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5 Basketball Camp Flyer Templates

A basketball tournament is always a fun time, whether you’re holding one as a fundraiser or just as a community event. In order to get participants, sponsors, and other supporters for your tournament, you’re going to need to market it in some way. One of the most cost effective methods of accomplishing this task is through the use of a basketball tournament flyer template. The best templates, highlighted in the showcase below, are easy to edit, attractive to the eye, and will communicate everything people need to know about your upcoming tournament.

1. Office Live

If it’s time to hoop it up, then this is the invitation for you to use. Eliminate the tagline that’s included and use your own to promote your basketball tournament. You can put in the basic details that people need to know, along with an entry costs or a website where more information can be obtained. It’s simple, yet attractive, and best of all it is a free template for you to use that works with MS Office and other word processors that read .doc files.

Microsoft Live

2. Graphic River

For a professional looking template, this basketball tournament flyer will give you a lot of value for the small investment that you’ll make into it. It’s a layered PSD template that is ready to be printed straight after downloading after you’ve altered the text to fit your needs. The footer has space for all of your social media contacts and you’ve got lots of space for product specials, specific instructions that need to be followed, or anything else your prospects would need to know in order to attend your event.


3. Must Have Menus

This basketball tournament flyer is perfect for those who are looking for an easy way to design and print a basic promotional flyer. Don’t be off-put by the fact that it’s offered by a menu website. This template highlights all of the specifics that your tournament is going to need to promote and there’s enough space on the footer for all your contact details, including a website that is dedicated to the tournament if you have one.


4. Stock Layouts

Are you having a basketball tournament at the end of a sports camp? Or do you want to promote a basketball camp in conjunction with your tournament? Then this is the template that you’re going to want to use! It works across the most platforms of the templates in this showcase and allows you to quickly put in your specific time and date details so that people can attend when should they wish to do so.


5. Design Flyers

This basketball flyer will help you promote your tournament in a simple, yet effective way. You’ll get a professional end result that can be used time and again, especially if you’re having a summer tournament! Perfect for young and old alike, you can be printing out this free flyer to distribute in just minutes.