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Best Free Pink WordPress Themes

Whenever a website is premeditatedly developed to sport a particular color theme, it can go horribly wrong or it can become an amazing website. This is the risk that every website developer or designer has to brace for while picking a particular color right at the outset.

When you are flexible with the approach and you factor in the entire world of possibilities, then you are less likely to commit blunders. You can always tweak your decisions and opt for something else which looks and feels better. But with one color as the singular agenda, that kind of freedom is denied.

Hence, you must find the best themes and features to make a wonderful site. If you wish to develop a website with pink as the highlighting or the dominant hue, then you should check out these best free pink WordPress themes.

1. Hannari Pink

Hannari Pink

This WordPress theme is a simple website with responsible features. It is easy on the eyes and flexible. The website template doesn’t overdo or go overboard with the color. It has generous doses of pink but balances them nicely with sober shades of grey and white. The highlights that have been accentuated with pink work very well. The theme has plenty of options to customize the features and all the way it stays dedicated to pink.

2. Just Pink

Just Pink

This theme is developed on the Twenty Twelve theme in WordPress. It just takes the theme and focuses on the color element. The darker shade of pink on the menu bar, the slightly lighter shade of the hue on the side menu and then an even lighter shade of pink for the central content on a webpage works really well. Despite so many shades of pink, one doesn’t feel overwhelmed or bored with the color. That is an amazing feat to accomplish.

3. Cerise


The Cerise WordPress theme is more at your face. It is bright, energetic and for some people it may appear to be very loud. But that is exactly what certain websites require. Pink is not the only dominating factor in this theme. The representative shade of yellow and green, also bright and quite loud for some, offer a very lively palette. This theme is not for everyone but those who want bright colorful websites with standard four page layouts, widgets and plug-ins of relevance and being responsive would want to use Cerise.

4. Raptor


This responsive WordPress theme is designed for a magazine layout with a variety of ad blocks throughout. With widget support, threaded comments, feature posts, and a variety of page templates; the Raptor theme is a great option for bloggers.

5. Argonia


This theme is a perfection option for a business website or any time of serious website with the tones of dominant pink. A variety of color schemes are made available to choose from. With two page layouts and several additional features available for use, this WordPress responsive magazine theme is a great choice for many users.