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4 Free Benefit Flyer Templates

When marketing an upcoming benefit or fundraiser, flyers can be cost efficient choices for getting the word out. Using a simple word processor application and color printer can save you lots of money. You can easily visit a printing shop to copy hundreds of flyers for passing out or hanging up on boards. The following sites offer great free templates for benefit flyers that are easy to edit, making your planning process even easier.

1. Microsoft Word Guru

Requiring only a simple word processor program, this flyer is loud with colors and allows you to list all important information such as the date, time, and location. Be sure to add contact information. Any additional content added should be no more than 70 words.

MS Office Guru

2. All Unique Fundraising Ideas

This site offers a great flyer template for a 50’s style event and theme. Additional options are available for bake sales, cancer awareness benefits, and Christmas fundraisers. Depending upon your special occasion or style for your benefit, you can choose by more than a dozen templates.

All Unique Fundraising Ideas

3. A Flyer Template

This flyer using a simple word program and features the most important information such as benefit offerings, location, and time. With this flyer, a catchy headline can be easily added to the top allowing the attention of the reader to be made. Photos can be added for visual appeal, enhancing the attention of the reader.

A Flyer Template

4. Format Example

For those hosting a charity event for cancer benefits, this flyer is great choice with the design and theme already in place. The banner on the footer provides the reader with the intent of the event and where any money received will go making it more appealing for others to participate.

Format Example