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4 Ice Cream Social Flyer Templates

When the sun is high and the summer is here, planning an ice cream social is a perfect way to get your local neighborhood together. If you attend many sporting events planning an ice cream gathering will give the kids plenty of time to hang out with one another and grow friendships. The following selection of flyer templates are all focused on an ice cream event that can easily downloaded, edited, and distributed throughout your community.

1. How Sweet Treats

This site offers a whole selection of printables that coordinate from invitations to party pack for events. This one stop shop has ideas for ice cream centerpieces and labels you can print out as well for your social gathering. These are fun and colorful and will not disappoint.


2. Must Have Menus

This themed template offers a rainbow style of ice cream colors at the top with the main event information in the middle. Using a simple editor on the site, you can customize this flyer before saving and printing. Share your design o any mobile website with their easy to publish button or look through their other variety of styles.


3. Printable Flyer Templates

This site offers an easy to download document that is simplistic for advertising your ice cream social. Just edit the title and fill in the date, address, and contact information before distributing at your desired locations. This is a perfect flyer style to use in schools that offer a child friendly and appropriate design.


4. Zazzle

For a low price, Zazzle offers more customized and design options for ice cream flyers. From a full color to a shop business flyer, this site has hundreds of designs to choose from. Use a simple theme designs or more complex ones depending upon your audience. All done online, you can personalize as needed before purchasing.