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4 Best Free WordPress Developer Plugins

Developing your WordPress site is not always easy, but there are more than a few web tools that can simplify the process. There are many WordPress Developer plugins that you can choose from and each offer their own unique benefits. When you are trying to develop your WordPress site on your own and make it functional in the shortest amount of time possible, there are some WordPress Developer plugins that are better than others. Here are a few of the best WordPress developer plugins that you should be using to make your site fully functional right away.

1. Akismet


If you have any experience with web development, you understand the importance of allowing comments on your site. You might want comments on your WordPress site, but you also want to keep spam out. The Akismet plugin is designed to be the easy solution for spam. It will help to get rid of all spam from your site quickly, silently and easily. If you have comments enabled on your WordPress site, this plugin is a must-have web development tool.

2. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack

This is a WordPress developer plugin that has a fantastic name. Better yet, it allows you to easily adjust your site’s SEO settings. You can even find access to hints and tips that will allow you site to be more visible online and rank higher within search engines. SEO is an integral part of your site’s overall design and this plugin simplifies it entirely for you.

3. WP-DBManager


This is a WordPress developer plugin that is ideal for those with more IT experience. It is a plugin that allows you to optimize and repair your MySQL database tables. Restoring them is also made simple with this helpful plugin.

4. Bad Behavior

This is a WordPress developer plugin that is similar to Akismet in design, but much easier to cse. It is a plugin that looks at the way spam is accessing your site. This means that it doesn’t look directly at eth spam, but finds out how the spam is entering your WordPress site. This gives you added protection and does a better job than Akismet. This means that you can stop concentrating on spam and have the ability to write, design and code your site freely.

All of these plugins can be great tools when developing your WordPress site. Try a few and see how easy they are to use.

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