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Best Ticket PSD Templates

Whether you’re trying to sell tickets for an upcoming gig that you’re producing or you just have a company event that you want to promote for some internal fun, having tickets printed is a great way to kick things off right. You could purchase pre-made tickets or pay someone for customized tickets, but why do that when you could create your own? The best ticket PSD templates will help you do that quickly and affordably. Lets’ take a look.

1. 4OVER4 – http://www.4over4.com/

With a free, blank PSD template, this Photoshop design will help you put in the best elements of your event without any effort at all. For that extra touch, you can even personalize the tickets with names for those special events like prom. Personalization of the tickets also helps to add an extra measure of security for large-scale events because you’ll be able to create an attendee list. This simple PSD template works for any event, however, and is very easy to use for a free download.


2. Uprinting – http://www.uprinting.com/

With the ticket PSD templates that you’ll find on this site, you’ll get the chance to full customize the actual appearance of the ticket. With options for perforation points, vertical and horizontal landcapes, and corner folding and finishing, you can directly replicate on the template the look and feel of a real ticket you’d buy elsewhere. The template is the standard 2”x5.5” size and the template works with Adobe Photoshop so you can spread your message.


3. FreePik – http://www.freepik.com/

If you’re looking for ticket PSD templates that incorporate images with them, then there is a wide variety of free and paid graphic resources that you’ll find on this site. Many of these tickets can be used with the graphics alone if you wish, but the information can be customized to create the specific message that you need. That makes it the perfect option for your upcoming event… or your next social media marketing campaign if you add in a concise call to action on your ticket graphic.


4. Print Firm – http://www.printfirm.com/

If you’re looking for different sizes of tickets beyond the standard size in a ticket PSD template, then you’ll have a few extra choices available to your on this size. Going up to a 3”x7” size, the template is pretty basic, but you’ll get the change in size that you want. Incorporate your own graphics if you wish while using these free templates on Photoshop.


5. 48 Hour Print – https://www.48hourprint.com/

With a good variety of Photoshop templates, you’ll get the chance to fully customize your tickets on this site. As an added benefit, you can also get a custom quote on their printing services in case you’ve decided that you don’t really want to print out all the tickets on your own. Samples are available from the site as well so that you can see what the final product may look like after you finish designed your ticket PSD template. There’s also Publisher, CorelDraw, Illustrator, and other program templates if you prefer.

48 Hour Print