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5 Seminar Flyer Templates

When you’re trying to promote a seminar, having the proper tools to communicate what attendees can expect to experience is important. That’s why in this showcase, we’ve put together a list of the tools that you can use right now to begin designing the best seminar flyer templates. This way you can create eye-catching, effective presentations from simple tools that can be quickly updated with your unique information.

1. Stock Layouts

This free design template is ready to go just for you. Featuring a series of models that help to stress your unique points to the reader, you’re given a easy-to-read font with various sizes and colors that will attract attention. There’s a place for our logo, a separate box for the events that you plan to cover for your seminar, and blockquote places to emphasize that one key point you need to stress. There’s three unique examples in this sample set that will give your seminar the quality flyer it deserves.


2. All Free Downloads

This background Vector template will give you plenty of color so that your information can catch the eye. It’s a graphic that can serve individually as the background of your flyer template so all you’ve got to do is add the specific information about the seminar you’ve got coming up. It’s a small download, provides a gorgeous array of modern shapes with colors, and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to add graphics and text wherever you want in a way that is complimentary.

All Free Download

3. Smile Templates

Although this template isn’t free in its entirety, you do have the ability to download a free sample to see if it will work for you. This seminar template is effective in its simplicity, putting emphasis on the graphics and providing text boxes for your unique content that will support the visual attraction. There’s room for your phone number and a unique catchphrase that you plan to use for promoting the seminar as well. If you want, you can also change the colors of the template or the graphics for an added fee.

Smile Templates

4. Graphic River

The superbox effect of this seminar template will give your images a brand new spin and create a lot of good first impressions. This $6 template comes with 4 color options and will allow you to present your ad with the separated box effect with very little effort. All you’ve got to do is insert your image and you’ve got a way to present your ads in style. There’s room for a couple taglines too.


5. Powered Template

For the classic, modern look with rounded edges and graphic inserts, this business environment template could be the perfect seminar flyer for you. There’s lots of room for text that can promote your event and you can add your company logo easily as well. There’s a good space for your contact information, quality graphics to promote the business atmosphere, and a place for a catchy title. All in all, this one’s got a lot of value.