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5 Grand Opening Flyer Templates

It takes a lot of work to achieve a grand opening, so you want to make sure there’s a lot of excitement about the fact that your business is opening for the first time. A lot of marketing work goes into this event and one of the best ways to create a buzz is through a high quality flyer. These grand opening flyer templates will help you promote your event on a person-to-person level so that you can have people plan in advance to attend your event. These templates in the showcase below are the very best of what can be found right now on the internet.

1. Signazon

With this flyer, it gets about as simple as it can get to begin promoting your new store. It’s a close-up image of a watch that has your business name at the top and the date of your event in the bottom. In the center of the watch dial are the words “coming soon.” If people are interested in your business because you’ve got a catchy business name, then this is definitely a flyer for you to consider. Increase the quality of the printed paper for a solid first impression.


2. Must Have Menus

You don’t have to have a restaurant to take advantage of this quality grand opening flyer template. It uses banners to advertise what your event happens to be and your business name is front and center of the promotion. There’s enough room for contact details, any activities that you might have going on, and the date/time of the event. If you’re not sure about how this flyer might look for you, then go through the link and give this flyer a test drive in your browser right now.

Must Have Menus

3. Microsoft

This surprisingly good grand opening flyer template is incredibly easy to change so that it can meet your specific needs. With a golden background, the text is more of a formal information than a marketing tool when you hand out this flyer. Just follow the instructions inside the template and you’ll be able to print these out in just minutes! As an added benefit, this flyer looks pretty good in black and white as well if you need to mass produce a lot of copies while on a budget.


4. Zazzle

If you are looking to make flyers be an integral part of your grand opening marketing budget, then this ticket-based flyer template is one that you’ll want to consider. It’s a very affordable and highly adjustable template that you simply put the text into through your browser. They flyers get printed out to your specifications for an affordable price and you’ll have an outstanding way to promote your new business to the community. It really doesn’t get much better than this.


5. Free PSD Flyer

These layered PSD flyer templates help to cover all of your basic needs, but the summer party offering that you’ll find in the link below is the best of the best. You’ll be able to print and go with this template once you adjust the text within it and alter the image based on your unique needs. There’s enough bleed for the printing process and the it will leave the right first impression.

Free PSD Flyer