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5 Election Flyer Templates

In order to get word out about your platform to get people to vote for you, the voters need to know where you stand on issues and why. Using election flyers to send out this information is a cost-effective way to broadcast your message to an entire community! You need affordability and reliability in your flyer design, but a little innovation as well to make sure you stand out from the crowd. These are the best of the best here in this showcase.

1. Graphic River

What is nice about this election flyer template is that it can be completely customized to meet all of your needs. It offers a traditional feeling to the American political process, but provides even a small-town candidate on a limited budget with a professional, customized template that will meet all of their needs. With places for a good candidate quote and lots of room to advertise a special event or specific position, you can even put in a hook without a problem on this template.


2. Age Graphics

This election flyer template is beautiful in its simplicity. Featuring large fonts and a rounded design for the image, this is definitely for the candidate who wants the traditional flyer for their election. Your name will be large, there will be the classic “elect” call to action, and you can put in your slogan and website if you please. There are a number of different templates available from this provider to meet your needs and you can get them in signs, labels, stickers, and other coordinating products as well.


3. Microsoft Word

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to get out the vote for your upcoming election, this basic flyer template from MS Office can do the trick for free. It’s got a patriotic background and an inset American flag to stir up the passion to vote and can be easily modified to include a candidate’s name. You can replace the flag insert with an image of a candidate if you wish as well and there’s still enough room for a tagline about a social issue for added value.


4. Zazzle

This full color flyer template offers you all the basics for a fair price, starting at just $1.05 per flyer. Print out as many as you need and customize the flyer online through your browser with ease. You can utilize all of your campaign slogans or images on this flyer without any added cost and there’s room reserved at the bottom for your election’s central website. You can use the banner flag graphic is you wish or replace it with your own as well.


5. Poster My Wall

This poster template can be easily converted into an election flyer with some very basic text manipulation. It’s colored perfectly for any fall campaign and puts what people need to know in big text. Best of all, everything is done in browser and Flickr photos are easily inputted into the design as well.