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5 Free Church Flyer Templates

Events and Churches have historically operated hand in hand. Church families around the globe have focused on ways to find time to be together and often gather as a group. Whether it is an annual event, monthly dinner or anniversary celebration, having some church flyer templates on hand will come in use to you now and in the future. The following sites offer a wide selection of church themed flyers that range from seminars, bible studies, to congregational events.

Page Prodigy

These free flyer templates are available on site and 10% customizable. You can create and share with ease, print, or save. Multiple templates can be mixed and match to suit your individual needs. Multiple sizes exist for church flyers ranging from letter size, A4, to Tabloid size. Easily open the template in their designer to modify, print, or publish.


Next Day Flyers

Several free .psd formatted religious flyers are made available here for churches and spiritual places of worship to use. Offering a variety of colorful designs, download into photoshop and customize as many layers as you want to suit your needs. Next Day Flyers also offer affordable posters, banners, and brochure options along with other print products you can order.



Perfect for a church commemorating their anniversary, these flyer found on Zazzle is one of the many other templates available to purchase. At a cost of less than a dollar, you can customize by uploading graphics, logos, or other unique designs to create your own personalized flyer. Both sides can be customized for free with additional sizes made available to users.


Share Faith

These flyers are predesigned with the intent of advertising your church’s unique concern, retreat, camp, bible study or more. With templates that focus primarily on visual aids to announce the event, there is not much customization required for these designs. Many download options include MS Word and Photoshop formatted files. Additional print materials for churches and religious themes are made available on this website.


Printable Flyer Templates

Offering an easy to download MS Word or PDF format template, these church flyer themes are fully customizable to meet the users need. This template provides a left column for addressing service times and dates as well as the pastor that will be hosting the sermon.