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5 Silent Auction Flyer Templates

One of the most fun fundraisers there is happens to be the silent auction. When you’ve got partners who are willing to donate products and services that can be bid upon to raise funds for your organization, you’ve got a competitively good time that will often give people a good deal and your company a good deal of money. A flyer template can help you create stunning promotional documents to get a buzz about your event started in the community. These are the best that the internet has to offer right now.

1. Online Charity Auctions – http://www.onlinecharityauctions.net

This one-sheet design will give you ample room to explain all of the details that people will need to know. This sample flyer works in MS Word and any word publisher that reads the .doc file. You’ve got plenty of space to include your own text in this format, but make sure you change up the photo as it contains a watermarked image. The event details are in bold print and you’ll be able to print this completed flyer out in minutes.


2. Bright Hub – http://www.brighthub.com

Having a silent auction requires a lot of extra paperwork that may be unanticipated. With this link, you’ll get the free flyer templates that you need to get your event effectively promoted, but you’ll also get templates for bid sheets and other paperwork that you’ll need to make your event a success. All of the information is quick and easy to customize and you can’t beat the fact that all this good stuff is available for free.


3. Printable Flyer Templates – http://www.printableflyertemplates.net

One of the nice aspects of this free silent auction flyer template is the fact that it is setup to mimic the bid sheets that you’d find at each item. You’ll have a lot of room on this template to include a list of items that you intend to auction off and there’s a couple places for you to include clip art or your own graphics to further promote the event. Colored in purple and blue to instantly catch the eye, you can write about your cause and include the event details in this .doc template too.


4. My Excel Templates – http://myexceltemplates.com

Although some might say that this template is over-simplified, it does get the point across in an effective way. Just add in the name of your organization, the date you plan to hold your silent auction, and how people can attend the event. It takes less than 2 minutes to complete this template and the format is print friendly as well.


5. Fundraiser Help – http://www.fundraiserhelp.com

Your silent auction flyer template could take a non-traditional form and be more of a personalized letter than something that is reminiscent of a business flyer. That’s what you’ll receive with this link. At its core, this letter is a donation request and it allows you to input the specific facts about your event that are needed for people to make their own decisions about attending or donating items to the auction. You can include a place for people to sign up to attend at the bottom of this template as well.