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Best WordPress Page Template Plugins

Developing a website using WordPress is not a daunting task. If you are relatively savvy and can follow instructions or use self explanatory guides then you can come up with your own unique website using WordPress. This is further facilitated by tools such as WordPress page template plugins. You may choose to use an existing template or you may want to customize an existing template to come up with a personalized or unique website. In any case, you would need some WordPress page template plugins. Here is a list of some must have WordPress page template plugins.

1. WordPress Landing Pages

WordPress Landing Pages
Any website would need a landing page. Ideally, there should be several landing pages depending on the content and nature of the site. If it is an ecommerce site then ideally every product should have its landing page. Regardless of what the specific nature of your website is, you need an approach to design these landing pages and to manage them. WordPress Landing Pages would do exactly that.

2. Page Template Dashboard

Page Template Dashboard
Typically, you would have to toil through the page editor to figure out which templates you are using in which page and this can often become a little time consuming. The Page Template Dashboard simplifies the process. All you need is one glance at the dashboard and you know which template is being used where.

3. Omit Parent Theme Page Templates

This is one of the simplest WordPress page template plugins. It simply allows you to omit a certain template or to get rid of it when you are editing a page. All you need is WordPress admin access.

You can customize the templates and run split tests so you know which landing page, design or template is better. You can monitor conversion rates to make informed decisions. Such a plugin is quintessential for any lead generation or ecommerce website. The plugin allows you to create landing pages, to view changes as you make them, to track conversion rates, to replicate existing landing pages that have worked well, to save all your customized landing pages for future use or reference, to pre-populate forms which make it easier for visitors and they can easily fill up the remaining fields or provide the necessary information thus facilitating quicker and better conversions and this plugin also helps you to track activity of prospective leads and the functionality of any third party add-on that you may have on your landing page.