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5 Fundraising Flyer Templates

Whether you’ve got a non-profit that needs to reach a budget amount or you’re just trying to get some money raised for your local charity, getting the word out about a fundraising event is critical to your success. With a limited marketing budget, these fundraising flyer templates will help you to quickly make your community aware of your cause and encourage them to get some skin in the game. The templates in this showcase are the best of the best the internet has to offer right now, so take a few moments to go through them.

1. Graphic River

One of the most common ways to market for a fundraiser is to show people how close or far away your actual goal happens to be. Whether close or far, these fundraising flyer templates tend to work consistently because both spur action from people. What you’ll receive with this pack of templates is a dynamic thermometer that you can use for your website or as a standalone graphic for your own flyer. There are unlimited colors, lots of organized layers, and it’s really easy to manipulate.

Graphic River

2. My Event

There are a number of quality fundraising flyer templates through the link below that will help you change up your look as much as you want. Designs are based on the type of charity or cause that you’re raising money for and each design has a number of variations to the base design as well. This way you can make sure that you’re always getting the perfect look for the marketing work that you’ve got to get done.

My Event

3. VHL Alliance

One of the worst feelings in the world is to discover that you’ve missed a step in the process of fundraising as you’re planning an event. What you’ll get with the link below is a quality event planning template that is several pages long that will help you to make sure you’ve planned and budgeted for everything. From security to vendor services and everything in-between, you’ll be able to assign a leader to each assignment, know which volunteers are supposed to be doing what, and keep an eye on your budget.

VHL Alliance

4. Brother

These free printable fundraising flyer templates are an excellent way to jumpstart any marketing campaign. These templates are easy to manipulate so that they contain the text you need to promote your own non-profit, charity, or organization. They can be used as a tri-fold design if you wish, while the non-profit template can also stand on its own as a single page. Either way, the quality for the price in this ratio is outstanding.


5. Themeforest

If you’re looking for a responsive template that can be quickly installed onto your website or double as a print-out item, then this is the one you’ve been looking to get. It provides donation buttons that are already coded and lots of text areas that will drive your point home. The scrolling effect is nice and the counter in the initial header will help people see that you’re providing a lot of help.