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Best Free Product Launch WordPress Themes

The ambit of product launch is quite diverse. The nature of the product, the scope of marketing or the target audience, the method or type of launch being planned by the company and the frequency of product launches; lots of factors will influence the eventual choice of a product launch website. Some companies come up with dedicated websites for new product launches. Most companies inculcate product launch pages on their official site or online store. Both strategies may work but the chosen approach will influence the choice of the best free product launch WordPress themes.

There are many websites which are suitable for product launches. Not all of them are ecommerce themes. Business websites and any kind of theme may be tweaked to make the ideal room for a product launch. But the following are some of the best free product launch WordPress themes that wouldn’t require you to break a sweat. They are ready to host your product launch.

1. Shop One Column

Shop One Column

This theme can be called an ecommerce theme but it is more apt for a product launch. The focus on one element in the landing page is what makes this ideal. In addition, the theme is already available in Chinese, Dutch, Arabic, French, Greek, German, Italian, Hungarian, Korean, Russian, Indonesian, Turkish and Polish among others. English and Spanish versions are certainly available.

2. Quick Sales

Quick Sales

This theme is another ideal theme to launch a product or even to feature a particular product. It is basically using the feature component of a typical website which can be used for product launches. The theme is compatible with all major ecommerce plug-ins and widgets so making the product launch accessible, loaded with information and along with focus on selling the item can help get you the impetus that’s much needed in the initial stages.

3. AccessPress Store

AccessPress Store

This theme is one of the finest ecommerce themes available on WordPress. What better way to launch a product than to use an existing ecommerce site or online store. The theme allows product sliders, wish-lists and everything you need to feature the products. You can launch multiple products right on the landing page without any product being given any less importance or space. This is perfect for companies that launch more than one product at a time.

4. Just Clean Shop

Just Clean Shop

This is another fine theme that gets the right balance between product launches and existing products. It is available in all major languages, compatible with all plug-ins and widgets of relevance and you can easily tweak the theme in any way you want to suit your business or sales objectives.