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5 Informational Flyer Templates

If you’ve got a lot of information you want to put out to your community, but you’re on a tight budget, then an informational flyer template is the marketing tool to use. You’ll be able to quickly format a lot of detailed information in a friendly way so that you can get your point across quickly and affordably. The best templates structure the data in a way that you can give the reader of your flyer small blocks of content to absorb so that they’ll want to read on and research more. Here are the best of the best that the internet has to offer right now.

1. Graphic River

If you’ve got a clear point to make, then this informational flyer template will let you say it in style! There are high quality graphics included with this template that feature smiling business professionals that will reinforce the good news that you’re conveying to your reader. It’s designed to mimic what a professional document would look like and the footer has tabs like an Excel spreadsheet for you to put in your key contact data. The information is beautifully separated and the layered PSD template is easy to modify.

Graphic River

2. Office Live

For a three-part informational flyer that can work as a tri-fold brochure or as a standalone unit, this free template from Microsoft has a lot of good stuff working for it. The theme ready color works with a building photo to enhance the text you’ll be including on the left or bank panel. There’s room in the center panel for a new text box if you wish as well and your organization’s name will stand out up in the upper right. It works in Publisher.

Microsoft Office

3. Xerox

There’s a number of great informational flyer templates that is offered by Xerox to help expand your business presence. The standard business flyer is the one we recommend through the link below to meet your needs in this instance. Starting with your catchy headline and with two coherenet blocks of text that compliment each other, you’ve got space for a logo with this quality template as well. You also can’t beat the fact that it’s free.

Xerox Office

4. FedEx

With template options and printing available on demand for your informational flyers, this is an affordable way to save time on your next marketing project. This full color brochure offers a way for you to highlight specific informational items that you’ll want to pass along and the graphics are just enough off-center to catch the eye. It really is an outstanding template.


5. Smart Draw

Your information will be beautifully presented thanks to this free flyer template software package that will give you lots of tools in a heartbeat. You just add your information and the built-in template design automatically formats it for you. This way you’ll never have to worry about finding another good informational flyer template again because you’ll have dozens available.