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Best Free Search Plugins for WordPress

What makes WordPress such a powerful Website design tool is that pretty much everything is customizable. Do you not like how the style looks? Find a new one! Is there a problem with the widget? Find one that works better for you and never look back. With so much customizability supported by an incredible community, WordPress only gets better with time. This can be seen in searching optimization. Some of the best search plugins for WordPress include:

1. Relevanssi – A Better Search

Relevanssi - A Better Search

Relevanssi – A Better Search, is one of the most frequently used search plugins currently out there. With 80,000+ active users, Relevanssi – A Better Search is designed around amazing customization power. What Relevanssi does is replace the default search features in WordPress with a partial-match search designed to sort results by relevance. Key features include search results appearing because of relevance instead of date, fuzzy matches, allows for single or multiple match terms, can search for phrases, and even search for tags, user responses, and more. With so much going for it, Relevanssi – A Better Search is worth checking out.

2. Daves WordPress Live Search

Daves WordPress Live Search

Dave’s WordPress Live Search makes the search process more interactive. In a typical WordPress search, you add a term and hope that something comes up. With this plugin, every letter you type triggers the database to provide suggestions based on what you have so far typed. Dave’s WordPress Live Search will make it for your users to more quickly and effectively find what they are looking for.

3. WP e-Commerce Predictive Search

WP e-Commerce Predictive Search

WP e-Commerce Predictive Search takes SKU For Woocommerce to the next level by providing a ‘live’ product search result for whatever you are looking for. As an example, if you look on a WordPress e-commerce website for ‘Lawn Mower,’ then an image and product description for every hit will appear in a list below the search box as you are typing it in.

4. SKU For Woocommerce

WooCommerce is an incredible plugin for WordPress that can turn a typical WordPress website into a fully functional e-commerce website. The challenge to this however is that WooCommerce offers little in SKU, or Stock Keeping Unit, optimization regarding searches. Simply put, if a customer is looking for something, it may not come up with any results. SKU For Woocommerce is designed to rectify this by providing a straightforward plugin that meets the needs of Woocommerce plugin users. While relatively niche in its application, it is none-the-less important providing a functional tool.

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