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4 Luau Flyer Templates

One of the best summer parties of the year is the luau. Whether it is for the home or your business, it’s a fun time to get together with friends or business associates to have a good time. To promote your event, you’re going to need to let your friends, neighbors, and co-workers know that there is something going on that they’ll want to attend. That’s what all of these flyer templates are intended to do: help you have the best party possible. Here are the very best the internet has to offer right now, put together specifically for your consideration.

1. Invitation Templates – http://www.invitationtemplatesword.com/

This template is perfect for if you’re looking for a free luau flyer template that will still give you a great first impression. There’s an attractive banner in the template that will let you put your business name or your own if you prefer. There’s room for the details that people need to be able to attend the party and a good place for email addresses as well. Once you’re done, you can even print the template without a charge, so you can be done in just minutes with this chore.


2. MS Office – http://office.microsoft.com

It’s a small Tiki design that you’ll find on this free template, but it will make people feel like they’re getting a special invitation. The design is pretty basic, but the intent is for you to put in a personalized message to each invitee. This template won’t work for a massive PR push like you’d see from a business, but it will work for a flyer to promote a neighborhood party or a birthday/anniversary event that is being celebrated.

Microsoft Office Luau

3. Deviant Art – http://addictedtolucid.deviantart.com

This PSD luau template that is available as a download is a great way to be able to promote your club event in a fun and inviting way. You can put in special guests that might be attending the event in the footer of this flyter that leads with an attractive display. This is more for the business scene than the neighborhood party, but depending on your neighbors that might love it too! It is definitely one of the most visually enticing templates on the internet right now.

Luau Party

4. All Free Download – http://all-free-download.com

This simple, yet visually beautiful luau flyer template has just the right amount of text manipulation available to it. You’ll be able to put in the specific details that are needed, provide a website for people to get more information if they need it, and let people know what to expect when attending. It’s colorful, speaks of the beach, and of a good time that will be had if people choose to attend.

All Free Download