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6 Free Concert Flyer Templates

Many independent and indie style bands like to operate within their local area for their scheduled events and concerts. Posting flyers everywhere can be an effective way to raise awareness and get people in to listen to you play. Many flyer template styles and themes are available for those operating throughout the music industry or looking to solicit more listeners for their concert. The top 6 free concert flyer templates are listed below to help make your search easier.

1. Flyer Heroes

This site offers a variety of free and premium templates for local bands that want to raise awareness. With vibrant and energetic elements used in many of their designs, 3D elements at every angle tend to capture the emotion behind this promotional event. Multiple fonts are used on the sample template below and can be easily downloaded in PSD format to make editing and future customizations easy.

Flyer Heroes

2. Indie Ground

By just accepting their terms of use, this template can be easily downloaded directly to your computer system. Available in PSD format and well organized layers, a readme file is included with instructions for those that wish to modify and customize. Even the font download links can be found.


3. Blog Sizzle

This concert flyer is focused on the ladies and disco diva themed events. Including a variation of rich visual 3D elements, this template is available in PSD format for free. Use to promote drink and admission specials and who will be appearing at the concert and events.


4. Web Seasoning

More than 60 design style templates are available to download for free. Available in PSD format, you can easily convert specific layers, modified, add on, or remove the types of effects you like for your theme. Dozens of good color variations and styles can be found here.

Web Seasoning

5. Free Pik

For the more simplistic and nice color stone style, Free Pik’s music festival flyer highlights the event’s name, dates, and appearance. A listed lineup can also be added on the bottom. Easily download without hassle and complete your flyer today.

Free Pik

6. Blue Monkey Lab

This simplistic and yet visually appealing template is focused on targeting the trance, techno, electro, and pop genre of music. Available in a PSD file with CMYK and print ready, get your template completed on your own time.

Blue Monkey Lab