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4 Mortgage Flyers Templates

Being in the lending business can be a bit difficult these days, especially if you’re working as an independent loan officer. In order to get people applying through you for their mortgage, you’ve got to get your community to realize that you exist. That’s where the best mortgage flyer templates can really help you out for a very affordable price. You just fill in your specific contact details, any special offers you might have going on, and then print and send. This showcase will give you access to the best that the internet has to offer right now.

1. OSI Express – http://www.osiexpress.com

If you’re looking to boost your referrals, then the free flyer templates offered through this link will help you get your business up and running fast. The flyers can be quickly adjusted to contain your specific details and they can be saved as a .pdf for transportation convenience. Want to share them on Facebook? You can do that too! There’s even an HTML saving tool that will let you send your customized mortgage flyer out over email.


2. Lender Design – http://www.lenderdesign.com/

If you originate mortgage loans, then a subscription through this link will give you access to hundreds of mortgage marketing and communication tools, including a lot of quality mortgage templates. The professional design of these flyers really stands out and you get lots of space to include all of your contact details and a description of your services. There’s even room for a QR code to provide even more added value to your flyers.


3. Real Estate Flyer Builder – http://www.realestateflyerbuilder.com/

If you’re looking to distribute your loans and rates to real estate agents, then this is the flyer template that you’re going to want to use. It’s a software package that doesn’t have a limit on licenses and you won’t need to have an internet connection to utilize the templates. You just fill in all your data through the tables and the information populates onto the template. Include property images, a headshot, and you contact details to round out the experience.


4. Stock Layouts – http://www.stocklayouts.com/

The blocked style of this template is what makes it attractive. You can put in several key points that are easy for the reader to focus upon and you’ve got lots of space to get people interested in your products. Make certain specials stand out, include your own graphics if you prefer, and make sure you get your logo in there. It works on Pages, Quark, and even MS Publisher.