your WordPress blog or website into whatever you want it to be. The fluid layout combines with the ability to post in a variety of useful formats.

5. Blask


If you’re looking for an attractive portfolio theme, you’re going to want to take a long look at what Flask brings to the table. The clean layout does a fantastic job of putting the attention of the visitor on whatever you want them to see. Perfect for image-heavy sites.