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Great Indesign T Shirt Template

Are you looking to design your own custom logos to print on t-shirts or just have a funny phrase you want to capture and show the world? Designing your own t-shirt can be difficult if you are looking at doing it yourself. A template will provide a guide you can follow for placing your images, ensuring your end result is what you expect it to be. The following listing offers links to free t-shirt templates available on the web to use with Indesign and more.

1. Kraft Media

Kraft Media

On this website, you can gain access to a variety of t-shirt templates ranging from a variety of styles to include tank tops and ringers. Multiple formats are available for each style of shirt ranging from .jpg to .pdf, and .eps. Multiple type shirt templates are also available to include a standard adult t-shirt, ringer, tank top, or girly style. Easily use with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or other similar product to create your unique t-shirt design to showcase on the web. Additionally, Kraft Media offers screen printing services to users, embroidery services, transfers, and more.

2. Custom Ink

Custom Ink

At Custom Ink online, you can browse the variety of already created t-shirt designs for you to use based on popular event, sports, group, or other relatable themes. Alternatively, you can start to design your own through their online format. At Custom Ink you can upload your own artwork and use their services to print in any size and style.

3. Graphic Mac

Graphic Mac

Available on their site are a variety of t-shirt templates to include five different viewing points, full clipping path, and photo hi-resolution at 300DPI. This template is royalty free for use, making it easy for individuals to design and customize their own t-shirt design.

4. Blue Blots

Blue Blots

A collection of t-shirt templates are located on the listing of this site. Various file formats and shirt styles can be found ranging from .psd to sweat shirt templates and jackets. Are you working with a colored t-shirt? No problem. Templates can be found on Blue Blots listing to help make the designing process easier for users.